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  • OwnerApril 2011 to April 2016
    Fashion on wheels... Hand selected new, gently used and vintage items all in one place. Sizes 0-3X
About Karla
  • Owner: Karla Boston (Former Owner of Kyomi Kreations Photography)

    What We Do:
    • Personalized Shopping Experience: We come to you! No more fighting the crowds and waiting for a dressing room to open up. We bring the Go-Go Mobile to your home or office and we pull clothing that will fit your size and allow you to have a pleasurable and personalized shopping experience. This is a great option if you are looking for a unique gift for that special lady in your life. You can also treat yourself to a new way of shopping that's all about convenience for your lifetsyle.

    Shopping Parties: Get the ladies together and enjoy a fun shopping experience with friends. The Go-Go Mobile will come to the location of your choice and will be closed to the public. This is an opportunity for you and friends to get together and have an adult dress up party. At the end of the event, you all go home with some great pieces from our boutique. The host of the party gets a percentage of all sales. The 15% may be used toward clothing or you can take 10% if you would like to keep the cash. This is a great way to have some fun with the ladies and earn a few extra bucks, or gain a few items to decorate your wardrobe. ;-)

    Special Events: If you are having a function and would like to see the Go-Go Chic mobile there, just shoot us an email and give us all of the details. We will gladly come out at no fee to you. We will come for FREE. Please do not contact us to see if we will pay for booth space. We are a family business that just branched out into the mobile side of business and are not ready to pay for booth space at this time. Thank you for understanding.

    Personal Shopping: If you are in need of sprucing up your wardrobe we also offer personal shopping. We come to your home if you need us to, and we help you decide what pieces should be kept and what needs to be donated. We will shop according to your size and needs to help you rebuild your wardrobe. We do accept some donated items and don't mind giving a discount for the new items you receive from us. This is great for women who have just lost a lot of weight, looking to sharpen up their image, just in need of some new items, or HATE shopping!

    Donations: We gladly accept donations and will give a store credit for items recieved. Remember, we sell our items at a discounted rate to our customers so we can not pay top dollar for your clothing. This option is available for someone who wants to get rid of some great pieces and earn a store credit to purchase new items.

    Online Shopping: Log on to our website and order away... Just because you live far away doesn't mean you can't save! www.Go-GoChic.com
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