"After two hours I asked him who was the oldest person he had brought up the mountain. When he told me it was an 85-year-old woman, I stopped complaining to myself and started walking faster. There are six rest stops along the way and after I got into a rhythm the climb got easier with every step."
#stkitts #volcano

St Kitts: Paul Shoul visits St. Kitts and climbs a volcano, rides a sugar train and enjoys good food and fine hospitality.

"Once you’ve seen a bit of Nairobi, an epic adventure awaits: the famed overnight train from Nairobi to Mombasa, on the coast. The train itself is a little worse for wear, still outfitted from mid-century with just a faded hint of its former grandeur — but that of course just lends to its charm. Waking up the next morning with the savannah stretched out before you, looking out the window and waving to village children who come to watch the thrice-weekly train go by, is worth the ride. Supposedly one can see wild game from the train at daybreak, but all I saw were camels."

#Safari #Kenya #Tanzania…

A safari from Kenya to Tanzania yields plenty of 'Big Five' views including cheetah, lions, elephants, giraffes and ibis.
Morning in #Achill Island #gowildinmayo #tbexireland #oceanview
Band playing a traditional Hutsul wedding song in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine.
Inniskea abandoned since 1927.
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"So, as it transpired, I wasn't just on the trail of a group of ethnic misfits. I was looking for a part of my very own self. Listening to choral music by the Basque group Oldarra, it is hard not to be totally convinced of the connection between the Basques and the Welsh. The same celestial sounds seem to have arisen from the same lush green valleys; the same intricate harmonies from the very source of sound itself."

#BasqueCountry #France #Spain…

A tour of the Basque country in Southern France and Northern Spain, where a culture persists.

"The beginning of this adventure starts by rappelling down a cliff next to a waterfall after hiking through the forest in wet suits- and no, you don’t have to have any experience repelling to do this.

At about fifteen feet above a pool of water, you’re able to unhook yourself and jump, giving you confidence before the next part of the adventure- canyoning."


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Want to travel to France, but have already checked out the country a few times? Check out this new guide to all the latest exciting additions to the beautiful country.

"Then, a dorsal fin sliced the water and vanished.A sleek adult male was threading in and out of the water around us. Dolphins can stay under for up to three minutes and may resurface far from their point of entry. It was hard to keep up with the choreography, but very engrossing."

#Dolphins #Sardinia…

Sardinia's coast is the setting for a boat trip to catalog and monitor the local dolphin population which is endangered from boating accidents.

"The sun goes down very quickly in Costa Rica. It was pitch black when it was time to go to the big house for dinner. I strapped on my headlamp but couldn't find the path. In a sea of darkness and unfamiliar sounds, fireflies began to appear and then a pair of eyes, bright and green. Would I survive the walk through darkness? I ran like hell."



By Christopher Ludgate Upon entering New York City’s SPYSCAPE, the first of its kind spy-themed museum, intrigue was in the air in anticipation of impressively high-tech interaction and immersion into the real world of espionage. Adding to

"But what’s most striking is the residents’ pride in their street’s name. It’s everywhere. Almost every house has its own green and white Ragged Ass Road street sign tacked onto a railing, a window sill, or its very siding. Living on Ragged Ass Road is hardly an embarrassment. It’s a privilege."
#yellowknife #canada…

Janelle Muntz Lassonde describes the pleasures of frontier living in Yellowknife, Nothwest Territory, Canada.

The Ultimate Family Guide to Yellowstone National Park - Story via Traveling Mom #Austnadventures Austin Adventures

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"The city’s mayor has devoted himself to promoting bicycling, by implementing these road closings and by installing a network of short-term rental bikes called Ecobici, modeled after many other cities. They too have found that when you place bicycles in convenient locations and make it easy to use them, well, people do, and they love it."

#Mexico #Sustainability…

Mexico City, a city that's endured a lot of hardship, is now cosmopolitan, cleaner and even has bikes to rent short term. Museums, cafes and nightlife.


  Feeling the Horses Breath at Il Palio in Italy By Eric Sweigert The wedding of my brother-in-law on the shores of Lago Trasimeno in central Italy only added to the uncanny similarity between my environment and scenes from

"A day never passes that I do not think of some experience I had on that trip. It changed my life forever. It transformed my career and my life multiple ways. It even changed my personality. During that trip, crossing so many deserts of the Middle East inspired my desire to cross all the major deserts in the world alone."


Why We Travel: A backpacker's ethos. Reflections on how travel brings people of a like mind together. A philosophy of travel, the road, and freedom.

"In some ways my brand new love affair was summed up over my last dinner at the Hermitage. The bar is housed in the oldest all-wood house in the Antilles. Wide board floors and antiques complemented the small funky bar filled with faces met throughout my stay. I felt as if I was a part of a special club. Out under the veranda’s twinkling lights, great food along with salutations and toasts made me feel as if I was in one of the world’s special places with special people, by dinner's end I knew I was."
#Nevis #carribean


Looking for Andy in Mayberry, She Found Chang and Eng By Jackie Sheckler Finch On a cold winter night in 1874, Eng Bunker knew he was going to die. Lying next to him in bed was his