More on our winning team.. Congrats to all for participating in the Sustainable Showdown!

On Thursday May 17th, Green Schools Design Fellow, Gina Fontes, walked into a cafeteria full of screaming students and surprised the Guerrilla Green grand prize winner with a 5 foot long, ten thousand dollar check. The lucky winner was Team Thirsty Fountain from the Design and Architecture Senior Hi…
Guerrilla Green updated their cover photo.
May 17, 2013
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And the Guerrilla Green $10,000 winner is...(drum roll please)... THE THIRSTY FOUNTAIN!!! Congratulations Janos, Oandy, and Gabi!!

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Winners announced tomorrow you guys! ONE MORE DAY!! #guerrillagreen #architecture #archforhumanity

May or may not be dropping into one lucky school this friday. And we may or may not have a $10,000 check in hand. Who's it gonna be???

Change of plans... we're making you wait ANOTHER week to find out who takes home the BIG prize. Seriously you guys. It's huge.

Only 5 MORE DAYS until we announce the GRAND PRIZE winner of $10,000!! This is no easy decision.

The Thirsty Fountain distributes reusable water bottles! Not only do they reduce wasted plastic, but they look cool too!

Hear from the experts on Team Niskayuna Aquaponics with their PonicsTracker News Program!

Niskayuna Aquaponics

Check out our awesome video...who ever new video editing was so time-consuming

Make the switch to Pure Zephyr!!!

Pure Zephyr team presents this video as an encouragement to everyone to switch their air filters into reusable, washable ones to filter the air even better a...

Can you believe it's the LAST DAY of @guerrillagreen?? Congrats to ALL TEAMS for making it this far! You are an inspiration to a generation.

There's a whole lot of Guerrilla advocacy coming from the Miami Design and Architecture High School. Between The Thirsty Fountain and Pure Zephyr we've got a real battle happening.

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Almost 5 DAYS LEFT of the Guerrilla Green Challenge! WOAH. Where did the time go?

Over 200 people stopped by the Water Conservation EarthFair booth last weekend in San Diego! Even the Mayor!

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Team Water Conservation's amazing EarthFair Booth!

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Check out Team Water Conservation'ss successful booth at San Diego's EarthFair this weekend!

Day 10: April 21, 2013 EARTH DAY FAIR!!! YAY. Today we had a booth at the Earth Day fair and set up our succulents for sale. It started at 8AM (setup) and ended at 6PM (10 WHOLE HOURS OF EDUCATING THE...