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Happy National Iced Tea Day!
A Sweet & Spicy tea for every occasion!
Sweet & Spicy Good Night Tea
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Donald Sebastian
· December 30, 2017
I use to faithfully buy their bagged black tea some years ago. It became harder to find and I wrote the company only to be informed they weren't going to make it any longer.

Too bad they don't make t...he bagged black tea anymore. I'll take my business elsewhere. See More
Hayley N Tom
· November 11, 2017
I've been a very loyal customer for years, recently was given a cancer diagnosis and asked them to verify sugars, artificial or natural as their boxes say "natural flavor" but no specifications. Good ...Earth responded verifying they DO NOT use any natural or artificial sugars in their teas!
Thank you for getting back to me and for making such a great natural tea that I can continue to devour!
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Shana Parton
· January 10, 2018
I tried their same of lemon-kissed cucumber (no.90) I loved it!! I was initially hesitant to try it thinking the lemon or cucumber might be too much so I made iced tea out of it. It wasn't at all and very light and refreshing. I would definitely consider buying from them in the future. See More
Nancy Jean Montgomery
· December 10, 2017
I received my free sample of blackberries and fe���ll in love. The smell was wonderful , the taste was full bodied but not to strong. � thank you�
Stephanie Stearns
· October 2, 2017
Such quality tea � I cannot wait to order more! My favorite was the sweet and spicy until I sampled a few others that the Good Earth company makes. I'd recommend their tea to everyone.
Tony Tannahill
· December 4, 2017
📬 Received Free sample of Good Earth Turmeric no21 Chai to try from Good Earth Teas Inc. Very different than regular tea. Strong pepper taste. Very refreshing tea. Love it!
Lilah Moore
· February 12, 2018
Had your jasmine no.7 pearls tea tonight. The white tea. Soooo good!!! You've got me as a fan now ❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘 perfection!
Roy Perez
· January 13, 2018
We bought a 18 count box of Sweet & Spicy. Over a week 4 tea bags broke open while pouring the hot water into the cup. No quality control in production I guess
Mandie Lee
· December 7, 2017
Best loose leaf Chai I've ever had! Thank you for allowing me to sample the Turmeric Chai
Shirley Taylor
· January 18, 2018
I got sample of pineapple blues. Im already a follower. Oh man its good. Samples work. Thank you.
KMichelle Themiddaydiva
· January 17, 2018
I love Sweet and Spicy! It is my favorite tea! Soooo good!
Larry Jerre Anne Wagner
· August 18, 2017
When the get Sweet & Spicy k-pods back, or explain why they won't provide them anymore, rather than stonewalling, then rating will change. To ignore a customer question is not good customer service.
Suzanna Paradise
· January 7, 2018
Thank you for the free sample!!!! I received the #24 Oolong, and it was fantastic ♥
Auset Jones
· October 30, 2017
Sorry, I'm not buying it...too many unhapi customers.
Cindy Aguayo
· December 1, 2017
Ty.. for sample I loved it
Will definitely purchase this product
Donna Ray Lacy Malmquist
· November 7, 2017
I love their teas! I will order again in the future! 😁
Ellen Helfrick
· October 2, 2017
Love their teas. Just don't love hunting for them.
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