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Donna Rose-Gray
· January 22, 2018
Overall we loved the complex, we stayed at the Palace, and our room was lovely although it did smell a little musty, and we had to wash all our clothes, even those we didn't wear on our return home.
T...he pools were lovely and the bar staff very friendly and attentive.
The biggest problem by far was the food! In the buffet it was the same food day to day without any variation. The biggest issue though was the temperature of the "hot" food, it was cold! Thus happened daily and not just in the buffet. Even in the a la carte restaurants, they served cold food. We had vegetable soup in the Italian as a starter and I had to send it back as it was barely luke warm.
As regards the a la carte restaurants, they are on a first come first served basis unless you upgrade to the hotels travel club where you get to reserve at these restaurants. Be prepared to wait though, up to 2 hours! We went to the Italian one night and up in leaving we counted 17 empty tables, some tables set for up to 8 people. When we left the restaurant there were people outside who had been waiting for an hour and longer even with all these tables empty! No excuse!
One night we went to the Argentinean restaurant and chose short rib on the menu. When it arrived and we cut into it, it was all fat, no meat on it at all! We spoke to the server and the chef, who apologised, and we explained it wasn't their fault but the managers who supply the product for them to cook!
I also had food poisoning from the Indian restaurant and had diarrhoea and vomiting from 4 hours after eating it!
One if the other negatives on the complex is the constant barage of salesman, whether it be for their exclusive travel club, the spa, or excursions, you really need to be firm with a firm NO !
We brought up our concerns with our tui rep on site, who mocked our concerns of cold food, saying it was how the American clientele liked it and thread who they primarily catered for! What a load of rubbish! We've been to the states and have never been served cold food! We have also stayed at another hotel on the island and the temperature of the food was not an issue.
We also spoke to the hotels public relations group who only apologised for our disappointment, and said they would tell their managers.
Although we could not fault the complexes amenities, the beach, etc, and the weather was beautiful, we would certainly NOT return to this hotel.
If you are a bit of a foodie, then this hotel is not for you! We were looking forward to the HOT meal on the plane Home, which did not disappoint!
Sort the food out, and the hotel would be great!
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Miky Alina
· January 8, 2018
The beaches are awesome but the service is the worst i have ever met so far! First they got the towels from my room and i had to chase them 2 days in a row to receive some back. I ve moved to royal su...ites paying extra, thinking is going to be better....toilet not working , called several times but nobody came to check it. Almost every single day i had to chase them to clean my room as nobody clean it. Today for example i had the green card almost all day and nobody touch anything! A part of this before to move in the royal suites , a lady from guest service offerred me the same room which i got it but with double price!!! This is just a joke to treat a customer like that! See More
Sammy Empringham-Hyson
· February 5, 2018
My husband and I just recently returned home after our 7 nights stay at the Bavaro Resort. We found the resort to be beautiful and for the most part the staff was very friendly and helpful. The beache...s were stunning and the pools were very nice.

What I didn’t enjoy what being tricked into going to what they call The Travel Club. My husband and I were told we were getting picked up for a complimentary 30min massage provided by air transit only to find out it was a completed scam! (I should of known better) I was truly up-set and we ended up missing half a day to listen to information we were not at all interested in. Disappointing.

Also the food was “okay” but you get sick of the buffets really quickly. It’s always the same food every day. The a la cartes were ok, we found the steak one to be the best although we didn’t try them all.

Like I said the staff for the most part were really friendly but the people on the beaches selling stuff AND the people they have placed around the resort were too much for me. I came there to enjoy myself not to be heckled everywhere I go to buy something. And you had to be very stern with the way you say No Thank You or else they would keep trying to give you a “deal”. To me this was not acceptable, especially the people on the resort. My husband and I had to plan our routes out just to make sure we wouldn’t run into them.

Our room was nice, we didn’t have any problems really but I will say it definitely didn’t look as nice in real life as it did in he pictures you see online. It was okay though.

