Utes.. the memories.. and now.. it's BACK!

Back in the old ArmA2 days, we used to have a fun PVP Server based off a 404Games wasteland copy. Heavily modded with the aid of Rienspy and Adanteh. Now that the use of AllinArma and RHS/HLC is becoming more common with the success of chernarus wasteland at both Sa-Matra and TOPARMA. It’s time to b…

Since we no longer follow the DayZ-path we have moved onto our own hosting environment and thank TransIP for sponsoring us in the past.

Check-out our latest intel on


Be sure to checkout for a good deal on a SSD powered VPS!

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Up until this month TransIP provided us with a Windows bladeVPS SSD X8 and the domain-name at a discounted rate. Originally this site was funded as a dutch DayZ-mod (arma2) Private-server.
With A3Wasteland reaching v1.0 and being submitted into the MakeArmAnotWar competition (more information below), it’s time to start running a GoT server again!

ArmA 3 Wasteland on chernarus without owning ArmA2?
Yes we can!

Time for part 2!

OUT NOW - The second campaign episode for Arma 3 has been deployed! Tensions rise as NATO peacekeeping forces begin to leave The Republic of Altis: a strateg...
The DEVteam wasn’t kidding when they posted their ‘All-aboard the HYPETRAIN’ photo’s Yesterdayafternoon the Standalone Pre-Release alpha went live on both steam and the BiStudio store and is now being massively played!

A3Wasteland v0.9d (pre-release) has been released!

Pre-release v0.9d is here :)

We've updated our Stratis mission on the Steam-Workshop! be sure to check it out. It's based of the v0.9 pre-release by Team-Wasteland at

steam workshop page is to be found here:…

Steam Workshop: Arma 3. GoT Wasteland v2.3 by JoSchaap. This one has something extra added for you all to discover This is a "Multi-Player only" mission you can NOT load this as a scenario. After subscribi

Big news about our new wasteland project for both Altis and Stratis:

After long talks with other clans that took on re-development of 404 and GoT wasteland missions. we decided that the step to join forces was a no-brainer and would only result in better code, and more fun for the player.

GoT Wasteland Stratis is now also on Steam Workshop!…

I might have added a little surprise in the workshop edition

Steam Workshop: Arma 3 Beta. GoT Wasteland v2.3 by JoSchaap. I'm not entirely sure if this kind of mission will function through steam workshop! If it doesnt I appologize :)

[Offtopic] Take on Mars now available

Take On Mars places you in the seat of a Rover Operator, allowing you to control the various, fully simulated mobile Rovers and stationary Landers. With this scientific arsenal at your disposal, you will work your way through the numerous Science Missions in each location, unlocking the secrets of M...

Today we're stress testing our new GoT Wasteland v2.3 for Arma3 on our servers!

If you want to join, find the [NL] GoT Wasteland servers on stable branch

The server password is found in the link below

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Official Bohemia Interactive forums - Arma 3, Arma 2, Take On Helicopters, Carrier Command

Just for this weekend we've setup 2 test servers on stable branch and one on DEV branch running the latest build of GoT wasteland v2.3

Filter either on
gamemode: Sandbox
Name: got wasteland
ingame to find them

A full preliminary changelog of v2.3 can be found here:…

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Official Bohemia Interactive forums - Arma 3, Arma 2, Take On Helicopters, Carrier Command

the v2.3 mission servers on DEV branch have been fixed! just a bit more stress testing and we're all good to pick a releasedate!

Both the servers are running battleye!

A teaser of the new GoT Wasteland version (V2.3) has been posted on our website. It's the preliminary Changelog!

Did you know, we run testbuilds of the new version on our servers?

more info at:

Just as a ‘sneak-preview’ here’s a preliminary changelog for GoT Wasteland V2.3At this time were waiting for the new content from DEV branch to be added to the Stable branch

GoT Wasteland v2.21 for ArmA3 has been released, find out all about it on our webpage!

Another update for out ArmA3 Stratis wasteland mission has been released!The changes in short: beta content, lagfixes, green army, new missions, and the mission is now stream friendly!

GoT Wasteland V2.2 seems to have a few issues but is still completely playable, I will be working on improving the code for the upcomming servicerelease v2.21

For all those that sent me emails, messages, DM's, PM's after v2.21 release i will sit down and read/reply to all your messages!

a preview/debug version of v2.21 is running on the GoT Wasteland servers on steam's DEV branch. this has debug logging code in it that will help us optimize the mission so playing on these servers will actually benefit into getting us vallueable intel!