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Glenwood Egyptian Graffiti Art
Ancient paintings on the walls of the Anzota Caves in Chile have reportedly been “irreparably damaged” by vandals. The Cuevas de Anzota, south of the city of Arica, is a cave system that was used by the indigenous Tiwanaku people in pre-Columbian times. Images of animals and boats lining the cav...
A painting of a dog was able to fetch a fortune at auction. Buzz60's Sean Dowling has more.
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New York Magazine

These artistic renderings of animals are secretly humans in incredible body paint.

Smithsonian magazine just announced the group of 60 finalists in its 15th annual photo contest.
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February 13
A judge awarded $6.7 million Monday to graffiti artists who sued after dozens of spray paintings were destroyed on the walls of dilapidated warehouse buildings torn down to make room for high-rise luxury residences.
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February 10
Dynamichrome digitally reconstructs historical photos in color, and the results are beautiful.
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January 27
One person's trash is another's treasure. This piece of art is worth an estimated $10 to $15,000, as Cheryl Conroy Warren from Connecticut found out while appearing on an episode of 'Antiques Roadshow.' The artwork was plucked from a dumpster at Yale University by her dad around 1999. InsideEdition....
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January 15
Three brothers in Teaneck, New Jersey managed to earn over a million dollars after discovering a lost Rembrandt in their basement! Nathan Rousseau Smith (@FantasticMrNate) has the story.
Love Christmas? Well, just outside Vancouver, Canada lies Instagram heaven.
Artists and inventors are driven by all sorts of motivating factors, and in the case of Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, the man who took the "first photograph," they included poor drawing skills and Napoleon’s army.
The $450 million sale of Leonardo da Vinci's "Salvatore Mundi" has touched off an epic guessing game in the art world: Who paid so much for a painting?
One of China's most prominent contemporary artists, Zeng Fanzhi, has recreated Van Gogh's self-portraits in a series of striking new paintings.
People all over the Internet are baffled by this challenging puzzle.
We’ve swapped colours, altered details, moved objects around, or simply made them vanish. Now’s your chance to prove that nothing escapes your eagle eye. Good luck!
The last Leonardo da Vinci painting in private hands is going to auction in New York next month — with a pre-sale estimate of around $100 million.
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Pause any part of the video, and you'll see the shapes disappear before your very eyes.