Hope we could add a little color to your day!…/look-what-sprouted-at-the-n…

Just a little highlight on some of the plants showing off their color during my walkabout this morning at the nursery! Itoh Peony ‘morning light’

Found a few gems this morning for your shade garden!!!…/2018/4/12/made-for-the-shade

Today’s walkthrough, I noticed a lot of our shade plants are looking fantastic! Pieris ‘mountain fire’
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Karen Krajenbrink Leach
· December 31, 2015
When I lived in SoCal, my choice nursery was the one I was raised with: Nordic Nursery. Bunch of great guys that knew their plants. So I'm biased, I wanted to find a nursery just like that now that ...I was living here.

I cannot recommend this place enough. Not only do they also carry a great selection of plants, veg, fruit, trees, and roses, they're knowledgeable, kind, and caring. They know their stuff, and when I've taken samples of ailing plants in, they're able to help recognize the problem and offer a variety of solutions.

Some of the best variety for tomatoes, for veggie gardeners out there. Also tried a variety of rare pink potato that did fairly well in my South City climate.

Oh, you get what you pay for, by the way. HEALTHY, happy plants. I always find it funny when people remark about the cost of plants at local nurseries over big box stores. There is no comparison. Buying plants from Golden? Far better investment than saving a few bucks elsewhere.
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Amy Gies
· April 26, 2014
As a novice to the plant world and wanting to start a balcony garden, I'm so glad I came here. Chris walked through the place showing me plants that would thrive with the sun exposure they would and I ended up getting 3 nice sized plants. One of which Chris said would attract hummingbirds, and he wasn't kidding! About 30 minutes after I set everything up, a hummingbird stopped a foot in front of my face, looked at me for 2 seconds, then flew away. I guess the little guy wasn't expecting to see me sitting on the swing! I can't say enough how helpful Chris was because I had a lot of questions. This place is HUGE and with such nice staff, I will definitely be back. See More
Emily B Kendall
· July 12, 2015
This the most fantastic nursery!!! Awesome selection of unique and healthy plants!!! Prices are very reasonable. We were asked by 3 different sales associates if we needed help :) and one is very frie...ndly! A real treasure. See More
Maree Sun
· February 16, 2014
Great selection of plants. Everything is so healthy and the staff is really nice and helpful! Will definitely be back. If you like succulents you should check this place out!
Char Andersen
· February 1, 2014
Beautiful, unique varieties and lots of helpful suggestions. Great place to start and enhance your kitchen garden and beautify your home ..especially if you like asian and heirloom varieties
Penny A Lazzari
· July 16, 2016
Thank you for your help with my pear tree.... I'll keep you posted
Cj Ticehurst
· March 10, 2016
Very helpful, friendly, knowledgeable. Also I enjoy their Facebook photos.
Our Caterpillar hard at work! #nomnomnom #sanmateo #planetearth #macro
This flowering kale is enjoying its afternoon shower... stay warm and dry out there everyone!!!!
Happy Earth Day everyone!!! Thought I would pass the day playing with a Sensitive Plant. #earthday2015 #plantsarerad