If you work in a nursing home, extended care facility or a facility which treats patients who tend to wander off, I have a few questions I would like to ask. If you a few minutes PM me. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Good Sense Group provides health and safety, investigations, and technology products and services.

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Congratulations to everyone who took home some hardware last Saturday!

STRIVE Algoma Visionary Awards

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Strive: Young Professionals Group

The Industry Top 10 AVA for Trades, Tyler Rains, gives us a glimpse into the many years of hard work and dedication he put into his career in the Trades Indust...ry. Congratulations on this award Tyler!

I run my own consulting company Good Sense Group and I am a safety advisor for S&T Group. Originally from Sault Ste Marie Ontario, I graduated high school from St Mary’s College. I started my career in the trades sector with Northern Quality Products in 2006. In 2007 I moved to Alberta to pursue work in the oilfield. From 2007 – 2010 I worked as a carpenter and a scaffolder eventually earning a journeyman scaffolding ticket. In 2010 I returned to school at the British Columbia Institute of Technology where I achieved a Construction Safety Officer Certification. After completing this certification I incorporated my own consulting company and worked as a consultant through Good Sense Safety on a Husky Energy mega oilsands project. In December 2011 Husky Energy approached me and asked if I would consider consulting directly for them. This was an amazing opportunity for myself and my company and I accepted their offer. For the next 3 years I worked as a safety consultant for Husky Energy. The lessons I learned and the experienced I gained in this role has proven to be invaluable to me throughout my career. The Husky Energy role led to an offer from a consulting firm in Calgary who asked me to join their team as the Operations Manager. In late 2014 I accepted this role and stayed with Highmark Safety until early 2016. In 2016 oil prices had declined to less than $35 / barrel and the Alberta economy was marred in a deep recession. I decided it was a good opportunity to return to Ontario.

When I returned to Sault Ste Marie I began working with S&T Group as their safety advisor. Since that time I have taken on an expanded role as the lead of a 2 year COR certification project. I have also incorporated a new Ontario based company Good Sense Group. My new company continues to focus on health and safety consulting but also conducts investigations into workplace harassment and provides technology services for worker and fleet management. Currently I have clients in Ontario and Alberta in a variety of sectors.
During the past 12 years I have also continued my education and professional development. In 2012 I completed Occupational Health and Safety studies from the University of New Brunswick and in 2017 I successfully obtained a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) certification, one of the top certifications in my field. In order to obtain my CRSP I had to prove I met the requirements for formal education, professional development, years of experience, obtain letters of reference, attend and in person interview and finally pass a 200 question practical knowledge exam. The entire process took me just under 1 year to complete. Less than 10% of all safety people in all industry hold this certification and a very small % of the people who do are 35 years old and under. This has been one of the key professional developments of my career and will continue to benefit me as my career continues.

I look forward to continuing my career by helping people get home safe each day they go to work, continuing to my education and professional development and continuing to provide professional service to my clients through Good Sense Group.

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Honoured to be the recipient of the first annual Top 10 Trades Award


The Top 10 AVA Awards are presented to individuals who have excelled in their field. Winners demonstrate excellence in all aspects of thei...r jobs, including but not limited to leadership, initiative, innovation, growth, mentoring, dedication, and volunteerism. To choose just one leader per industry was no simple task as the Algoma District is fortunate to have so many inspiring young professionals who are paving the way for their peers. These individuals are innovative thinkers, they are true visionaries in their fields, and most importantly, are passionate about our community and fostering business growth and development locally.

The 2017 Strive Young Professionals Group is honoured to announce the inaugural Top 10 Industry Leader AVA recipients:

Arts & Culture-
Julia Piskiewicz, Sault Ste. Marie Museum

Business Administration-
Luke Stilin, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

Michael Pratt, BioForest Technologies Inc.

Hospitality & Leisure-
Erinn Esklisson, Starbucks

Science & Technology-
Jeff Greco, Cavara Inc.

Micaela Mansfield, Huron Superior Catholic District School Board

Health & Wellness-
Jillian Ingribelli, Algoma Public Health

Public Service-
Tessa Vecchio, Corporation of the City of Sault Ste. Marie

Sales & Retail-
Allison Kantovaara, Superior Nissan

Tyler Rains, S&T Group/Good Sense Group

Congratulations to our winners for these ten awards. We look forward to presenting them to you at our Gala on January 13th, 2018 where we will then announce the remaining ten winners of our awards of distinction. Tickets to the Gala can be purchased here:

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AboutThe AwardsThe GalaThe NomineesTicketsSponsors What is the AVA Gala? The Algoma Visionary Awards go to young professionals recognized for their incredible efforts to achieve greatness in leadership, community engagement, professional achievement, volunteerism, and mentoring in our community. The...

