My student practicing part of "Master of Puppets" with me. Isn't he doing great?

I enjoyed recording an old friend this afternoon. 😀

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Here's my student, Nick, doing an excellent rendition of this classic Christmas song with me!

Here's my guitar student, Nick, performing this classic that was written by Hugh Martin in 1944.

My student, Buddy, was kind enough to play this with me. I hope you like it!

Here's my guitar student, Buddy, doing a fine performance.

Here's my student, Drew, doing an excellent job... with an impromptu visit from the Foxy dog!

Here's my guitar student, Drew, playing this song written by Johnny Marks and made popular by Gene Autry in 1949.

Here's my student Greg playing "What Child Is This" as my dogs randomly circle him like sharks.

Here's my guitar student, Greg, performing while my dogs circle him like sharks. :)

I've been recording Daniel Milam for quite a while. Here's a sweet R&B cut we finished recently.…/her-prod-by-jupe-the-hero

New project name "The Heartbreak Tape" in the making!

Kenzie joined us in the studio today for a children's CD that Allyson Gillispie is recording here. Isn't she adorable?

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Allyson Gillispie is with Mike Powell.

One more of Kenz singing!!!🎤

Two of my students performed this to help ring in the New Year, check it out! I included a very funny outtake at the end where my dog decided that getting pet was obviously more important.

Here are my guitar students Brett & Kris performing this New Year's standard. The music is based on a traditional Scottish round.

Four of my students learned this over the last few weeks. I think they did a very good job. I hope you enjoy it and have a very merry Christmas!

Here are my students, Nick, Rosalie, Jon, and Kris, playing my arrangement of this Ukrainian Christmas carol. Written by M. Leontovych http://greenroomrecord...

My student, Noelle, was kind enough to serenade us on this Christmas Eve. Enjoy!

Here's my guitar student, Noelle, performing with me. We hope you enjoy it!

I appreciate how brave Peyton was to sing and play this tricky tune. She began taking lessons with me in March and turned 11 just recently.

Here's my guitar student, Peyton, performing this classic that was popularized by Chuck Berry in 1958. Written by J. Marks and M. Brodie http://greenroomreco...

My student, Daniel, did an awesome on this jazzy classic!

My guitar student, Daniel Weaver, did an excellent job! Written by Irving Berlin

Watch young Ethan playing with me. Special thanks to Foxy for being our muse.

Here's my guitar student, Ethan, and I playing this Austrian Christmas carol from 1818. Written by F. X. Gruber

Here's my student, Jon Long-Leary, doing a solo arrangement. Check out the fantastic funky/bluesy improvisational ending he came up with!

My guitar student, Jon Long-Leary, does his own twist at the end that's very cool! Written by J. R. Murray

Here's a Christmas song played by my students Greg and Jon. Enjoy!

This is my guitar student, Greg, accompanied by Jon Long-Leary and myself. Great job! Written by H. J. Gauntlett

This is John and his daughter Ava playing a duet. John started about two years ago but Ava has only been playing for about 6 months.

Here are my guitar students John and his daughter Ava. They make a good duo! Written by W. Rollins and S. Nelson