Two big announcements. The first is that Gypsy will be changing its name to Boxer Donut & Espresso Bar in September. This name change signifies the second, more exciting news for us, that Eric Brown, Gypsy's loyal, amazing and talented manager will become the owner of Boxer Donut & Espresso Bar!
This is very bittersweet for me (David) and my family. We have poured our heart, energy, funds, time and love into the shop. I love every one of our customers, our staff (who I consi...der to be family) and this village.
Owning the shop has brought some wonderful moments, and it's also been more challenging than I had ever thought it would be. When the day comes to hand the keys over to Eric, I will share a few more thoughts on what I've gained and lost in the course of owning a small business in this wonderful Village.
For now, I'd ask that you help me in congratulating Eric. His passion has been the rock that much of Gypsy was built on. I can think of no one better to take on this new business opportunity as his passion and commitment to what was built here is unwavering.
I look forward to talking to our many family-customers about this over the coming weeks.

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Christopher Rascoll
· July 29, 2017
I don't eat donuts but their cold brew coffee is AMAZING. My only complaint is it's such close quarters inside. Not easy to get work done on a laptop or tablet without your neighbor being right on top... of you. Beyond that it's the best. See More
Kiara Helen
· September 11, 2015
I placed an order for gluten free donuts and they called me the next day and canceled it on me due to the fact that they are too busy to fulfill my order because they only have one fryer. Which is a business practice because I had ordered gluten free, this business should have a small dedicated fryer for only gluten free. It doesn't make sense to use the same fryer due to cross contamination issues.

The amazing thing is that they didn't even have their manager call me back, they had their counter boy give me a call whom has little to no information because the managers are out but "around here somewhere". They don't know how to treat their customers, so I went some place else. This business is highly unorganized and maybe it's not meant to be due to the fact that their donuts are sub par, maybe?

I would steer clear from this joke of an establishment.
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Anthony Spartan
· October 11, 2015
We stumbled in while trying to avoid the crowds of the street fair. I am so glad we did. There aren't too many places to get fresh doughnuts in the area and these really were delicious. I was treat...ed well by the staff behind the bar who were more than accommodating to our small group. The coffee was great as well, good microfoam and texture.
The shop is small and perhaps there are better ways to accommodate more people in such a small space, but it was comfortable none the less.

