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ATTENTION Record Labels & Music Producers that release Glitch Hop or TRAP:

I was just cruising through the new releases on Beatport when I heard a track by an ...artist, Baronge entitled "Olenys." I immediately recognized it as a remix of Groove Mind's "The Green Lion" by FarfetchD. After doing some further investigation of the label it was released under, Shadow Phoenix, I discovered that their other releases are also rip offs. One starts with a track by an artist, Safinn, entitled "Moren" which I can't identify off the top of my head but I know is not correct (see comments - kudos to who can). Another is "Ye" by Soxvana which is actually "Bliss" by Viscerality.

If you Shazam any of the tracks, they are identified not by the original names / artists(s) but rather by one of a few ass clowns on Shadow Phoenix.

I've started contacting artists but if you have time, definitely give them a listen and see if you can identify the artists who are clearly being ripped off here. If you're a fan of any sort of art (in this case music), this should infuriate you.


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