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Sharon Lamport Rockteschel
· February 10, 2016
I do not want them to call me again. I do not donate and want off their call list. I am on the Do Not Call list but they ignore tgat.
Virginica Doina Datcu
· October 6, 2013
A primary area of concern regarding Good Charity is its relationship with professional telemarketing fundraiser Insight Teleservices, Inc. (Insight), which is also based in the Detroit area.
Good Cha...rity was founded by Brian Maiorana, a former or possibly current new business development director at Insight.

Mr Maiorana takes money with one hand passing those money to his other company with the other hand!!!!!
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Joseph Casaceli
· January 12, 2014
The Michigan Veterans Foundation operates a large center in downtown Detroit that serves the homeless veteran population of the region. They have pledged to "never leave our wounded behind, our mission is to help homeless veterans regain stability and return to self-sufficiency".
Good Charity, Inc. -the Baby Rachael Story
Good Charity Inc and Disabled and Paralyzed Veterans Fund help...

Good Charity Inc supports our nation's veterans through a variety of programs. Please help us and Like Good Charity, Inc

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Good Charity Inc supports our nation's veterans through a variety of programs. Please help us and Like Good Charity, Inc

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Top 10 Cancer treatment Centers (source: US News)
1) University of Texas M.D. Anderson Center (Houston)
2) Sloan-Kettering (NYC)
3) Mayo Clinic (Rochester, NY)
4) Johns Hopkins (Baltimore)...
5) Dana-Farber (Boston)
6) Massachusetts General (Boston)
7) University California-SF (San Francisco)
7b) University of Washington (Seattle)
9) Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland)
10 Stanford Hospitals (Palo Alto, CA)

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Drinking Before pregnancy increases breast cancer risk 11%

Experts urge alcohol moderation for women during this time of life

Grandparents United for Autism hold annual picnic

Grandparents United for Autism will host their fourth annual picnic next month.

Donations at work| Good Charity Inc in action Good Charity Inc has a special financial assistance program through which applicants can request funding to help them deal wit...

-------14 Foods for HEALTHY BONES -------PLEASE SHARE----

1. Milk: Milk gives 30% of your daily needed dose of calcium which is fortified with vitamin D. Vitamin D is useful for bone strength and helps in the absorption of calcium from the food we eat.

2. Yogurt: This is better source of calcium than milk. Greek Yogurt also contains lots of protein.


3. Sardines: These are really the cheapest and best source of calcium and rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Sardines also have high levels of calcium.

4. Salmon: This contains a good amount of calcium but lesser than that in sardines and are good for your bones as well as for your heart.

5. Tuna: This is a fatty fish and is rich in vitamin D and three ounces of canned tuna can provide 39% of the daily dose needed by your body. Don't eat more than two cans per week though, as mercury levels can be high in tuna (and other large fish)

6. Spinach: This contains calcium, iron and fiber and just one cup of cooked spinach can provide 25% of your daily calcium requirement.

7. Eggs: These contains 6% of your daily need of vitamin D and are the easiest way to get some vitamin D.

8. Soybeans and Tofu: Soybeans are rich in calcium and tofu will supply a good amount of calcium.

9. Almond: Eat them whole or as almond butter provide good amount of calcium to our body.

10. Oysters: These can be eaten raw, baked, boiled, smoked or in many other ways.

11. Sesame seeds: These provide about 35% of our daily value of calcium.

12. Turnip Greens: These contains 197 mg of calcium and hence are an excellent source of calcium in our diet.

13. Kale: This is also an excellent source of anti-oxidants.

14. Lemon: This contains vitamin C, calcium, riboflavin, iron etc and helps to prevent the erosion of calcium from bones.

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Evil neighbor tells parents to "euthanize" their autistic son!

An anonymous letter telling an Ontario family to "euthanize" their 13-year-old autistic child because of the noise he makes while playing outside does not constitute a hate crime, police announced Tuesday.

Your Donation $$ at work

Hurricane Sandy struck Long Island, NY especially hard. Good Charity, Inc made funds available through our Disaster Relief and Aid Fund to help the residents...

Nearly 500 kids die every year from leukemia in this country.
Read more at...…/parents-guide-to-leukemia/

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Do you know a cancer survivor?

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ObamaCare’s continuance is good news for cancer sufferers.

In addition to that, a number of measures will benefit those suffering from breast cancer and those at risk:

*Improved health insurance coverage:


*Improved cancer detection coverage:

*Increased Medicare drug coverage:

*Improved payment limits:

*Coverage for clinical trials:

Read more here:

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ObamaCare is here to stay after its constitutionality was upheld by the Supreme Court. What does that mean for people suffering from breast cancer?

Good Charity Inc was asked to pass along this info -please support this child!

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Where is your family in a natural disaster?

Kiwi-designed app could see people able to contact emergency services even if cell towers and the internet are down.

Autism and Asperger's ARE DIFFERENT
like Good Charity, Inc

Are autism and Asperger's syndrome two biologically distinct conditions? Or are they two different points on the autism spectrum? A new study of brain connectivity sheds new light on these conditions.