Good News Club children are encouraged to share their prayer concerns with the GNC leaders.

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"For we walk by faith, not by sight."
2 Corinthians 5:7

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God's Word: Hide It
Good News Club shared a link.
January 2
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A child moved to an area that has no Good News Club in their elementary school. I received this message from the father:
"Janie cried when I told her she couldn't go to good news club after school this coming up year because they don't have one. Didn't really cry, just misty eyed. "
We need more churches to partner with in order to take the gospel to the children!

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A blessed Good News Club were gifted Jesus Loves Me penquins and bears.

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Georgia Good News Club learning about Baby Jesus . . . God's greatest gift to the world.

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Our newest Easter Party lesson is available NOW! Contact your local CEF director for ideas about how a party for your Good News Club is an effective way to reach more kids with the Gospel.
Treasure maps and hidden treasure have captured the imaginations of children and adults for generations, but the Bible is even better than a treasure map! God’s Word is always true! It has the clues and instructions we need to obtain the greatest treasure ever—eternal life through Jesus Ch...rist the Savior! You can use this NEW Easter party to lead children on an exciting treasure hunt to discover the Good News that Jesus is truly alive and can save them from their sin!
“Always True Treasure Hunt” is a completely NEW evangelistic narrative lesson with treasure map themed visuals and activities. The lesson comes from the Scripture passage (Luke 24:14-53).
Children will join two disciples on the road to Emmaus in discovering how the clues that God provided in the Old Testament centuries before Christ’s birth were all leading up to Jesus—the Savior of the World! This lesson even includes a treasure map memory verse visual with symbols instead of words to help children of any language learn and memorize the Gospel truth of 1 Corinthians 15:3b-4. Game and activity ideas like Crazy Compass, Moving Map, Treasure Map Mix-up and X Marks the Spot are just a few of the fun activities you can choose from for children to enjoy the treasure hunt themed party!
“WOW! This was a ‘super’ lesson. I read and re-read it and found nothing that I would change! Every part of the lesson was great! The whole treasure hunt theme with such excellent activities, incentives, review and interactive games—I loved it and kids will, too!” ~ CEF Missionary in New York
Get the Easter party lesson by contacting your local CEF chapter or online at

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So, a parent stopped by in the middle of Good News Club to tell us that her son's behavior has changed 100% since he joined Good News Club a few months ago. She hugged me so tight my back literally cracked! God is so Good.

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The "Word Up!" in Good News Club last week was GOD GIVES WISDOM. This week as one of the boys ate his cupcake snack I mentioned how good it looked. He came back with, "You can have one, too." I told him that sugar in cupcakes makes my body sick and I was trying to make good choices. What did he say? "Are you using God's wisdom?" Yes! What an assurance that what we do as Good News Club leaders is not in vain! Praise the Lord.

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Sing and move along with the NEW song video To All Who Did Receive Him (John 1:12) from the Good News Club series,
The Patriarchs: God's Plan Unfolds.
Find more Bible verse song videos at

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Take a look at another fun NEW Bible verse song video, He Will Do It (1 Thessalonians 5:24), from the Good News Club series, The Patriarchs: God’s Plan Unfolds.

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New Bible verse song video, Do All to the Glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31), from the Good News Club series, The Patriarchs: God's Plan Unfolds.
Find more Bible verse song videos at

One Good News Club had a Christmas party for their last club of the year, using the Light of Life Party Lesson. Christmas parties are fun, and also a great opportunity to teach kids about the true Christmas story.

Child, before snack time: "First we need to say grape?"
Teacher: "That's grace, not grape."
Child: "Ohhhh."


Child: "Hey, I counted and guess what?! There's twelve cupcakes, and six kids. We can each have two!"
Teacher: "What about the adults?"
Child: "Welllll, I was thinking you already ate."

Teacher, showing the map: "The wise men came a long way to see the Savior. It took a long time to get there."
Child: "Probably it took a week."

One of the best parts was introducing the Bible lesson: "...Did you know that God used lights to celebrate the first Christmas?", seeing the puzzled look on a boy's face, and then watching him make the connection that the star and the angels were the lights God used to celebrate Jesus coming to be the light of the world.

Another special moment was watching a fourth-grade girl decide to trade in a toy she had chosen as a prize for a Bible, then watching her interest as a CEF volunteer showed her how to use it and where to start reading.

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Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc.

500 years ago one man with a mallet shook up the world. Today, Child Evangelism Fellowship continues that great work among the children of the world. #Reformation500

Teacher: "Why do you need a Saviour?"
Child: "Because I've sinned."

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Seeing children lead to Christ never gets old.

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