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Back to blogging - two very cool customer cases done with Grafetee

Wow. We’ve been lazy bloggers. Well, time for the first post of the year. Finally. Some months ago we launched the business version of Grafetee. With it you can create any location based service you can imagine. No matter what kind of a service you want…
Grafetee shared a link.
Cервис Grafetee и мобильное приложение для работы с ним предназначены не только для общения с полицией, но они позволяют, среди прочего, в несколько касаний экрана сообщить о правонарушении.

Even WSJ wrote about us. We're in awe of the coverage.…/why-finnish-police-are-supporting-a…/

An app designed to help people find interesting information about an area has found favor with Finnish police. They are encouraging people to use the app to report nuisance crimes such as noisy neighbors and parking violations.

Nathaniel Mott is our hero! Great article:…/grafetee-builds-its-location-bookm…/

Grafetee, a location-bookmarking startup with backing from Finnish government, has officially launched. The company's apps, available for free on the App Store and Play Store, make it easier for us...

Hello possums! Just a quick note - the default topic that's shown to new users is now Wikipedia instead of the Grafetee Chat. We thought this change emphasizes that Grafetee is about local discovery/bookmarking and not yet another social chat mobile app thingy (there's enough of those already, right?) as having Wikipedia as the "initial view" brings you recognizable nearby items instead of some guy half a globe away telling you that he's eating chili peanuts :). This of course only affects brand new users, but ... any opinions, let us know!

HELSINKI, Oct 18 (Reuters) - Noisy neighbours and parkingviolators: beware. A new smartphone app being used in Finlandallows reporting of nuisance crimes with a few clicks, and itsdeveloper has started
Grafetee today announced that its app is coming out of beta after a three-month public testing period, and is expanding to cover a global footprint. The Finland and London-based startup provides map- and location-based exploration tools via mobile apps for iOS and Android, with information layers th...

Grafetee was on BBC…/programm…/click_online/9757350.stm. Our 7 seconds of fame!

The Webscape weekly review of apps and websites including how to find cheap holiday accommodation and make money from a spare room

Meet our CEO:

Juha Huttunen is the CEO of Grafetee, a mobile bulletin board and location bookmarking app.

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The startup world seems to be re-emerging as a vibrant part of web culture and perhaps an economic upturn too. Take a look at what innovators are...

The Next Web, now this is cool.

Grafetee, the Finnish startup with a focus on 'world marking' has launched new tools for businesses to reach consumers via their mobile devices. The Grafetee bookmarklet now works automatically ...

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Vacation time again, let us pin this on Grafetee!!!

Andermatt Swiss Alps, situated in a village so often associated with skiing and alpine Winter sports, will soon be a year round wonderland for all seasons.
Discover and interact with your neighborhood with Grafetee With just couple of clicks, move interestin...g places anywhere from the web to your phone so you always know when and where the action happens. No registration required! See more
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