We're in Kentucky!
I wrote some new songs and now Matt has to learn them
Tightening up that new shit

CODY'S IN A NEW BAND!!! Go follow Shepherd of Rot!!!!!!

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Shepherd of Rot


We’re excited to announce that Cody is the new bassist of Shepherd of Rot! He’s founded and played in bands such as Goemagot a...nd Contrarian and brings a unique, ultra-brutal style that will help us create our heaviest tunes to date. You’ll be sure to hear his gutturals in our songs as well.

Welcome him to the band!!!

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Bigotry was released almost 3 years ago, boy its Crazy how fast time flies. So to breathe some fresh air to the curiosity that surrounds Posthuman, Here's a short snippet of some new music.

8 Likes, 2 Comments - Daniel Hemmerich (@bluntausnord) on Instagram: “Here's a sneak peek y'all #Goemagot #Posthuman”

To bring everyone up to speed, matt's computer crashed and we all thought the songs were lost, but he was able to salvage them. So good news are in the future.

Happy new years everyone


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Or mutilated dead peeps. Infinite hail🤘🤘

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Cody and Dan (us) are currently writing material for the Goemagot sophomore release, "Posthuman"

As much as we wanted to continue as a trio, we came to realize that in the foreseeable future, there isn't a guitar player near us who is the right fit. In order to keep elements of our signature sound & continue on, we made the decision to have Cody write & play guitar.

Bands change all the time, and given there are not new members, the musical style WILL sound like something Go...emagot would write (whatever that means). Cody has always been a significant contributor to musical direction & song/riff structure, so if you like us, you'll like whats to come.

As far as bass goes, for now, Cody will record bass in studio, but what happens live is not decided. Given that this genre is cool with 1-piece bands, we believe we could handle ourselves as a 2-piece if it came down to it. We'll see.

Thank you for all your support and sticking with us over the years! We're excited to be back!

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Here's a little teaser.

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Posted by Goemagot

We need all your opinions:

As of right now, this band is on the verge of being dead.

We have 2 options: we can continue on differently OR we can end this project.


It would be different because Cody would play guitar and still do vocals, and Dan would still play drums. It would sound similar to Goemagot since Cody had a huge hand in the writing, riff, and structure process for all Goemagot material (minus Bigotry that was mostly Matt, but still some influence there).

New material would be played on a 6 string and not a 7, so the tuning would be different & we couldn't play the old stuff live. There would not be bass solos like in "Stump".

So, it would be similar, but different, and maybe forever, old songs wouldn't be played live.

Should we continue on, or do a new project?

We wanted to ask you all because people tend to hate it when bands change a lot, so we'd love your opinions since we wouldn't want to disappoint any of you going forward. We understand it's ultimately what we want to do, but your thoughts matter.

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If you guys like dark grim sounding death metal, go give my new band Deity Befoulment a like! We're writing music and hopefully recording soon!

For fans of Blasphemer, Desolate Shrine, Devourment, Belphegor, Dark Angel and Dismember


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Wanted to update you guys. After Matt left the band, we tried replacing him, but it didn't work out. I recently spoke with Matt who said he would like to finish recording the album, but he also moved to Colorado, making it difficult to see how we could manage this.

I don't want to say this is dead because I think there's a chance that it could get rolling again, but its impossible to find someone in our area who can fill Matt's shoes and also be dedicated to continuing

So, unfortunately we're at a stand still, and it sucks. We put a lot into this, and I can't bring myself to say we're dead because I think there's still a chance it will get going again. We had a lot of amazing times with you guys.

For now, I'm in a new band called Dissonant Seepage & our first show is at Hothfest 2017 in MA. Daniel is also in a new band soon to be announced.


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While you wait forever for us to do something, Cody's doing vocals in a new band called Dissonant Seepage! Go like the page and support!!!

Sofia representing Goemagot gear in Mexico!!

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Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got some'in to say, but nothin' comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch o' gibberish, and motherfuckers act like they forgot about Goemagot

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of the release of Eradication of Insignificant Beings!!!

Crazy how quickly time flies!!

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