Today we are pleased to announce our President, Tyler Rains was been officially accepted into the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals. #CRSP

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Another high profile TV sports personality fired over workplace harassment. Let us help you protect your employees and company's reputation.…/gregg-zaun-fired-from-sportsnet-f…

Rogers Media president Rick Brace issued a statement Thursday evening announcing the termination of the Blue Jays broadcast analyst’s contract
Good Sense Group updated their cover photo.
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An estimated 40% of Canadians have experienced some form of harassment or bullying in the workplace. A toxic work atmosphere can lead to legal judgements, bad publicity, and poor morale for your employees. Harassment and bullying is estimated to cost Canadian employers BILLIONS of dollars a year in direct and indirect losses. Contact to see how we can help.

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Workplace harassment has been in the news lately. The acts occurring in Hollywood against A list celebrities are getting the headlines but the problem is much more widespread and may be occurring in your workplace. Workplace harassment doesn't always have to be sexual, it can present itself in many different ways, each equally as damaging.

In Ontario ALL companies are required to have a workplace violence and harassment policy. Good Sense Group in consultation with Ironside Consulting has been conducting workplace violence and harassment workshops. Contact us today to inquire and book your session.

It is nearly a full month into the school year and every day I still see drivers passing stopped school busses and people speeding through school zone. reminds everyone to slow down and watch for kids on the roads.

On Monday August 21, 2017 a 1 in 100 year total solar eclipse will occur which will be visible to most of North America. This is a spectacular sight and I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to view this event. You must take certain precautions to protect your safety.

1 - Never stare directly at the sun. Even during an eclipse permanent harmful damage may be caused to your eyes.

2 - Do not use regular sunglasses. They will not provide the protection required.


3 - Use properly rated viewing glasses. These are widely available. As the eclipse draws closer and popularity increases glasses may be tougher to find. Beware of counterfeit glasses. All glasses should have the manufacturer’s name and address printed on the product and meet the ISO 12312-2 international standard.

4 - Do not use glasses with scratched or damaged lenses.

5 - Welder’s glasses can be used but only if they are share 12 or darker. Any shade less than 12 could cause damage to your eyes.

An eclipse is a rare phenomenon you don’t want to miss. Don’t let the warnings and potential dangers scare you away from viewing. With the proper safety procedures in place you can safely enjoy this incredible show.

For more information view

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Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature’s most awe inspiring sights - a total solar eclipse. This path, where the moon will completely cover the sun and the sun's te...

BUSINESS OWNERS.....If you do not have a health and safety program you are risking your entire business if one serious incident occurs. PROTECT YOURSELF TODAY. A few thousand dollars could save you MILLIONS or jail time in the long run.

Contact us before it's too late at GoodSenseGroup.

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GoodSenseGroup is a professional provider of Occupational Health and Safety, Investigations, and Real Time Technology. Contact today for a Free Consultation

Every time I meet with a client who is interested in developing a safety management system for their company I hear the same answer. “I don’t even know where to start.”

I decided to come up with this list of legislative requirements to help guide employers and business owners establish a starting point to building a safety management system. Each item on this list is a legislative requirement under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Employment Standards Act..., or a different piece of legislation. If you are not in compliance with each item on the list your company is currently breaking the law.

1- An employer must prepare a written health and safety policy statement. This policy must be reviewed at least annually
2- The written health and safety policy must be posted in a visible place and made available to all workers.
3- Proper training must be given to any worker required to use specialized PPE. This training should be documented.
4- A system must be in place to ensure PPE is regularly inspected and maintained in accordance with the manufactures guidelines.
5- Ensure workers are properly trained prior to beginning work. This can include an orientation and training to certain policies. Workers must also be trained and deemed competent before using tools and equipment unsupervised.
6- Ensure a workplace inspection program is implemented.
7- Ensure a proper incident reporting and investigation policy and procedure.
8- Ensure an appropriate means of communication during an emergency.
9- Ensure appropriate number of fire extinguishers.
10- Ensure fire extinguishers are inspected and maintained.
11- Ensure proper first aid station / supplies.
12- Ensure adequate number of qualified first aid personnel.
13- Ensure proper first aid log is kept.
14- Ensure copies of relevant legislation is available.
15- Ensure supervisors are trained on their rights and responsibilities.
16- Ensure workers are trained on their rights and responsibilities.
17- Ensure all legislated posting requirements such as WSIB and MOL are met.
18- Ensure a JHSC is developed if required by law.
19- Ensure company has a current workplace harassment and violence program.
20- Ensure all employees understand that all injuries must be reported to the employer immediately, regardless of severity.

Visit to see how our professionals can help your company, develop, implement and manage a safety management system. Always remember that practicing good safety is doing good business. Prevention is much cheaper than reaction.

We Always Provide FREE Consultations!

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Too many young workers are still getting hurt on the job. If you are an employer who hires summer students, an employee who works with summer students or a summer student here is the info you need.

The snow is gone and spring is bringing life to the community. During this time of year students in both high school and post-secondary institutions

You don't need to be a golfer to appreciate this!

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Your week, described by golf.