Four Steps to Get Screen-Loving Kids to Read Books, guest post by Kaye Newton at BookChook | #RaisingReaders #LoveOfBooks

What practical ways can adults use to encourage screen-loving kids to read books?

Five Tips For Helping Kids Read Better | Stella Tokar United Way Blog | #ReadAloud #parenting #RaisingReaders

Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, known as Read Across America Day, by sharing the joy of reading with kids.

New blog post about my daughter's time as librarian for a day at her elementary school.

As an annual fundraiser, my daughter's elementary school PTO holds auctions for kids to be "Teacher for a Day" or "Principal for a Day". This year for the first time there was an option to be "Librarian for a Day." As you might imagine, we snapped that one up. My daughter's main day as librarian was...

This week's #kidlit review: "Certainly, The Losers Club is a book that belongs in libraries serving middle grade readers everywhere. Andrew Clements is the master of school stories, and The Losers Club is no exception (and a complete bonus for anyone who loves books). Highly recommended!" Random House Children's Books

The Losers Club by Andrew Clements is a delight from start to finish. It's about a sixth grade boy named Alec who gets into trouble at school because he loves to read so much. He's constantly reading in class, instead of paying attention, and getting sent to the Principal's Office. Already on thin i...

Last week's book review: "How to Sell Your Family to the Aliens is a super-fun addition to the ranks of middle grade science fiction. The illustrations should make it accessible to newer readers, and the premise (selling an annoying family to aliens) is hard to resist. I hope that there are other books to follow - I would enjoy spending more time with Hap and his family. Recommended!!"

o Sell Your Family to the Aliens by Paul Noth is a lightly illustrated, over-the-top middle grade science fiction novel, possibly the first of a series. Happy Conklin, Jr. lives with his parents and his five sisters in two rooms in the basement of his grandmother's lavish mansion. Although Hap's fat...

Helping families find pockets of time to read with kids, excellent suggestions from GrowingBookbyBook | #RaisingReaders #ReadAloud #audiobooks

Little hidden pockets of time can be found in your daily activities to increase time for kids to read and families to read together.

For me, Death and Douglas was an enjoyable read, well-written and memorable. Recommended! Sky Pony Press

Death and Douglas by J. W. Ocker is a well-written middle grade murder mystery full of both atmosphere and black humor. Douglas, the protagonist, lives with his parents in the family mortuary. When a serial killer strikes his small town, Douglas and two friends (one the son of the local police chief...

New review: "I think this series is a fun addition to the ranks of adventure stories for kids. Ginns definitely crosses the line into fantasy throughout the book, but it's still heavily grounded in the real world (and full of interesting tidbits about the world, too). This is one that I'll save for my daughter to read in a couple of years. Recommended for elementary and middle school libraries." Random House Children's Books

antha Spinner and the Super-Secret Plans by Russell Ginns is the first book in a new madcap adventure series for middle grade readers. Samantha's Uncle Paul, who lives in an apartment above her family's garage, disappears one day. He leaves behind $2.4 billion for her older sister, the deed and play...

Some Small Ideas from Pernille Ripp to Help Students Self-Select Books Better | #libraries, TBR lists, + more #GrowingBookworms

I was asked this morning on Twitter how we move students beyond wanting hand-picked recommendations every time they book shop. How do they move beyond needing someone, typically, the adult or trus…

#Homeschool Highlights: How We Taught Our Preschooler to Read from Katie Fitzgerald

My oldest daughter, known here as Little Miss Muffet, is four years old, and (to my great shock!) she already knows how to read. Because I ...

Today is #WorldReadAloudDay — Celebrate by #reading aloud to a child | LitWorld Scholastic #WRAD #ReadAloud

World Read Aloud Day

Taking Playtime Seriously | Perri Klass The New York Times | Pulling back on programmed learning, leaving time for exploration + fun | #Play #learning

Experts say it’s essential to give kids time and space to play.

Today's #YA review: "Your One & Only appears to be a standalone novel, although a certain ambiguity of the ending leaves open the possibility for a sequel. I would certainly read a sequel, interested to see where Finlay takes her intriguing characters and strong world-building next. Highly recommended, and well worth a look for libraries serving young adults (and adults, too)." HMH Kids

Your One & Only is a new post-apocalyptic dystopian novel for young adults by Adrianne Finlay. It's set in a future Costa Rican village populated by Homo Factus, the followup generation that was created after humans died off from the Slow Plague. Vispera is one of three villages, each populated by 1...

Don’t Forget to Read! – Why you should make the time, plus tips for finding "exciting new books" from WritersRumpus #reading

My favorite way to start each day is in my favorite chair with a book, giant mug of coffee, and boxer at my feet (or in my lap). I also carry books to doctor and hair appointments, as well as in th…

5 essentials in creating a rich reading environment and a community of enthusiastic (developing) readers | #Road2Reading Challenge Alyson Beecher

I have been sitting here staring at my computer screen and trying to figure out how to write this post. The #Road2Reading Challenge is more than recommending good books for young readers in grades Kinder to Third. For me, it is also the place where I try to figure out the best approaches to teaching

Today's #kidlit review is The Ambrose Deception by Emily Ecton from Disney Hyperion

I think that any kid who enjoys solving puzzles, reading about quests, or laughing at a boy who eats hot dogs from so many different venues that he becomes ill, will enjoy The Ambrose Deception. The ending is particularly satisfying. This would be a great title to add to libraries serving elementary...

How to Foster a #LoveOfReading Through #ReadingChoice | Do NOT level the classroom library + more | Fountas & Pinnell #GrowingBookworms

We want our students to love reading books. We want them to go over to a book shelf, choose a book t