Household chores don’t have to be a bore - here are some fun tips to encourage kids to help out around the house. #LiveGreat

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Great Eastern Malaysia updated their cover photo.
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CHAPTER 1 - Will you always be by my side?
Happy Chinese New Year from GELM
Honey Boosts Your Energy Levels

Great is Celebrating The People Who Make Life Great.
#CelebrateGreat #LiveGreat

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Our 110th anniversary is a celebration of life and the people who inspire us to be who and what we are today – your insurer of choice since 1908. Together, we put the ‘Great’ in Great Eastern. Together, let’s Celebrate Great.
#CelebrateGreat #LiveGreat

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While you are busy keeping your long-term goals in sight, do not lose sight of living for today. If you think only of the future and your goals, it can overwhelm you.

Live in the moment and find reasons to feel good about yourself and your wellness decisions every day. Make positive notes on your nutrition, mental health, happiness and workouts to help you keep going.

Most importantly, while pursuing your health and wellness goals, don't forget to celebrate each day’s journey with your loved ones. #LiveGreat

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Your skin is the biggest organ in the body - it protects, breathes, regulates your temperature and is responsible for helping you feel.

Certain vitamins, foods and nutrients play a big part in helping the body to produce collagen and maintain it.

Learn more here. #LiveGreat

Love your skin? Feed it! Fish, garlic and soy can help boost skin health by driving collagen production.

Raising your family healthily is challenging. No matter how busy you may be in your daily life, you shouldn't sacrifice your children’s health. Many children today are overweight or obese, healthy eating habits and active lifestyles can help kids grow in the right way.

- START the day with a healthy and balanced breakfast. It refuels the body and provides energy for the day and promotes brain development.

- AVOID consuming processed food and snacks. They can debilitate your i...mmune system, adversely affecting health over time.

- INVOLVE kids in the kitchen or food shopping on a weekly basis. Take the opportunity to educate them on the importance of nutrition, and let them plan and prepare a simple yet healthy meal.

- LIMIT TV, computer and videogame time to less than two hours per day. Encourage physical activity instead. #LiveGreat

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This April, in support of World Health Day, let us support each other to bring some cheer into our lives! Sharing positive energy with your loved ones can provide many health benefits.

It does not matter where the support comes from – family, friends, colleagues or Facebook buddies. Create or join a support group to invite positive energy into your life today.

- Form a BFF running or fitness group. It helps motivate you to reach your health goals and elevate your moods.


- Go for a relaxing vacation with your family and friends to restore your mind and body with positive energy.

Share with us how you plan to cheer up your life together with your loved ones. #LiveGreat

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Live healthy this World Health Day and LIVE GREAT!

Healthy living is about making healthy choices every day that keep us physically fit, mentally strong and spiritually happy. When you realise life should be about more than just being alive, you can start living great. #LiveGreat

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As a LIFE company with a 110-year legacy of excellence, we set the standard in helping young talents achieve their potential and empower them to fulfil their ambitions.

Application are now open until 30 April 2018 at

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Great Eastern Malaysia updated their cover photo.
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As a LIFE company, we know how important it is to be there for your loved ones, even if you can’t always be by their side.

That is why we developed Smart Legacy – a plan that gives you the security of life insurance to help you safeguard your family's future and inspire their tomorrows to LIVE GREAT. Learn more here >

- Extra safety net of 1% additional sum assured each year...
- Booster reward of 12% of basic sum assured for your loved ones
- High coverage for death or total and permanent disability
*Terms and conditions apply

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Join us for our first LIVE GREAT Space Activity of the year on 21-22 March 2018, 11am–2pm at the LIVE GREAT Space, Ground Level, Menara Great Eastern.

Enjoy a complimentary health check and exclusive discounts from our LIVE GREAT Partners:
- Blood pressure, blood glucose level and BMI test.
- Eye screening – cataract and glaucoma test....
- Rehab consultation and step test to detect and diagnose cardiovascular disease.
- Special discounts from Brand’s and Vitacare.

You may also have 1-to-1 health consultation with paediatrician and dietitian from Pantai Hospital Ampang. #LiveGreat

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If you think your job is tough, think about your eyes. They work just as hard as you do when you're in the office and continue to do so when you take a break to play games on your phone, the tablet computer or watch television.

Eye strain can cause more than just tired and dry eyes. Excessive eye strain can lead to headaches, blurred vision and double vision. With so much of our time spent looking at monitors and screens, we should take some time out to care for our eyes.

Combat eyestrain by adjusting your work environment and taking frequent breaks to give your tired eyes the rest they deserve.

Healthy eyes and clear vision are vital to our everyday lives — we use our eyes to communicate, experience and to tell our stories. But not many of us take the time to care for them.

Here’s some advice on how to maintain healthy eyes well. #LiveGreat

You may think that you have 20/20 vision and, by association, healthy eyes. But that could not be further from the truth. Here are five simple steps to ensure that your eyes are in the clear.

At Great Eastern Life, we are passionate about our life planners and their achievements which have helped us build an outstanding legacy of success as the oldest and most established life insurer in the country.

As we celebrate our 110th anniversary this year, one commitment has underpinned our legacy of success over the years - giving our best in everything that we do. We will continue to pursue the highest levels of excellence and set new standards as we achieve greater suc...cess.

Moving ahead and moving together as one we will continue to harness our strengths to deliver long term value for our stakeholders.
#Great110 #LiveGreat

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