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JJ running home during his first game of the season. He got two hits and was awarded the game ball.
Here is near the end of JJ's race that he did on Sunday at the kids fun run at the San Diego Triathlon Challenge.

Here is an inspiring story of a little boy named Hunter that experienced a trauma. JJ's prosthetist connected the boys in hopes that JJ could be an encourgagement and inspiration to him. It has been good to see him progress so well these past years.

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Rosalie Mastaler

In celebration of Hunter becoming Hunter the Brave, here is a video of his first year.

We made today special as we reminded him of what he has overcome, and ho...w brave he was and still is.

One year ago today...

I remember it was the perfect day. We made Valentine goodies for his class...I remember crying when I finally came home and threw them away. I made home made bread dough for the first time and had dinner cooking in the crock pot.

We went to church that day.

It was a good day.

I got a phone call when I left to run an errand.

I remember the shock, the confusion. He was getting on a helicopter???? How bad was it?? His vitals are okay??? What is wrong with my son???

I remember making it just in time to make the very quick 12 minute helicopter ride to Loma Linda. By this time he was pumped with morphine and not very coherent.

But he knew I was there.

I sat there in the helicopter. It all happened so fast.

I stared out the window and prayed. And prayed.

I didn't know the extent of the injuries at this point, or how it happened. All I knew was that he was stable.

Every time I think about that day, my heart starts beating fast. I feel helpless. I feel the shock of the moment of when I found out.

I remember signing a consent form, and them telling me that they might have to amputate.

I remember my body going limp and almost passing out from the shock.

I sat there. I didn't cry. I didn't speak. I didn't feel. I just sat.

All I wanted was for him to be okay.

I couldn't even get to him as teams of people were at his aid.

I remember hearing his cries, and seeing his face.

I remember telling people to pray. Pray he would be okay. I remember my faith in prayer.

I wanted a miracle. I had visions of him walking down the hallways of the hospital. Whole and healed. A miracle.

In three days my thoughts and desires had to change. I had to re-wire my hope and faith.

He has struggled. Both physically and mentally. He refused to walk and no one could change that except for him. A small four year old had make the choice of whether or not he wanted to accept his new way of life.

I remember the love people showed. The unmeasurable amounts of love, and faith and hope. The donations...which we have safely put in a fund for Hunter which we hope will grow so that he can have something when he gets older. Everyone's generosity was more than we could have ever asked for.

I remember all of the visitors. Each and every one of them. And I remember the repeat visitors who wanted to be there as much as they could.

I remember crying. A lot. The first few days I felt like I was on the verge of tears all. The. Time.

I remember not sleeping, almost at all for 11 days straight.

He would cry in pain, of discomfort, whenever he was touched by the doctors or nurses.

But he had a lot of toys to play with. Toys upon toys, gifted to him from all those who loved him. And he enjoyed the video games and movies too.

It's been one whole year.

He's come a long way. I'm not sure why it had to be so difficult. It says a lot about Hunter's personality and character. Some kids, maybe most, will put on their prosthesis and literally walk out of the office...

Hunter had different plans.

The mental and physical struggle has made him stronger. I now know that my child can conquer mountains if he really wanted to.

This is for my Hunter Bug. Pictures that he has never seen and some that I have never shared. At first it was difficult to look at them, but then I saw how he got better and how he endured. He is my hero.

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Judy May

Some kind of wonderful the DisAbility Sports Festival Coachella Valley


JJ got knocked down by a snowball. #Loma Linda University PossAbilities

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We had fun at Loma Linda’s PossAbilities’ Christmas Celebration dinner.

JJ had fun at a soccer clinic. Thank you to U.S. Team playery and L.A. Galaxy player Sebastian Lletget for your time, Angel City Games for the event, and Rebecca for volunteering and being JJ’s buddy.

We are thankful for all of our Team JJ athletes. Go Team JJ!

JJ did some exploring at the beach. So thankful for my boys. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Here's some pictures from the kids' stretch before their race. JJ really enjoyed it this year especially with the dancing.

This was JJ's race but I totally didn't see him until I watched the video. He is on the left side kind of near the front. #goteamjj

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Enjoy seeing families participating together on Team JJ.

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Thank you Natalie Forsberg Winblad who helped us start Team JJ and has been our driving force these past 7 years.

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Aah Christy, along with several others, came out for their first triathlon swim only to have it cancelled on them due to poor water conditions. So sad. Thank you Christy and everyone on Team JJ for all of your training and fundraising efforts.

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Joel Kim, set to do the entire triathlon, along with a few others were disappointed today to learn that the lifeguards cancelled the swim due to the choppy conditions in the water. We felt so badly for them.

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The majority of Team JJ, divided into groups of swimmers, runners, cyclists, and physical therapy students/workers.

Our friend Christy found us before the national anthem. She was set to do the swim for our Team.

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The morning started with the parade of athletes, Operation Rebound participants, and the kids.