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Happy Friday!

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Nick Coffin
· February 17, 2018
I look forward to our box every week! Love how we can customize our order so we don’t always end up with a ton of beets like I have with their competitors. I like beets, but.... don’t need a boxful!
Meeshall Mc Atee
· January 16, 2018
I get a fruit only box every other week and every time the fruit is superb!
Steve Main
· May 26, 2017
I received my second box today. The fruits and veggies are excellent. The dozen eggs I ordered came with one broken. Things happen. There's a package of shredded mozzarella in here that I didn't order...: strange, more things happen.

Today I'm wondering about the value. For the past year and a half, I've been ordering groceries delivered from another local business. When I total up the same items from them, it's a few dollars less and I'm not limited to once per week delivery. The same was true of my first box last week.

However, some of the additional items you offer are not available elsewhere. I'll give it another week and see how that looks.

Here's my shopping cart from the other place matching the items in my box as close as possible. As you can see, the quantities for some items are even greater (their minimums).
Organic Fair Trade Bananas $0.39 per each 6 $2.34
Organic Red Grapefruits $0.99 per each 2 $1.98
Organic Yellow Peaches $2.89 per lb. 1 $2.89
Organic Russet Potatoes $0.99 per each 2 $1.98
Organic Cucumbers $1.49 per each 1 $1.49
Organic Green Beans $4.99 per lb 1 $4.99
Organic Cluster Tomatoes $1.99 per lb 1 $1.99
Organic Gold Nugget Mandarins $1.79 per lb 2 $3.58
Organic Tommy Atkins Mango $1.89 per each 1 $1.89
Organic Bi-Color Corn $1.49 per each 1 $1.49
Total $24.62
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Tammy Miller-Holmgren
· June 30, 2017
lettuce wilted and rotting, cucumber old and soft, plums with looked basically just the green beans and grapes edible. I really was hoping it would be just average because I lik...e to buy farm fresh. This was farm old! See More
Julie Paulo
· October 6, 2017
Just gotta say: this week's pluots were the best ever!
Nicole DeVelbiss
· April 5, 2016
As much as I would love to give 5 stars I can't... No one every replies back to email. I still have
to this day NOT received my discount from when I signed up at my work. I ordered artichokes and th...ey went bad the next day. I was so excited about this service, but sadly it's starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth :( See More
Gwen Yee Condap
· May 19, 2014
Yes, there are other companies out there delivering fresh, Certified organic fruits and vegetables right to your door; I even tried one before discovering Golden Gate Organics (GGO). And yes, I could ...go to the farmer's market every week; but I'm unwilling to drive 12 miles to get to the nearest one open on Sundays or to buy them regularly at my local Safeway or Lucky (with limited selection, high prices, and questionable freshness). So, getting them delivered to my front door is the perfect solution.

What sold me on GGO? Their easy-to-use website (for getting deliveries with the frequency that *I* wanted in the first place and for making substitutions), and their top-notch customer service. Excellent customer service always wins me over:
- They give me *plenty* of time to make substitutions (3+ days)
- I've never had a billing problem
- They've never missed a delivery
- They've always responded quickly to my email inquiries
- And should I have a problem with any of the fruits or vegetables, Cory always makes it right on the next order. Let me repeat that: Cory ALWAYS makes it right!

GGO is my kind of company!!
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Jessica Barron
· February 15, 2015
I am very happy to be a GGO customer. GGO boxes are high in quality and all the fruits and veggies are delicious.
I always look forward to Friday's when I come home from work because I k ow my box wi...ll be waiting for me. Shopping at Safeway for organic produce is a thing of the past. See More
Anndora Lee
· December 9, 2013
I've belonged to CSAs, shopped at farmers' markets and all that other stuff but GGO is the best and easiest way to get organic fruits & veggies. Fresh, delicious & always in season along with conveni...ent and easy to do. Plus, it's a local, friendly, veteran owned company! What more could a busy person want? And if you EVER (it would be rare!) have an issue with their service or products, they're on top of things, bending over backwards to make sure you're happy. Oh! And if you have a special request, Corey & crew will do what they can to get you what you want! I ❤️GGO! See More
Evelyn Freitas
· May 25, 2014
I love the fruits and veggies I get from GGO - they are always super fresh, perfect, and delicious! Even better yet, I can customize my order to fit what I'm up to so I never get stuck with too much o...n hand. Five star fruits!! See More
Remy Timbrook
February 21, 2013
I didn't know I could get rapturous over vegetables! This past week's box was full of deliciousness: tomatoes and avocados (salad or salsa), zucchini and carrots (I'm making muffins), artichokes, spec...ial request of brussels sprouts (ready to be roasted). YUM! Still figuring out what to do with the baby bok choy... See More
Dana Conner Audi
· July 17, 2017
Awesome service, options, and FRESH produce weekly for 7 months. Thank you!
Andrew James Gregor
· March 30, 2014
I love GGO - I get a fruit box every week and I come home as if it is Christmas on that day. I can't wait to open it and see all the goodies. I have never been disappointed in the quality.
Sara Galvez
· January 7, 2014
Received my first medium fruits and veggies box today! Everything looks so fresh and tasty! We will be using the veggies for tonight's stir fry. Thanks Corey!
Scott Pacheco
· February 24, 2014
GGO is the best. Excellent selection of Organic fruits and veggies, delivered to you every week. We love these guys!
Lars Velken
· July 22, 2014
I enjoy receiving veggies that I've never heard of before, but also love modifying my delivery for ultimate deliciousness!
Paul E Schultz
· January 15, 2014
The only thing GGO cares more about than superior organic produce is their customers happiness.
Anadelia Fadeev
· February 20, 2015
Always great produce and amazing service. You guys rock!!
Marja West
· April 2, 2014
♥ Awesome service! ♥
Who is Golden Gate Organics?
How do your kids eat their fruit?
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A slice of lemon in your water is not only delicious, it’s soooo good for you too!! 🍋

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Fun variations of ants on a log. 😊

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Happy Lunar New Year! Post pics of your fur babies below! 🐕
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Tomorrow is the first day of the Chinese New Year! Use the asparagus from your box to try this healthy, Chinese-inspired stir-fry. Don’t forget to have an orange or mandarin for dessert, as they are believed to represent wealth and prosperity for the coming year. Let us know how it turns out!

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Everyday is Valentine’s Day for our farmers who put so much love into what they do. Sending love to you and yours from all of us at Golden Gate Organics! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Enjoy your order and as always...if there is any problem please lettuce know. 😂

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Not going to eat your asparagus right away? Cut a half inch off the bottoms and put them in water in your refrigerator! Covering the tops with plastic will help them last longer also. #producetips#asparagusseason#eatyourgreens

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Better for the environment and it tastes better too! Golden Gate Organics will deliver delicious Strauss Family Creamery milk straight to your front door or office and then pick up the bottles for reuse. Add some to your order now!

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Admittedly, when I am craving pizza, my first thought isn’t to bring out a head of cauliflower, but I do love adding veggies to everything I cook. Plus my kids can always use some extra nutrition in their diets, so in honor of #nationalpizzaday, here is a delicious and easy way to make your own #cauliflowercrust. Let us know how it turns out!…/

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