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Howard Wohlgefahrt
· October 26, 2016
Traveling to South Dakota on a pheasant hunt from Wisconsin, my lab Scout drank some bad water and came down with diarrhea, and after 24 hours of not eating not drinking water, I decided to make an ap...pointment and take her in, my vet Gary was unbelievable, polite, professional and extremely helpful, I would never hesitate to stop there again if the need ever arises. See More
Jenifer Smith Hoeft
· November 27, 2016
We live in MN, but twice we've been in unexpectedly with our dog while visiting. Great service and assistance when we needed!

DID YOU KNOW??? 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have dental disease by the time they are just 2 to 3 years old!!! THE "TOOTH" IS...PETS NEED DENTAL CARE, TOO!

Call TODAY to take advantage of PET DENTAL MONTH during the month of March!

*$20 OFF Dental Cleanings...
*FREE Dental Exams & Estimates
*FREE Samples of At-Home Oral Care Products with each Dental

Please Call: (605) 835-9237 in Gregory or (605) 775-2432 in Burke to schedule an appointment for your pet!

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Just FYI....most recent pet food recall.

California-based Just Food for Dogs recalled certain batches of its Turducken, Beef and Russet Potato, and Fish and Sweet Potato cooked frozen dog food after preliminary testing suggested an ingredient was contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Helpful hints for a Happy Holiday for you AND your pets!

Nothing can spoil holiday cheer like an emergency visit to a veterinary clinic. These tips can help pet owners prevent a holiday disaster.

Something to think about......

Planning and precautions emphasized.

In case you weren't able to attend the meeting regarding Bovine TB in Tripp County. Very informative!

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Animal Clinic Ltd was live.

SD State veterinarian Dr. Oedekoven explaining Tripp County bovine tuberculous diagnosis.

Just a friendly reminder for those interested! The meeting is tomorrow evening in Winner!

Another case of Bovine TB has been identified in a cattle herd in Tripp County. The SD Animal Industry Board is hosting a public meeting TOMORROW (Tuesday) at Winner Livestock Market beginning at 6:30 pm to provide information to the public and answer any questions that people may have. Please share with others who might be interested in attending!

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While some of you may disagree.....😉

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Nothing but goats 🐐

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This article has a TON of excellent information on prevention, control and what to do if you OR your pet is bitten!

An overview of rabies.

Thursday, September 28th, is WORLD RABIES DAY! Check out the following video and article to see how YOU can educate and protect your family, friends, pets and livestock from this preventable disease!

September 28th is World Rabies Day, which recognizes that rabies kills more than 55,000 people around the world every year. Chad Clancy, speaking for the Mer...

Any body have a microchipped pet? Never hurts to have an extra safety precaution if your furry friend happens to take their own adventure without you!

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BISSELL Pet Foundation

Today is National Check the Chip Day! A microchip is only useful if the registration info is up-to-date, so check your pet's chip registration today.

Found Anim...als Foundation offers a free lifetime microchip registration that is compatible with almost all chips. Register for free or find a microchip clinic near you to ensure your pet's safety.

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Apoquel is a great alternative to chronic steroid use in order to control itching due to allergies! It is just one of the many things we can do to help your pet STOP THE ITCH!


Seasonal allergies are ramping up....for people AND pets!!! If this cartoon seems all too familiar to you as a pet owner, check out this video to see how we can help YOU and YOUR PET sleep better this allergy season!

When you finally lay down for bed and all you can hear is your pet licking themself from Imgur tagged as Can Meme

Summer's heating up folks!! Be sure to keep your pets someplace cool, have lots of water, and limit excessive exercise during the hot part of the days. It is best to get your pet their outside play time in the early mornings or later evenings when temperatures are lower. Have a safe summer and feel free to call either clinic with any questions regarding heat exhaustion or heat stroke! 😁

When the temperatures rise, tragedy can strike. Be sure clients know the dangers of leaving pets in the heat.

In order to improve parking for our patrons, we are adding on to the driveway/parking lot in front of the Gregory Animal Clinic. As a result, the WEST approach to the clinic will be CLOSED for the rest of the week. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!! 🚧👷🏻😃

Cattle producers----are you looking to gain an edge in today's cattle market? Then, parasite control is KEY!!! Watch this informational video on Long Range---one of the newer injectable cattle dewormers, and an investment that has been PROVEN to increase weaning weights. Feel free to call our clinic for more information, or check out their website at