All and all we did enjoy ourselves and we will definitely be back to Punta Cana but not sure if we will come back to this resort or not.
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Dale J Snow
· January 17, 2018
Don’t listen to all these reviews I believe some of these are coming from entitled people. This resort is a combination of like 4 resorts so it’s the biggest out here which is HUGE. People are very fr...iendly, food is great and biggest buffet of all resorts out here, Long golf carts take you anywhere at all times of the night, beach is wayyy prettier than Jamaica (but I still love grand palladium in Jamaica) and there is soooo Much to do on the resort you will NEVER get bored. We can’t wait to come back amigos! 😊👍 See More
Sierra Breeden
· January 18, 2018
The beach is beautiful. The pools are nice. After a few days the sales people know you will say no and left us alone.

However, my son was getting married here and a LOT of money was spent so as an A...merican, I expect a certain level of service but that was not to be had. People argue with you that all is YOUR fault. English is spoken by the porters but less by the front desk staff. We will not return and certainly will not recommend this place to anyone. The shower flooded, the toilet kept flushing. The room was the wrong one. One of our guest lost electricity three times and water during his shower. The air conditioning stops working and they argue that it’s your fault. If you like to argue with people, this is the place for you. Otherwise, I’d recommended you go somewhere else.

Also don’t have the feeling that women with a sense of self esteem are liked by the local men. But that is just my personal opinion.
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Jarinka Tumbas
· February 14, 2018
We are here now and we are very satisfiet. We are here with four children ( 13,11,9 and 10 month) and they are happy too. People are super, food ist really good and servis ist super.Beach is nice, the... hotel ist luxury and the garden surround is beautyfull like in paradise. The stuff is very friendly.������� See More
Steve Story
· February 25, 2018
Truly amazing resort! Staff was wonderful & very courteous. Food at all of the buffet's & restaurants was excellent & almost too many choices to choose from. The room, grounds & pools were impeccabl...e. Can not recommend this resort enough & we'll be back! See More
Niclas Bogge Bogdanov
· March 13, 2018
Very great team from entertiement team her in punta cana palladium in the Beach and the pool these people are the best freidi(piano),Daniela,Poco Pelo,Moises (Black Sugar),Margarita,Yahaira (la flaca ...),edileini and roberto (papa) thanks a lot. Me and my wife pasted great moments with them. See More
Esteban Ramirez
· February 26, 2018
I was not going to review this sorry excuse for a resort , but it keeps popping off my feed.
A 0 is a complement to this hell hole!! -100 is a true mark.
This was by far the worst vacation experience ...that we have ever had, from the mediocre rooms that do not have proper working bathrooms like clogged up showers and non-working shower head, to bug infested rooms, to faulty AC systems that do not work, add to this that there is a construction going on 24/7 that does not allow you to sleep with the banging And that is just for starters! It is untrue that they have 9 restaurants as three of them were under construction undergoing renovations and the only one that’s with while is the steak one, If you go to Las Torres restaurant go early or be prepared to have a 1 hour wait time and to be disrespected by Isabel the host or any others in the staff.You will see plenty of golf carts but do not think they Will stop for you (this place is yuuuge), there is a train that is supposed to be circling the property every 15 minutes, it does not , The food is mediocre at best and when you complain they will make sure not to come around to bring you beverages, this is not our first or will be our last trip to Punta Cana it will be our only trip to this joke of a hotel. The only saving grace for this hotel would be the beach and pool area it is the only place we Kinda were able to relax if not for all the vendors trying to sell you Trinkets. DO NOT FALL FOR THE COMPLEMENTARY MASSAGE! It’s a trap!!! And you will spend half your day being hard sold on time share.There are plenty of other hotels in Punta Cana with 100% better customer service, food and amenities for you to spend your hard earned cash on this joke but if you do make sure to ask for Francisco he will make sure that nothing is taken care of and that your experience is miserable. You have been warned! Do not stay at this hotel you will regret it! See More
Petul Vanitka
· February 4, 2018
