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If you live in the Bay Area, this is a beta you should look into.

Up to 50% of parking tickets are dismissed when fought in court, but it takes knowledge and time to do it. New app Fixed will do it for you. Take a photo of..

Good men incorporate charity with their outreach.…/

Bitcoin Not Bombs – PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release: 12/10/13 Media Contact: Davi Barker Launch Navigator | 408.718.0148 or Drew Phillips Launch Co-Pilot Drew@Bitcoin...

Sometimes good men don't get so lucky, but we are glad these good men were.…/breaking-news-robin-hood-cases-dism…/

Robin Hood and the Merry Men and Women are victorious over the lying, corrupt “City of Keene” in BOTH Robin Hood cases! The first civil case was filed by “the City” back in May seeking a preliminary injunction against the six named respondents, in hopes banning them from being near, speaking to, or...
It started with a very clear-cut case of police intimidation against a man trying to video record Boston police conducting an investigation in broad daylight last August, in which an overbearing detective pushed and shoved him away from the...|By Carlos Miller

Good men offer to teach another man to fish rather than simply giving him some.

The homeless man participating in a highly-publicized software coding tutorial was arrested earlier this morning by the NYPD.
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Peacekeeper, the world's first community defense smart phone app.

Peacekeeper enables you and your most trusted neighbors to protect your community on levels that are unmatched. It's a simple but extraordinary method of defense that transforms common citizens into a highly effective network of crime and emergency combatants.

Peacekeeper gives an alternative and potentially superior method of protection that empowers you with the tools and network you need to defend your own ...household and loved ones.

There are many good ideas and causes you can donate your hard earned resources towards, but few have the ability to have a meaningful impact on you and those close to you. This is an idea that we can ALL benefit from, regardless of your physical.

If you can donate a lot, donate a lot.

If you can donate a little, donate a little.

If you can't donate even a little, share this with others and encourage them to do what you are unable to do.

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The first 30 minutes is spent interviewing Cody of Peacekeeper.…/copblock-radio-show-episode-23/

CopBlock Radio ep23, Cody from PeaceKeeper talks about his fundraising for project, Tammy Valdes situation, activists using secure communications.

Sometimes, before you can do something to help others, you have to make sure that you are protected.

So we thought we'd share this with you in case it was something you wanted or needed.…/edgington-post-mike-strouse-9

Mike Strouse, head guy at Pro XPN, talks about how they make your internet experience safe and secure. No one should surf without

So many put so much effort into 'fighting' the State, but why not make a tiny effort into simply making a portion of the State obsolete or at least less relevant?

If you can't afford to contribute much, contribute $5.

If you can't afford $5, help by telling others about Peacekeeper.

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Sometimes being observant of your surrounds is all you have to do.

Texas Teens Save Kidnap Victim Who Mouthed 'Help Me' From Car

One of the best things you can do is help build alternative institutions, ones based upon voluntary interaction.

We donated to see Peacekeeper become a reality, will you?

We got a little hands on time with the beta of the app while at the bitcoin2013 conference and it looks good and usable.

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Community Defense App

If you are going to be extorted, why not pay in $1 bills?

Good men add an extra layer to their extortion.

A man pays his property tax in $1 bills to make a point. What do you think? Blog: Support: http://LiveFree...
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There are other options besides dropping bombs & launching missiles, and doing nothing.

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Calling yourself a "Law Abiding Citizen" is the civilian equivalent of "just following orders".

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