"Our Story" - Governor Pat McCrory's 2016 Announcement Video
Honored to be in Fayetteville for the Veterans Day parade. Thank you to all of our veterans and their families for all they do.
Early voting ends today. Be a voter and look up your polling information:

Rev. Billy Graham was a role model - not just for presidents, kings and governors, but for the common man and woman throughout our community, state and world. His actions reflected the words that he preached. He was humble, kind and an inspiring man of God. My deepest sympathies are with the entire Graham family and I want to thank them for sharing him with us all. Like billions of people around the world, he had a tremendous personal impact on me. We shall all miss him but we must continue to honor and share the truths he exemplified.

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Keep an eye on former State Budget Director @JudgeHeathNC, who is running for Court of Appeals. I am encouraged by the quality candidates who have filed for office so far, but because of recent changes in election law and federal court rulings, appellate judges will not file until June. Join me in following @JudgeHeathNC to get updates on judicial elections and to show your support for Judge Heath!

A 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel granted Republican lawmakers’ request to block U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagle’s decision to reinstate May primaries for NC Court of Appeals and Supreme Court races.

Today Governor Cooper was asked to address allegations of potential pay-to-play and explain why his office created a $58 million slush fund within hours of awarding an environmental permit to companies that "voluntarily" contributed to Cooper's fund. The people of North Carolina will not stand for a culture of corruption and it's time for a full and complete ethics investigation! You can read the full list of questions here:

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I enjoyed the NCSU vs. UNC game yesterday in Raleigh with Art Pope, Thomas Stith, and Rep. Hall.

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MUST WATCH: Brad Crone and Chad Adams agree on the $58 million payoff to Governor Cooper..."shakedown," "quid pro quo," "ransom note," "it's bad," "outside the bounds."

Credit: Spectrum News - Capital Tonight

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With the majority of both Republicans and Democrats, the NC Senate has sent a clear bipartisan message to Gov Roy Cooper by stopping his $58 million personal slush fund and redirecting that money to our public schools. There are still too many unanswered questions about why Cooper's administration would grant a key environmental permit just minutes before announcing that the same companies would "voluntarily" give $58 million to a slush fund that only Gov Cooper could control. The people of North Carolina deserve answers and a full investigation is needed!

Senate Republicans suggested the state could approach a constitutional crisis if it enables a governor to control money outside the normal budgetary process. Some suggested Democrats’ loyalty to Gov. Roy Cooper surpassed their commitment to public education,…

Governor Cooper is now claiming the $58 million his administration received from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline was “voluntary” and had nothing to do with approval of the pipeline, despite previously being against it. Are we supposed to believe that?

There must be a full investigation of this matter so the public can learn the truth.

A $57.8 million fund set up through the Governor's Office as part of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project is raising constitutional questions, accusations of quid-pro-quo politics and the prospect of legal wrangling.

McCrory & Thompson: Keep the Panthers in Charlotte, NC Pipeline Fund.

Speaking at his annual Super Bowl news conference, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear that the league prefers keeping the Panthers where they've been since their inception more than two decades ago.

Again, where is WRAL TV, The News & Observer, The Charlotte Observer, and other media outlets? Their lack of curiosity when a Democrat is in office should concern us all, regardless of political affiliation.

From the story:

“The $57.8 million payment from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Dominion Power, and Duke Energy is clearly the quid for the Department of Environmental Quality’s quo of approving water permits for the pipeline. The dictionary defines something like this as ...bribery or extortion. The payment was made under threat to move the project forward."

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Is this legal?

Governor Cooper demanded the Atlantic Coast Pipeline give his administration 58 million dollars for his permission to build a needed natural gas pipeline through North Carolina. 58 million dollars given to the administration of Governor Cooper, not the people of North Carolina.

Why are the Republicans in Raleigh silent?


Why are news outlets such as the The News & Observer and The Charlotte Observer refusing again to ask basic questions when a Democrat is governor?

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Kid Rock receives mostly cheers at NHL All-Star Game performance. Both watched last night's Grammys - Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance with other stars for comedy bit that took a jab at President Trump. Is the $57.8 million payment from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to the Dept.

It is extremely inappropriate for John Kerry to insert himself in the middle of peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians - while on foreign soil - and seek to weaken our president with foreign leaders.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly tried to meddle in Middle East peace talks, allegedly telling a close associate of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas not to “yield to President Trump’s demands.”

Moe doesn’t seem to mind the snow!

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January 15

From today!

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The Pat McCrory Show with Bo Thompson, talking race relations, false missile attack alerts and football this morning.

LISTEN: Last week former Charlotte Democratic Councilwoman Clair Fallon and I discussed the ridiculous push by current councilman Braxton Winston to get rid of 287(g), which keeps us safe from illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes and keeps us from being a sanctuary city. Why is the rest of the city council and the current governor silent on this incredibly important issue? We certainly can't depend on the Charlotte Observer to cover this.

Charlotte city council member Braxton Winston says he wants '287G' discontinued at the Mecklenburg County jail. 287g is a voluntary federal program that detains jail inmates who are in the country illegally. Pat helped initiate the 287g plan, supported by law enforcement and city leader

On Friday's show we talked about who will buy controlling ownership of the Carolina Panthers now that Jerry Richardson is going to sell the team. Interesting discussion; click here to listen!

WCNC's Rad Berky interviews Pat while live on air about the sale of the Panthers and what may happen with the existing stadium. It all depends on where the revenue is going to come from to build a new stadium. Revenue from parking is an important factor which isn't going to the Panthers.