We loved this resort - I have visited with my mom and originally we booked with travel agency for 4 weeks. We have already with my mom visited many DR hotels and I have to say Palladium is TOP. Thanks... to AirBerlin air company insolvence we had to stay almost 1 week longer = so in total we spent here more than 1 month. It was great even in time of our vacation there passed 2 hurricanes Irma and Maria. Thanks to all hotel staff who were working really hard to assure that the clients were safe and having great vacation we have spent absolutely amazing holiday. Since I am working already long time as manager in a hotel I am maybe proffesionally "deformed" sometimes as my mom says that I am working even I am on my holidays:) At the arrival we received really not nice rooms (smelled bad, insects, mold, dirty) anyway after speaking several times to front office staff (some of them were not helpful sorry to tell, but on the other hand some were excellent) next day we were moved to other two rooms that were really lovely. Here my deep thanks to Miss Ossenia - receptionis Bavaro - for her help, patience, kindness and proffesionalism and for beeing there. Thanks to Mr. Francisco - shift leader reception Bavaro - for beeing so helpful, kind and real professional. Also thanks to Mr. Franklyn manager Bavaro who showed his conceal regarding our problem. Since the time we were given other rooms everything was really perfect. So lovely, neat, clean rooms! My mom was so happy! So stunning lovely long beach with many palm trees and white sand. Lovely huge resort and so nice garden area with many palm trees, flowers etc. All the garden staff is working so had and always smiling. I loved the idea down on the ground next to tree / flower was small card with name of this plant so finally I know what is corallilo!!! After especiall Maria hurricane there were some damages even in the resort as fallen trees, broken items etc anyway noone was limited in spending lovely days since the staff worked so hard to put everything into the normal state again. The resort is so huge so there is a lot of walking but it is very nice and who is tired can simply catch one of the 2 small trains that are passing throughout the whole area as well as there are small golf "cars" and most of the drivers are very nice to stop the car and take you in. Food was excellent, so great variety! I cannot even name all of those delicious things that we liked. La Cathedral restaurant has little bit outdated tables and chairs but no problem since the food was excellent, from fresh smoothie, white cheese!!so great offer of steaks, pizzas, pasta, fruit, salads, etc etc..Even apples and grapes which are not seen in many DR hotels. The beach bar is great as well as both restaurants. The sport bar near the disco and Bavaro theatre was open 24hours and had the best fried chicken I have ever eaten and so delicious pizza. We were guests of Bavaro part but we could use all facilities of Punta Cana part as well as Palace. Great! There are several pools that are really great. Thanks to hurricanes and bad recommendations of travel agencies / governments of many countries warning tourists not to go to Dominican Republic there were not so many guests and we always had no problem to find free sunbed either on the beach or at the pools. I loved all the pools! The animation is one lower point but this is not the fault of animation staff - rather of their bosses since the organization was not so good, some things were very improvised and also there were missing information tables at pool with activities / location schedule. Yes - you can download some application to your mobile but sometimes it was not clear. Also we were missing some dance classes at the evening prior to show or better said if it was, was not great, not many animation staff dancing and when yes they mostly were dancing with the same guests but I am comparing to other hotels where animation was better and in other hotels they had in the evening more shows or competitions where more guests were interacted. Anyway not such big problem for us. We speak spanish so many animation staff came many times to sit and speak with which we appreciated. There were different shows during evening and we especially liked circus show that was really great. Staff - almost all workers are very nice, helpfull with smile. Especiall I have to mention: two employees from bavaro pool - Daudys and Cristobal who everytime brought my mom a chair since she is not able to use sunbeds because of her knees and those two lovely guys even prepared chair for her prior we came to the pool!!! Thank you! Many thanks to my animation friends Edilenny with so beautiful smile and to Odette (she is not working there anymore) who really tried hard to involve guests into activities, they always were smiling and kind, and yes - Nathalia the best dancer, she is so nice lady! also hi to Margarita! Our special thanks to Daniel - el maletero de Bavaro - the porter who not only is helping with luggage but also gave us always positive mood, smiling all the time and I must say - he is very enthusiastic and deserves much better job position. He also repaired my moms broken glasses which and I do not have words to thank him.. Thanks as already mentioned to reception Bavaro staff - Ossenia, Francisco etc. and yeees - Elvin the toallero, the towel staff Punta Cana who always likes to talk to people and he is really very nice guy. I regret I do not remember names of all other staff who were so nice..I have to say that all those I mentioned I would love to have them in my team. As I already pointed out our travel agency thanks to AirBerlin insolvency did not have any flight for us and first they told us we stay only one day more. After this they brought us to the airport but there was