random overwatch dva fanart 🐱 because I haven't been doing anything but playing it these days
any other dva mains here? (ok, I'm probably more of a one trick lol)
and gosh I haven't drawn anything digitally for ages...
feels good to conceal your lack of understanding of anatomy by liquifying the shit out of the pic at the end 😅

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some super quick and dirty fanart doodle of phos from houseki no kuni. will probably draw it properly some time, as i kinda like the idea

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small random doodle

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it's slowly taking on shape
painting with oil is kind of hard but it's so much fun ^0^
somehow her dace looks kind of derp and i can't figure out why... ;__;

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Been productive for once...
A homage to my favourite season

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Been neglecting this page for way too long again, so have some random kitsch~

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edit: off now

Doing some test streaming~

It's been a decade or so since I last did it and basically everything has changed.


Come watch and laugh at me while I fail with this shit, swear a lot and hopefully also draw a little bit~

Drawing Kvothe&Auri from the Kingkiller Chronicles

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Sorry for the radio silence these days. Social media is just kinda not my thing...
Anyhow have a new pic
It's my entry to the artstation thu ticket contest. Compared to the other entrants I feel kind of noob tbh ._.

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Mine and @tsuminoaru 's stand at the #dokomi
Come find us again tomorrow at 14 number 305~

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Ist wohl n bisschen kurzfristig und so, aber Tsuminoaru ( und ich werden auf der Dokomi rumgurken
Wir haben Kekse und Bonbons. (Naja und auch ein paar Bilder und n bisschen Schmuck, aber das ist eher nebensächlich.) Nur so lange der Vorrat reicht~
Schaut doch mal vorbei und so beim Stand 305Z

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I feel like there is something really wrong with her face, I just can't figure out what exactly it is. Perhaps it's just... everything.

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Maybe I should just quit art and keep making these instead lol.

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Decided to rework this one a bit, but somehow I ended up only liking the face, it looks pretty gay tho, but that's okay.
I guess it's a sign of growth when you look at your older picture you once kinda liked and realize how fucked up the anatomy and stuff looked.
And I feel so lame because it's not Breath of the Wild, like the kid that follows the trend from yesteryear or so...

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Grimoire Hazelwitch updated their profile picture.
May 22, 2017
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Been drawing in the park today. Super lucky to find a #heron in the middle of the city. And he even posed like a pro 💕 #watercolor #watercolorart

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Long time not post, so time for some narcissism I guess xD
Have a drawing of me by me~

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