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Sergio Gina Vargas
· November 20, 2014
Great company! They have portable concentrators for sale and rent at great prices. All the concentrator are FAA approved.

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Go Assured updated their cover photo.
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Seven additional Portable Oxygen Concentrators have now made it to the list of FAA Approved Portable Oxygen Concentrators. The FAA Federal Aviation Administration deems the use of any Portable Oxygen Concentrator safe for use aboard aircraft even without the FAA Approved sticker. Since an FAA Approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator is neither compressed gas or liquid [...]
GoAssured POC Program, why buy from GoAssured. GoAssured has a value added long term approach to portable oxygen concentrators. At GoAssured we want you to get the right portable oxygen concentrator for you the first time. Our GoAssured POC Program, (GoAssured Portable Oxygen Concentrator Program) is designed to make happy customers. No other company even [...]
How would you like to purchase a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Portable Oxygen Concentrator? All Portable Oxygen Concentrators are not alike, and neither are the stores that sell them. Only GoAssured offers a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Portable Oxygen Concentrator. Read on to see how the buying any Portable Oxygen Concentrator from GoAssured is the best decision [...]
Cruise line Portable Oxygen Travel Policies Cruise Line Portable Oxygen Concentrator travel can be a joy. Why be stuck inside on oxygen when you can travel with a Cruise Line Portable Oxygen Concentrator? If you have a Portable Oxygen Concentrator you can use on your Cruise, super, take a look at new policy changes for [...]
Compare the features of the SeQual Eclipse 3 and the Devilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrators.
Go Assured updated their cover photo.
May 21, 2012
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Any patient who portable oxygen therapy has been using portable oxygen therapy for the last few years is very familiar with some of the more well known portable oxygen concentrators on the market. As a fan of new portable oxygen concentrators I enjoy very much when I get a sneak peak at the new offerings from [...]
SeQual Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrators have many built in advantages that are secret to many SeQual Eclipse 3 owners.

Much like the protective cover and keeping this SeQual Eclipse 3 protected from the environment, if you only look inside a SeQual Eclipse 3 you will find features other portable oxygen concentrators only dream of.
One hidden gem of the SeQual Eclipse 3 portable oxygen concentrator is the Pulse sensitivity setting.
The Pulse Settings...
The SeQual Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the latest installment in the the SeQual Eclipse Portable Oxygen Concentrator series.
First introduced simply as the SeQual Eclipse, this portable oxygen concentrator was a unique entry to the oxygen therapy marketplace, let alone the portable oxygen concentrator marketplace. With military use in mind, SeQual developed a small portable oxygen concentrator that could run of standard AC power, DC power from a car, or...
If you have just finished reading Part 1 of Choosing the Correct setting for your Portable Oxygen Concentrator, you are now familiar with some basic truths about portable oxygen concentrators.  The first and most important truth regarding portable oxygen concentrators is 2 does not equal 2!! Continuous Flow Oxygen does not equal pulse dose oxygen.
All Portable Oxygen Concentrators ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY!!!!
When a physician writes a prescription for:
Portable Oxygen Concentrator
2 LPM via nasal cannula