no place in the plane for us plus for some other tourist too. We were therefore tranfered to Hotel Melia Caribe - the Level adults only for 1day + night. Maybe the resort gardens are nice but what was bad was staff - in comparison to Palladium staff Melia was much worse, some of them even rude (reception). When the travel agency representative informed us that we will not fly back to Europe earlier than in 3-4 days i insisted on beeing transfered to our original resort Palladium because we did not want to spent more than was necessary in Melia. After some arguing the travel agency had transferred us back to Palladium where the reception (Mrs. Ossenia - we were lucky she was in charge) was already aware of our situation and we even received the same lovely rooms as we had previously! Thank you! So all in all - Palladium was the best out of all hotels we have visited in DR (yes, thank you for moving us to nice rooms and beeing so nice to us) and definitelly we would like to recommend it to anyone. I am even planning to go back this summer to spent another month there. See More
Teri Gay
· January 24, 2018
The beaches beautiful,very friendly staff but the room service was awful.Had to call at least 4 times to get the room cleaned an fresh towels and washcloths.Hemingway bar was fabulous,had lots of fun there.
Howard Aspinwall
· January 21, 2018
Too big of a resort. Just a number here. Food not that great overall very disappointed with my first all inclusive vacation. Want to try a smaller place next time.
Rita Cent
· February 24, 2018
Excellent hotel � :) beautifully beach I never forget this place. I will come back soon. Thank you very much for everything for me and my partner.
Adele Neale
· January 23, 2018
Beautiful Resort * Great Ambience * The Best Travel Club
Patricia Graells
· February 6, 2018
El lugar es muy lindo y gran parte del personal agradable. No es 5 estrellas ni las habitaciones donde mojas todo el baño cuando te duchas ni la comida .Un día no nos limpiaron la habitación.Lo que me... molesta es el continuo asedio de vendedores y el del Travel club llegó a despertarnos por teléfono para que fuéramos a una reunión Sres del hotel vengo de vacaciones no a perder mi tiempo en algo que no me interesa y menos a que me despierten a las 8 de la mañana para eso. Lo peor del hotel la persona de relaciones públicas que no nos autorizó el ingreso al hotel de un taxi contratado por nosotros . Luego por otra vía pudimos solucionarlo.
Nuestra estadía fue muy linda la playa es espectacular y la mayoría de las cosas están prolijas. Volvería pero no pensando en que es un hotel de 5 estrellas
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Silvina Almirón Bártoli
· January 21, 2018
Acabo de llegar de Punta Cana y realmente hemos disfrutado.Lo mejor que me traigo,el cariño y amabilidad de la gente.El hotel es muy bonito aunque la habitacion que me tocó no se asemeja a un cinco es...trellas. Realmente lo malo es el sistema de organizacion de los restaurantes,llegabas a uno y ya estaba saturado,llegabas a otro lo mismo y así todos las noches.En mi opinión están apuntando a una clientela norteamericana y no latina cómo españoles y el resto ya que no cenamos a las 6 de la tarde.En el bufete todo muy bueno pero no funciona de noche.En ese aspecto tendría q mejorar.Aunque me gustó no se si volvería. See More
Ximena Coseani
· March 4, 2018
Recién llegados!!! Unas vacaciones hermosas, muchísimo más de lo que pensábamos.
El Hotel espectacular, la gente que trabaja allí super amable están en todos los detalles y son claros en todo lo refer...ente a como funciona el hotel.
El grupo de personas que están en el Buffet "La Catedral" super amables y atentos.
Las habitaciones (fuimos 3 familias) cómodas y completas.
Los restaurantes divinos todos ("La Paisana" genial), gracias Raimundo por la atención.
Las piletas hermosas todas y lo más importante si van con chicos chiquitos es que están adaptadas para todas las edades.
Es inmenso el complejo pero está muy bien señalizado, podes moverte caminando sin problema y uno no quiere caminar hay 2 trenes y autos eléctricos que recorren continuamente todo el complejo y te llevan a las distintas áreas.
El club de niños excelente la atención, el cuidado y el compromiso que tienen.
Los chicos que están a cargo del entretenimiento son buenísimos y muy predispuesto para que lo pases genial.
Y para terminal la PLAYA nada más hermoso que ese lugar!!!
GRACIAS a todo el personal de Grand Palladium Bávaro y de todo el complejo en Punta Cana, por lograr que nuestras vacaciones hayan sido hermosas e inolvidables. Ojalá podemos volver pronto!
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Christina Sanftleben
· February 23, 2018
Hotel & Hotelanlage �
Die Hotelanlage ist super gepflegt & alles sehr sauber. Im Äußeren wird total auf die Sauberkeit geachtet. Alle Pools, Restaurante, Bars etc. sind sehr sauber! Top �
Die Zimmer k...önnten mal renoviert werden, vorallem das Badezimmer, da sehr viel Kalk vorhanden ist �
Die Duschhaube war undicht bzw. Die komplette Dusche war sehr undicht, dass nach dem Duschen das Badezimmer unter Wasser stand ��
Die Zimmerreinigung war immer sehr sauber.
Die eigene Minibar im Zimmer ist täglich aufgefüllt worden mit Bier, Cola, Sprite, Fanta & Wasser.

