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Kate Susak
· December 30, 2017
The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable about the products available. My husband and I spent almost an hour picking out over 500g of different teas just on our first trip! Many thanks to the s...taff for making it such an enjoyable experience.

PS: I cannot get over how incredible the Hazelnut Vanilla is.
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Pat Gannon
· February 12, 2018
Great place! Staff are knowledgeable and very friendly and always have time to chat a little. I like sitting at the bar and chatting with the staff while they work. A very welcoming place!
Colleen Winton
· December 1, 2016
A great place to stop to grab a tea before you walk by the river. The best is Lauren's Favourite - Organic Cream of Earl Grey with a touch of lavender added. Yummy and smooth, a real treat.
And the de...sign of the place is simply stunning. See More
Rebecca Shoichet
· May 20, 2017
This is a perfect place to sip tea and wag chins rain or shine, with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. I love the Great Wall Tea Co!
Krista Gibbard
· December 1, 2016
Love this place like a second home. The staff are friendly and the tea is unparalleled in quality. It's so nice to have Great Wall nearby!
Josh Epstein
· June 12, 2017
Just had the best tea I've ever had in my life...It's a ginger something. Wow.
Bria Dean-Homel
· June 4, 2015
I've been coming to this tea shop since they first opened. I almost always have to drop by whenever I am passing through town. The staff are very friendly and are well informed about their teas (perfe...ct for a tea lover, like myself). Best of all, they have so many options and the quality is magnificent. Sometimes I think I could just live there. ♥ See More
Nicol Spinola
· December 1, 2016
Best tea, creative set up and fantastic staff! Great for just one cup or grab a bunch of tea - perfect for Christmas gifts!
Megan te Boekhorst
· April 16, 2015
Had an event and decided to go with tea instead of coffee. Best decision I could have made! Their recommendation was perfect, their set up and supplies were awesome and it was so affordable. Love Grea...t Wall Tea!! See More
Greg Waldock
· January 21, 2016
Awesome people behind the counter, great teas, wide selection. Cream Earl Grey is outstanding.
Angelika Peinhopf
· June 15, 2014
Got to check this place out on Saturday - Delicious tea and excellent service! Can't wait to come back!
Megan Hastie
· January 7, 2016
Great customer service! My most recent purchase was the orchard peach green tea and I absolutely love it! See you guys soon :)
Victoria Presti
· July 26, 2015
I really enjoyed visiting this tea shop on my holiday. Would definitely be a frequent shopper if I lived near by.
Cathy Jamison
· August 29, 2015
Best tea around and great prices. I won't buy tea anywhere else.
Barnacle Albatross
· November 3, 2013
I recommend this place
Nicole L. Vaughan
· March 8, 2014
excellent tea shop!
Watch how our steepstress Patrice Bowler preps a Nobi Matcha green tea

Organic gingerburst is just the thing to help you through a cold. Ginger, lemongrass, orange peel and licorice root together make a soothing tea with spicy kick! #sundaysteeps

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It’s back! Our pals @steelandoak have released another DELICIOUS batch of Earl Grey IPA using our very own Organic Earl Grey. Proof that tea makes everything better. Or that beer makes everything better? Stop by Steel & Oak to decide for yourself! #friends

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Looking for the perfect gift?our glass teapot is the perfect option! Pair it with our gingerbread warmer (to keep their tea warm as they drink), a mini of your favourite tea and a beautiful card inspired by our wall for the perfect gift set! #teagifts

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Our Great Wall! Swing by today and treat yourself to a cozy cuppa and tell us which teacup on our wall is your favourite! #greatwall

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Fluffy matcha latte swirls 🍵☁️ the perfect afternoon drink to recharge you for the rest of your day! #matchalatte

Image may contain: drink

Our lovely Patrice sipping on a delicious cup of matcha! What’s your go-to afternoon cup of tea? 🍵#matcha

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Today's snowy weather simply screams for a Cochin Masala chai latte! Spicy, warm and comforting! (Don't forget to ask for cinnamon on top ☺️) #chailatte

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For a limited time we have the beautiful and decadent Organic Caramel Hei Cha! Black tea with organic caramel flavouring, toasted rice, peppercorns and popped corn! It is a rich and velvety cup of black tea that you won't want to miss out on. #carameltea

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Staff pick: Cream Irish Breakfast: A delicious blend of black teas with a touch of vanilla! Ranae drinks this every morning, and loves making it into a creamy latte! Comfort in a cup! #staffpicksunday

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Introducing our NEW Organic Cream Earl Grey! After much deliberation, we have finally found a replacement for our organic Cream Earl Grey that we love. Oh, and it’s a bit more affordable too! Give it a try, you will be happy you did! #finally

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In honour of Valentine’s Day, if you buy two cups of tea today, you’ll get them both for 10% off! Stop by and spread the tea love!

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Staff pick: @rwallis22’s favourite tea is... lavender! While it is not technically a tea, our french lavender can be blended into many different teas and is used to make our lavender lemonade. Robyn also loves to use our lavender in baking and tea cocktails!🍹 🍸 #staffpicksunday

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Staff pick: Patrice’s favourite tea is the Gingia Assam. A deliciously rich and complex black tea with a nice maltiness. It’s great with or without milk. It’s also our beloved regular Lorraine’s favourite tea! #staffpicksunday

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Introducing our ♥️ Valentine’s ❤️ teas: Organic Caramel Hei Cha, Purple tea and Belgian Chocolate Truffle Rooibos. Supplies are limited so come on down for a pre-Valentine’s Day treat or surprise someone special with the gift of tea! 😍#spreadthetealove

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Have you ever tried adding lavender to your earl grey? It’s one of our most popular blends! Our favourite earl grey to mix it with is cream earl grey. It’s even better as a latté! #matchingcup

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