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All of you, pro, con, otherwise, have been incredible. This is what the American democratic process is all about. Attached is my statement on today's announcement by the Attorney General @AGIowa that I will not be on the primary ballot. All the thank you's I owe all of you aren't enough!

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Good morning Iowa Democrats! We’re convention tripping today all across the 3rd District. #teamdemocracy

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Thank you, Senator Janet Petersen. I appreciate your kind words. We can do this!

Janet Petersen

Last week, we saw a story unfold for a Democratic Congressional Candidate that doesn’t seem fair.

Theresa Greenfield, who is running for the 3rd Congressional, turned in her nomination papers on time with plenty of signatures. The next day, her campaign manager dropped the news that he had forged signatures on her petitions.

Theresa immediately did the right thing by withdrawing her nomination papers and telling the truth. Democrats pulled together, scrambling to help her get the required number of signatures to file before the filing deadline.

Unfortunately, they fell short. Theresa didn’t get enough signatures for her name to be placed on the ballot.

I believe we need to figure out a way to give Theresa Greenfield another avenue to put her name on the ballot. No candidate should be punished for the fraudulent act of others.

The situation facing Theresa Greenfield exposes a weakness in our nomination process that must be addressed.

I would hate to see other candidates lose their ability to run by having people maliciously tamper with a candidate’s nomination forms. It could impact candidates up and down the ballot of any party affiliation.

State election officials and party leaders should figure out a way to ensure our state doesn’t prevent a good candidate from being on the ballot because of a bad actor.

In the interest of fairness, I support Theresa Greenfield’s efforts to get her name on the ballot.

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Lots of questions about the process ahead for Team Democracy. Here's where we are:

The 3rd District Democrats have planned a special nomination meeting for Monday at noon. And at that meeting they’ll have an opportunity to add my name to the ballot. We’ve got to win a vote and we’ve got to fill out some paperwork.

If we file the appropriate paperwork with the Iowa Secretary of State by 5 p.m. on Monday, they’ll certify us as a candidate for the Democratic Primary ballot on 5.

We're almost there! Thank you everyone for your continued support of our efforts to gain ballot access and give voters a choice! #TeamDemocracy

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My friend Joe wrote a story about last Friday. It warmed my heart!

Grease the bottom of your pans. Combine all the dry ingredients including the cinnamon, nutmeg, flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Have you noticed that whenever you’re feeling just a lit…

Great news everyone! The Iowa Secretary of State has affirmed that they will certify my nomination to appear on the Democratic Party ballot for the 3rd CD through nomination by a special meeting of the 3rd District Democrats -- coming up on Monday. #TeamDemocracy

Hey everybody! Another wild day for the Greenfield for Congress campaign. We learned today from the Secretary of State that we only had 1592 signatures -- 198 short. But we're not giving up!

Here's what we're gonna do: We're not gonna quit. Here's the next step. Iowa election law allows the Democratic Party to hold a meeting to do a one-for-one replacement. Well, I withdrew my candidacy last Friday, because I couldn't allow it to go forward with a petition that contained fo...rged signatures.

It's not as clear as we'd like, so the Secretary of State is getting an opinion from the Attorney General to see if the code section supports us the way we hope it does. We've talked with the leadership of the 3rd CD Democrats to let them know what we're planning. The fight goes on -- our campaign has been tested and showed its strength. We are organized and mobilized and we're not giving up!

Are you with me? Chip in right now, and let's keep fueling Team Democracy all the way to the finish line!

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Our campaign is built on the strength of grassroots supporters. Chip in now and join our campaign!

In case you missed it: What happened in Iowa on Friday was extraordinary. Iowans of all stripes came together in a kind of political barn-raising effort to help us get on the ballot. I am so profoundly grateful.

Check out my interview with KCCI.…/candidate-races-against-cloc…/19469290

One congressional candidate fought to keep her campaign going until the very last minute.

Yesterday was, in a word, amazing! Long story short, we had to collect and resubmit 1,790 signatures to the Iowa Secretary of State's office to get on the ballot ... in less than 8 hours. Hundreds of Iowans set aside everything to answer the call. We won't know the final tally until Monday, but no matter what happens, I know this: We did the right thing. And I couldn't be more proud of – or more grateful for – all of you who pitched in to help.

Greenfield believes she must gather 1,700 signatures before 5 p.m. Friday to get on the Democratic primary ballot

Thanks for KCCI having us on to chat infrastructure yesterday. "I'd like to see them take *action* on a plan right now. It seems like a lot of talk....let's get some results."…/third-district-congressional…/19438735

Iowa’s Third District representative will have a say in how crumbling infrastructure is repaired and improved.

Thrilled to have submitted our petition signatures required to make the ballot for our race today. Thank you to everyone who signed and gathered signatures - you made today possible.

I'm fired up after last night's Democratic victory in #PA18 and I'm itching to take the fight to David Young this fall. Thank you!

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This embarrassing but unsurprising interview performance by Secretary Devos shows what happens when you put ideology ahead of our students.

Our schools, teachers, support professionals, and students deserve so much better.…

Watch the clip from 60 Minutes

Happy International Women's Day! I'm thinking today of all the women in my life who have helped shape me into who I am today: my mom, my twin sister, my older sister, my daughter, my sisters-in-law, my aunts, nieces, friends, neighbors, teachers. The list goes on and on.

Thank you to all of the women throughout Iowa, the United States, and the world, who fight every day for a better life and for a better world.

Polk County residents: Remember that there is a special election today! Make your voice heard on the sales tax question before polls close.…/polk-county-…/390514002/

Voters head to the polls Tuesday to decide whether to increase the sales tax 1 cent.

I appreciated the opportunity to join the Mills County Democrats at their monthly meeting on Saturday!

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Great to sit down with local leaders from LIUNA earlier this week. There's so much at stake up and down the ballot for working Iowans this year. Thanks again for your support!

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