Essen & Trinken ���
Insgesamt gibt es 17 Restaurante wo für ein jeden was zu Essen gibt bzw. für sein eigenen Geschmack.
Essen hat fast immer gut geschmeckt und es gab eine sehr reichhaltige Auswahl �
Essen war meist lauwarm aber essbar �
Trinken gibt es wirklich alles egal ob nicht alkoholisch oder alkohlisch ��

Personal ��
Das Personal war fast immer freundlich, vorallem das Männliche Personal. Waren immer gut gelaunt und Tanzten oder Singten eigentlich immer � egal wo ob an Bar oder Restaurante �
Das Weibliche Personal schauten meist grimmig oder genervt und waren teils echt unfreundlich! � Natürlich gab es auch nette Damen.

Animation :
Es war täglich viel zu bieten sowohl am Tag als am Abend. Die Abendshows waren der Hammer.
Es gab Poolschaumpaftys, Beachsparty. Also gute Animation.

Ausflüge ���
Wenn man im Hotel einen Ausflug buchte zahlte man das Doppelte � Von daher buchten wir die Ausflüge nur am Strand bei den Leuten die rumlauften. Super zu Empfehlen ist der Ausflug zur Insel Saona und die Buggie Tour.

Im ganzen hatten Wir einen wunderschönen & unvergesslichen Traumurlaub der uns immer im Erinnerung bleiben wird �
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Alejandro Bergara
· March 5, 2018
Impresionante hotel, de los mejores que visite. La hospitalidad del personal es increíble, además de los servicios.
Las únicas cosas a mejorar serían, la disposición del personal en las barras que dan... hacia la piscina, hay momentos en los cuales había que estar bastante rato esperando; los tragos con frutas casi siempre eran artificiales salvo en algunos y por último, en algunos de los restaurantes a la carta era difícil conseguir lugar; igualmente son todos temas fácil de solucionar. Y quedamos encantados ya pensando en volver See More
Fio Araujo
· February 3, 2018
Sentados en la piscina el secreto (nuestra favorita), a pocas horas del check out, no queremos irnos, fue una experiencia inolvidable. Voy a ser detallada y a hablar de nuestra experiencia personal.

...Check in: Todo bárbaro, nos explicaron todo, nos recibieron con toallas húmedas para el calor y unos tragos. Enseguida nos llevaron a la habitación y nos mostraron todo.

Habitación: Divina! La cama súper cómoda, la decoración preciosa, la bañera súper amplia. Tuvimos inconvenientes con la temperatura de la ducha, muy pocas veces logramos regularla, o salía hirviendo o helada, y por diseño es muy difícil evitar que se moje todo el baño. Tuvimos un tema con la televisión también y no vinieron a solucionarlo, sin embargo cuando dejó de funcionar una luz avisamos y vinieron enseguida. La terraza divina, una vista preciosa del complejo, súper lindo para ponerse a tomar un café o almorzar algo.

