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Alabama Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
Alabama Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
12 hrs

Join us on the steps of the state Capitol Monday at 2 pm!

Our own Coordinating Committee member Callie Greer wails as she shares her story about losing her daughter, Venus, because she was poor and lacked health care. This is immoral!

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Christine Jeanette Ryan
· November 17, 2017
I was told to come at 6:30am today.. I showed up before and there was a line .. A long line.. I stood in the freezing cold for over an hour to find out they only serve 50 people.. Ummm... What!!! The...n I spoke with Miguel .. No help and resisted to give me the director's name.. Said no need to call him.. What??? I talked with Cora.. Was I informed only 50.. No!!! You've not served anyone for 2 weeks and you're not serving next week.. I'm going to the news with this.. Where are you using the donations?? Cause you are about to get audited.. You turned away over 100 people... See More
Dave Newton
· November 26, 2017
GBM is a phenomenal organization with a well-deserved national reputation for helping people meet immediate needs and and working on critically important issues to fix long-term structural problems. ...I especially love their work to build democracy. See More
Mary Morgan
· October 5, 2017
A tried, true part of the Bham area for many years- Bham certainly would be a different place w/o GBM. I heard Dr. Barber speak when he came here for GBM anniversary dinner, my first time to hear dire...ctly of the Moral Monday program I had read about. Powerful speaker, welcome back. See More
Jackie Hardy
· May 31, 2016
My name is Jacquelyn Hardy and i am proud to be apart of GBM. In 2012. I was denied. Foodstamps banned for. Life. I went to this ministry. And shared my struggle. Only to find out that thousands carri...ed. This same burden. I founded. A group through. Our struggle. Called A.C.T Action changes things.G .B.M. And Alabama Arise joined us in making this a state wide. Issue no it wasn't. easy we even got knocked. Down but. Because we didn't. Give up today 10s of thousands. Receive these benefits today all ex drug felons eligible are excepted in the
snap and tanif program we as a whole need to stand up and join. These fights. That are un just in Alabama GBM is one of these places. You. Can come to to share your issues also A.CT action changes things. Is also opened. to the public. Please. Join us. On our next. Issue Ban the Box we need your support my contact number is 205-920-3992 we meet every 1st sat and 3rd sat to brain storm and share good info with the public next meeting is at east lake park 12pm to 2pm and remember there. Is. No. I in We. Together. We can make a difference.
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Carole Bilotta Clark
· September 12, 2016
I am so thankful you all came to Montgomery today. Everyone please share pictures!!!!!!live videos!!!!
Dale Short
January 13, 2012
Wonderful folks, wonderful work for "the least of these." More power to them.
Joel Hoffman
January 19, 2012
Seeing Scott Douglas on The Colbert Report was very inspirational.
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