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"The ecosystem services provided by nature to the Americas, for example, was valued at $24 trillion annually — equal to the entire region’s gross domestic product (GDP). Yet the scientists found that nearly two-thirds of these services were in decline."

E360 Digest March 23, 2018 Dangerous Decline in Biodiversity Threatens Livelihoods, Food and Water Security An Amazon tree frog in Brazil. Benedict Adam/Flickr Human activities are causing an “alarming” decline in biodiversity that is endangering food security, clean water, energy supplies, econ...

Raptors help control agricultural pests

Luring falcons to farms can keep pesky insects, rodents and other critters in check—putting a dent in poison and pesticide use

As planting season approaches, consider which plants offer the most benefits to pollinators and other wildlife.

When searching specifically for native plants to add to your gardens, it is helpful to be aware of the growing use of nativars, or cultivars derived from native plants. What are they? Why do we use them? What is their ecological impact? And, what should consumers take into consideration before choos...

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CONFERENCE TOPICS Introduction, It Takes a Community - Dawn Slack, Land Manager, The Nature Conservancy Establishing Nectar Sources in Woodland Habitats- Kevin Tungesvick, Senior Ecologist at Eco Logic Identifying Common Indiana Butterflies - Jeff Belth, Author of Butterflies of Indiana Restoring Wo...

Urban trees are valuable

The president of the Arbor Day Foundation explains all the functional benefits and savings trees provide in an urban environment such as stormwater management, windbreaks, noise control, and privacy.

Native plants are vital

If Sen. Stephanie Hansen and members of the Ecological Extinction Task Force have it their way, Delawareans will be offered incentives to buy and plant native species and businesses will face a phased-in ban on the sale of invasive plants. GREAT VIDEO! SHORT, BUT WORTH WATCHING.

The state's newly-formed Ecological Extinction Task Force unveils recommendations to reverse loss of native plants and animal species.
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Winter gardens have value for wildlife

Gardens are alive. No matter what time of year, if you quietly listen and watch, you will notice the plethora of activity. From budding flowers in the spring to the rustle of withered seedheads in the fall, our gardens are supporting animals of all shapes and sizes. Here’s a secret not all gardeners...

The value of trees in cities

Source: Jack Payne, “Some cities have started tracking how much money their trees are earning them each year,” Business Insider Tampa, FL (August 12, 2017) – Cities routinely rake up tens of millions of dollars from their urban forests annually in ways that are not always obvious. Across the nation,...

The Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society (INPAWS) will have its annual conference in Bloomington this fall. on Saturday October 28. See the INPAWS website for more details.

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Ellen Jacquart to MC-IRIS

Join us this Saturday to pull a little Japanese stiltgrass! In case of rain, I'll post to reschedule Saturday morning by 10 am.

Always informative!

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Registration is open for the INPAWS conference here in Bloomington October 28! We'll be putting out a call for local volunteers to help with set up, registration, etc. - watch for details here!

I just registered for this years INPAWS conference, to be held in Bloomington on October 28. Great speakers this year! Register now - space is limited, and we often have to cut off registration before the event.

Aldo & Friends: Phenology, Biology, and Saving the World  With keynote speakers Dr. Stanley Temple and Douglas Ladd.     Dr. Temple is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin and a Senior Fellow of the Aldo Leopo

Trees make people healthier!

In urban parks and forests, scientists dig to unearth answers to an age-old question—why are people healthier (and happier) when surrounded by nature?

Find out more about invasive plants and natural areas.

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A great event on June 10 at Bloomington City Hall!

Ellen Jacquart shared a link to the group: MC-IRIS.

Plans are coming together for Sustaining Nature And Your Land Day, on June 10! All the details are at Great speakers, the fabulous Weed Lab (just try and stump us with a weed problem from your lab), and a $5 voucher towards a native plant just for visiting the MC-IRIS exhibit! Hope you can join us.

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