Limpieza: Todo muy limpio, nos hicieron la habitación todos los días antes del medio día y quedaba todo impecable.

Comida y bebida: Los buffet súper variados y ricos, con opciones para todos los gustos. De los restaurantes a la carta probamos todos menos el japonés y el hindú (y los del royal) y nos encantaron todos. El único inconveniente que tuvimos fue en el restaurante Argentino, en el cual estuvimos hr y media esperando la comida, que después resultó ser un plato de sorrentinos bastante pequeño y a mi novio le trajeron mal la carne. Igualmente la comida estaba rica. A mi novio le encantó "la parrilla" ya que él es más de la carne, y a mi en lo personal me encantó "bamboo" ya que no soy de comer comida china y me sorprendió gratamente lo rico que estaba todo. Las bebidas riquisimas, amé el daikiri de limón con granadina (al que ellos le llaman de frutilla). Pedimos comida a la habitación una vez y también súper rica.

Personal: Todos súper amables, si bien en ocasiones sentimos que no supieron bien contestar algunas dudas y nos contestaban cualquier cosa por decirnos algo, pero siempre de forma amable y dispuestos a ayudar.

Entretenimiento: Vimos el show de Michael Jackson y el del circo y nos encantaron. El karaoke bastante muerto, se ve que mucha gente no se anima a ir, pero los animadores le metieron onda igual. La discoteca lo mismo, muy poca gente y casi nadie bailando, pero nuevamente los animadores intentando meter onda. La fiesta de espuma muy buena.

Piscinas: Amamos el secreto! Súper tranquila, las reposeras mucho más cómodas que en las otras piscinas. Aunque muchas veces uno la termina eligiendo porque es la única en la que no hay vendedores.

Playa: No hicimos mucha playa ya que no tuvimos mucha suerte con el clima, estaba bastante ventoso y el agua súper picada (mucha ola, arrastraba y estaba turbia). Muchas algas por momentos. Sin embargo el lugar es divino y el color del agua impresionante.

Vendedores: Son molestos e insistentes, sin embargo no nos pareció que fueran poco amables como vimos en muchos comentarios. Siempre nos trataron bien, incluso luego de rechazarlos varias veces, es cuestión de también ser amables con ellos y entender que están tratando de ganarse la vida. Si es verdad que son muy insistentes y resulta molesto, y muchas veces terminas evitando la playa y algunas piscinas por el simple hecho de que no tenés ganas de que te molesten.

Complejo: El lugar divino, todo impecable. Súper cuidado y cualquier cosa que se rompa o dañe es solucionada o arreglada enseguida.

Transporte: Si bien hay transporte en el complejo no es complicado moverse a pie, nosotros caminamos a todos lados y llegábamos enseguida. De paso uno aprovecha a disfrutar del hermoso lugar.

Deportes: Las canchas divinas, tal vez cuidar un poco más la limpieza de la zona de mini golf. Nos hubiera gustado recibir más información sobre las actividades acuáticas de la playa que estaban incluidas.

Horarios: Habría que re ver el tema de horarios, todo es muy temprano y muchas veces te limita u obliga a amoldarte a horarios que no estás acostumbrado. Sobre todo en cuánto a los restaurantes a la carta, teníamos que ir a comer a las 19 o 19:30 para no quedarnos sin comer en ellos, ya que la vez que fuimos 20:30 ya estaba llena la lista de espera. Esa hora para mucha gente de diversos países es súper temprano. Esto te obliga a irte de la piscina temprano para aprontarte para la cena, y estando de vacaciones no querés tener que andar saliendo corriendo de la piscina para poder cenar. Tal vez un sistema de reservas solucionaría esto. Lo mismo las toallas en la piscina que son hasta las 18 no más.

En conclusión, hay cosas por mejorar pero en general es un excelente hotel y amamos nuestra estadía. No queremos irnos!! Y definitivamente volveríamos acá o haríamos otro destino de la mano de Palladium. Gracias por tan hermosas vacaciones!
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