Below is the link to the new paperback edition:

Meow! Meow! Kittens in a drawer. Woof! Woof! Dog stories, too. People in trees, snakes, and more! Bat Attacks! Cows do, too! Grandma's magical and heartwarming memories come to life in this book of true animal stories for children that will both entertain and help them understand Grandma's memory pr...

On this the longest day of the year, many people focus on dementia and Alzheimer's illnesses. My book, Green Kitty-Stories Grandma Still Remembers, is now in a black and white format for the low price of $6.99. It helps both adults and 8-12 year old understand the disease process in a funny and entertaining form.

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Meow! Meow! Kittens in a drawer. Woof! Woof! Dog stories, too. People in trees, snakes, and more! Bat Attacks! Cows do, too! Grandma's magical and heartwarming memories come to life in this book of true animal stories for children that will both entertain and help them understand Grandma's memory pr...

"Green Kitty- Stories Grandma Still Remembers" will soon be available as a 6 X 9 black and white paperback from CreateSpace on Amazon at the affordable price of $6.99.

Green Kitty- Stories My Grandma Still Remembers- has won a GOLD medal from Mom's Choice Awards! So happy about this!

Excited and pleased with the new illustrations from Katrina Judd and will be getting the new ones from Megan Pitts next week. The updated version will be in iTunes by mid October. This will really complete the book. The biggest critique of the book has been not enough art work. Now there will be at least two per chapter.

Good news! My two illustrators are about finished with their work adding to "Green Kitty- Stories Grandma Still Remembers." The goal was to have at least two illustrations for each chapter and the work by Megan Pitts is in the mail. I have seen the sketches of ideas that Katrina Judd has come up with and they are great. New edition should be out by October. I'll keep you posted!

My new ad! Please tell me what you think!

Stories My Grandma Still Remembers


Meow! Meow! Kitten in a drawer.
Woof! Woof! Dogs, and people in trees.
Bat Attack! Cows do, too!
Grandma's magical and heartwarming memories come to life in this book of true animal stories for children that will both entertain and help them understand Grandma's memory problems.

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It has been brought to my attention that my ads and write ups about Green Kitty do not appeal to the intended audience- kids! Please send me some ideas for ways to appeal to children. The Nook Book is going to run an ad for the book next month and I want to be aiming at the right target!

THANKS for any help and input!


My Christmas gift to all the fans of Green Kitty.

Christmas Twice A Year
By Alexandra Faer Bryan


Christmas isn't bells, or hanging mistletoe.
Christmas isn't songs, or saying "Ho-ho-ho!"
Christmas isn't gifts, or making cookie dough.
It isn't colored lights, or other things we know.
It isn't stockings hung, or toys under a tree.
It isn't "Black Friday" or a crazy shopping spree.
These things are not what Christmas was meant to be.
This is my wish for Christmas:
That everyone could share, the knowledge that all of us
Were truly meant to care,
For each other everyday, no matter what comes our way.
How I wish we could have Christmas each and everyday.
And kindness in our hearts
And in our lives in all the things we do and say.
How I wish we could have it In June and in July,
In the spring and in the fall. And anytime at all.
Someday we'll all see, we are all one family.
Someday we'll share, compassion everywhere.
And then we will know,
True Christmas in our souls.
And the children will make
The Earth a happy place, free of misery and hate,
Cruelty and despair, anywhere!
Just love and laughter- Enough to spare!

That is what Christmas is . . .

Every year at Christmas people love and share.
Every year by New Year that vanishes into thin air.

Let's start a new tradition and have Christmas twice a year.
Maybe we could heal the world with Christmas twice a year!

Copyright J.E. Hanson/A.F. Bryan July 2012
All rights reserved.

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Press Release about Advocacy packet was picked up by Google News!…/contribute-to-the-campaign-designed…

Press Release issued Nov 18, 2013: Thousands of people from all over the country face the challenges of Alzheimer disease. Apart from the patient, family members have to walk through thorns as they might not be aware of and prepared for the dreadful mental trauma that arises with this condition. Hel...

Please consider making a donation to this cause! I am proud that "Green Kitty" is a part of this packet!…/paladin-family-advocac…/x/4601507

This is the obituary of Judith Sly who wrote such a sweet review of "Green Kitty" and was an online friend. She will be missed.

Her final days were spent surrounded by loved ones that Kathy had touched in some small way throughout her short, yet memorable life.

Another review:

Green Kitty by Alexandra Bryan follows a child as she repeatedly visits and spends time with her grandmother who is experiencing dementia. From the beginning the child is hesitant about visiting her grandmother, but her father suggests that she ask about the green kitty. The request is made for grandma to spill the beans about this strange cat, which results in all sorts of tales from her life.

