K-Days Parade Live from Granify

Ever wondered how Granify really works? Check out the all new Interactive Demo on our website:

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Granify added 15 new photos from December 8, 2017 to the album: Gift Exchange 2017 — with Heather Whyte and 4 others in Edmonton, Alberta.
December 8, 2017

Happy Holidays from our fam to yours!

Granify updated their cover photo.
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Inside Granify: Our developer James may not always have all the answers, but luckily he knows what questions to ask:

But that’s okay because I spend a lot of time overthinking how to figure it out with these simple questions and bothering others with them.

Fashion & Mash is talking about technology making a difference in Fashion CX. We're proud to be mentioned!

Topman’s Gareth Rees-John took to the stage at Shoptalk Europe this week with a welcome reminder of the things it’s possible to do without huge budgets.

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Flattered to be featured by Topman during a talk at this year's Shoptalk Europe.

"Topman’s global digital director, Gareth Rees-John, highlighted his work with a Canadian company called Granify to help optimize the menswear store’s e-commerce conversion rates by serving different messages to shoppers when they are at flight risk. The notifications use machine learning to address issues that will help retain the individual in question, such as letting them know an item is low in stock, as one example. It’s seeing an uplift of 3-5% in doing so."

If there was one overarching term at Shoptalk Europe this week, it was artificial intelligence. From machine learning to visual search, natural language processing and more, the role of systems that facilitate smarter and more personalized customer experiences was key.

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