This will be a regular stop in Nyack from now on :)
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Anthony Siano
· October 17, 2016
This place yet small makes everything in house and has a very chill and easy going vibe, you feel welcome when you enter and offers many payment methods which is innovative and I recommend visiting if... you are in the area you will not be sorry See More
Matthew Savoury
· March 19, 2016
Firstly they use Stumptown Hairbender which is the greatest bean on Earth. Secondly, after I foolishly dropped my coffee just outside the door, they poured me another one free of charge. Good food, coffee, always pleasant and generous people working there. And another big plus is that you don't have to overhear Rockland County Starbucks conversations! Love this place. See More
Ebony Piggery
· December 16, 2015
It's a small shop with the best fresh doughnuts around. Seasonal flavored to cater to any palate. I used to stop there after every prenatal visit as my midwife was right down the street. But it wasn't... just my pregnant hormonal cravings--- those doughnuts are really the shizz See More
Aditi Kapoor
· March 7, 2017
Love this place so much. have been coming for many years and I don't even live in the area. Best donuts and lattes north of the city. Also have a special place in my heart (and room in my stomach) ...for their wonderful biscuit breakfast sandwiches. See More
George Gans
· August 21, 2017
Would inject the cappucino into my blood if they provided syringes. 10/10.
Bill Koch
· July 6, 2017
Salted caramel donut - yes! Excellent cold brew too. All in a funky wonderful atmosphere with great staff
Tom Lynch
· March 29, 2017
In addition to the world's best donuts,their coffee is really good & they gave my dog bacon
Arielle Rebecca Lamaute
July 25, 2012
This place was absolutely dah bomb! Loved the service, loved the food, loved the coffee, loved the atmosphere, loved the picture of the dog on the wall, loved the magnets, loved the picture of ice tea..., loved the picture of coco, loved the sign above that shelf thing, loved the variety of stools to choose from when I wanted to sit down, loved the floor, loved the window, loved the floor, loved the fan blowing at me because it was a hot day, loved the way the picture of predator on the wall, loved the guy behind the counter's cheery disposition, loved the tip jar, loved the coffee station, loved the scarf my sister was wearing, loved the way my hair looked, overall, I'm giving this place an A+ See More
Jessica Jaroff
· April 1, 2017
Love everything about this place. Made to order cinnamon sugar donuts and a hard cider, on a Saturday night? Yes please. �
Glenn Buschkuhl
· October 21, 2015
Good people, great coffee and amazing homemade donuts n muffins.
Stay away from the corporate monster coffee shop. Support Local Small Businesses.
Crystal Ashley
· November 28, 2016
Loved the freshness of everything! The coffee was great and so was the cranberry glazed donut! My best friend and I loved the atmosphere!
Kimberly Klinko Green
· April 30, 2017
Bacon Donuts, there really isn't much more needed to say �. All kidding aside, favorite donut and coffee spot ever.
Solmari Castro Martinez
· January 31, 2015
Ohh my i just coming from there i got a brioche sooo soo good The donut so delish i try first dulce de leche the later the rest lol i goin to come back 100%
Jim Alcorn
· January 19, 2017
Great tasting artistic cappuccino� and delightfully decadent and deliciously delectable hand made doughnuts � ......mmmmm
Alison Lamazza
· July 4, 2014
Made our first trip here this morning and we will definitely be back! Friendly staff, great atmosphere and most importantly, awesome donuts and coffee!
Rebeca M. Olivares
· March 10, 2014
We came here this past weekend and tasted the bacon donut, the salted caramel donut and the chocolate with sprinkles, all were AMAZING!! Def will come here again!!
Michele Yurichko Gillies
· October 2, 2016
Really good coffee, excellent donuts, very nice staff. A must stop when I'm in Nyack.
Nutella S'mores Don-A-Bun #umyes #omg
Carmel Apple Butter Tarts!! 󾁃󾀿󾁂Fall is in full swing.
Mmmmm. Spider webs.

Reminder! To follow our latest updates join us over at Boxer Donut and Espresso Bar. We post our new flavors, seasonal drinks, specialty baked goods, and more!

Join us for the grand reopening! It's going to be a great time!

Sat 7:00 AM EDTBoxer Donut and Espresso BarNyack, NY
Food · 175 people

Our second annual donation to the Nyack Center back to school drive, where they give school supplies to those that need them. Huge sales at Staples at Palisades Center on some basics like notebooks ($.25!each) Crayons ($.50 each) and more so we stocked up. Discount is on first 30 units in each sale category so bring a friend and shop to donate!

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We're still hammering out some of the details of the name and ownership change but we're planning a big reopening party. Stay tuned for dates and details!

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This week's specials! Blackberry Cobbler, cranberry orange jam filled, and vegan apple cinnamon!

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We have some big news coming on Friday. Check back to see the exciting change coming to Gypsy Donut!

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This week's specials!
Peaches and cream, vegan hibiscus glazed, and refreshing lime glazed!

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Great things are happening at Gypsy Donut this summer. Follow us to hear about the exciting things going on with us.

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Happy Fourth of July! Come in for our Red White and Blue donuts!

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Tomorrow is #independenceday Come get patriotic with us tomorrow! Red, white, and blue donuts tomorrow only.

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This week's specials! Vegan Chocolate peanut butter, strawberry jam filled, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

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Sunday special. French #cruller.
Get 'em while they're still warm!

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Cyclists! The Village has installed a dedicated bike parking zone outside Gypsy, complete with new racks. Come get your coffee, donuts and treats with a safe place for your bikes.

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