Not only does the main character learn a lot about her grandmother..., but she also comes to learn about how loved ones sometimes don't remember everything when they age. I was not particularly drawn into the story, but in the story and author's defense, this book is aimed for a much younger audience, around 8-12 years old. Throughout the book, grandma tells all sorts of stories, and I did find them entertaining. As I read I tried to imagine how my younger self would react, and I believe that children will enjoy it. The stories are funny and sometimes surprising, and some of them thrilling.

Overall I'd give this book 4 stars, for being good, unique, and entertaining.

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Just learned the sad news that one of the first persons to give "Green Kitty" a great review has died today. She was an Alzheimer's caregiver and advocate and I didn't even know that she was sick. She was the one who said that "Green Kitty" was her "go to" book that she recommended to anyone of any age. She was a kind and caring person and my heart goes out to her family. May she be lifted up and find peace.

A new review of "Green Kitty"- this one by someone with Alzheimer's disease. I love that he says "gently written" and "speaks to a greater audience!"

By: Alexandra Faer Bryan


I was asked to read and write a review of this book. This is not easy for me, but here it is.

Green Kitty is a story of a grandchild (female) visiting a grandmother who has been placed in assisted living in the early stages of her illness. The grandmother is suffering the onset or one could say already in the beginning grips of Alzheimer’s. The girl goes weekly to visit her grandmother with her aunt and sometimes with her father. They seem to make a point of going the same day each week. While it is not directly stated, in doing this they are giving grandma something to look forward to on a certain day each week. This gives the elderly lady a sense of normalcy, whether the family really realizes it or not. See, we with Alzheimer’s, or any form of dementia, exist in a realm of non changing things around us. Change can bring great confusion, anxiety and sometime rage.

On her visits the grandmother tells the young girl stories from her past as she remembers them. Stories about the dogs they had, and her father has promised that the grandmother will tell her about the Green Kitty. But the elderly woman tells the girl she can not remember the story but as soon as she does she will tell her. You will have to read the book to get the story; I do not kiss and tell as they once said.

This is a very gently written story filled with fun and laughter. However the young girl has been told of grandmother’s condition and is very respectful of it. When grandma repeats herself the girl in gentle and listens to her stories over again.

Although the book is written to help those from ages 8 to 12 to understand about a love one living with dementia, I feel it speaks to a greater audience. It shows that we living in that world remember the past sometimes with great accuracy. The grandmother does not speak of things in the present.

This is from a blog called "Living with Alzheimer's"

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Another great review:
By Brooke Bumgardner
In Green Kitty, the story is told by the author as a young girl. We get to hear about the special relationship she has with her grandmother, who is in an assisted living home, suffering from Alzheimer's. This felt like much more than just a 'story' to me. It contains important life lessons about helping others, keeping family close, and spending time with loved ones. This is a book that I would consider an essential read when someone you know is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. It isn't a 'scary' story. It simply shows how love is more important than anything. This is a book that I will be reading to my children, as we have had family members with Alzheimer's.

Five star review posted today:

Not just for kids, July 31, 2013
By Colleen Lanier - See all my reviews


Dementia affects the whole family, but it seems that many times people choose to "shield" children from the truth about what is happening. While the intentions may be good, it leaves the kids without answers or understanding of why their loved ones have changed. In Green Kitty, Alexandra tackles the task of explaining dementia in a way children can easily understand. The illustrations are beautiful, and by weaving the stories about animals into gentle hints about dementia she has created a book that can start conversations in a casual and positive way. It is so very important to help children understand this unfair and often scary disease, and I would recommend using this book as a platform for doing just that. Adults will enjoy it as well. Who doesn't like stories about cows, pigs, and green kitties?

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Lynda Converse, Alzheimer's advocate and author of "His Name Was Merle- Our Journey Through Alzheimer's Disease" has developed an advocacy packet that will be offered to families receiving a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer's for a loved one. Called, "What I Can't Do - We Can Do - Memory Advocacy for Families", it will include the following items:
* list of blogs about Alzheimer's
* list of available books about this illness for both children and adults
* list of medical sources online
* sources for journals for families to keep track of medications, visits by family, friends,doctor visits, etc.
* websites related to dementia
* the 24/7 helpline for the Alzheimer's Association
* a sample of a POA
* sample of living wills/advance directive including the veteran's one which is valid for all states
* information about the new wrist band program for hospital visits
* links for GPS systems for wanderers and medical ID bracelets
* links for food thickeners for those that develop swallowing problems
* four books

The books chosen to be included are: "His Name Was Merle - Out Journey Through Alzheimer's Disease", - "Green Kitty", which can be read to children under the age of 8 and is aimed at 9-12 year olds, "Staying Afloat In A Sea of Forgetfulness", by Gary Joseph LeBlanc which is 300+ pages of excellent advice to help manage behavioral problems, and "Color Me Your Way", an activity book for the patient.

Lynda sees this as a much needed resource for anyone facing this crisis. It will help to alleviate the initial feeling of being overwhelmed by the necessity of confronting this major life change.

The cost of this packet has yet to be determined.

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