What a marvellous opportunity for those of you who are just finishing your compulsory education .... travel a road of a different kind of education. I'd loved to have had such an opportunity when I was 18! Go explore!!! 😀

The cultural enrichment plan could change young lives, and maybe even revive the heyday of the Interrail train pass.

Some cultural practices that have developed outside of Islam (such as the modern American culture referred to in the article, and also that of the UK) find it curious, unusual or even bizarre that Muslims and many other cultures use water and more thorough methods of sanitation to clean themselves after toileting.

It seems obvious to many of us that the use of running water provides greater cleanliness than dry wiping but sadly, many of those who don't use water can become very defensive of their own methods, little realising that theirs is not a very sanitary method.

Americans mainly use toilet paper when cleaning the anus after pooping. But that could be unsanitary and leave feces behind. Some experts suggest using bidets to clean the area instead of wiping.
This article is just an honest look at how single Muslim women are finding happiness and contentment as their single selves. So many articles, interviews and aunties describe the growing number of single Muslim women over
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How do the lives hopes, dreams and preoccupations of other 14 year olds compare to this?

Syed Zain

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Jewish Voice for Peace

"In the future, if my country is not occupied anymore, I would love to become a football player."

Meet the 14-year-old Palestinian girl who confronted the Israeli Army.

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Sufi World

"If we don't welcome our young ones - the one's who aren't a hundred percent perfect, the one's who have boyfriends and girlfriends, the ones who drink and take drugs - into our mosques without rushing to judge them, we will lose a generation."

- Shaykh Babikir Ahmed

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Saiyyidah Zaidi

How to get rid of headaches during the day in Ramadan with NO medicine. This is something you can use now and any time of the year!

Now remember to share wont you?

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May 18, 2016
Munjlee Cawley

What is so wrong with marriage outside of one's own ethnic group or marrying someone significantly older/younger? Also, why is marrying someone who's been or divorced perceived to be bad? Considering the many examples we have from our Noble Prophets, (may God's Peace and Blessings be upon them all), who have paved the way for us to marry whoever is of good character, REGARDLESS of their ethnicity, age-range or cultural diversity - I don't understand why people in our societies still find these to be taboo!!!

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May 10, 2016
Her Twitter handle is @palestyria and she made the most epic Twitter thread about things we’re struggling within our Muslim community. It’s a shout out to Muslims that are overlooked by other Muslims. I'm going to make a shoutout thread to the Muslims overlooked by the Muslim community: — مريم (@pal...

This is a beautiful and entirely true message but it applies equally to Muslims thinking it's ok to only support other Muslims. Nowhere in islam is this idea of only supporting Muslims in need while ignoring the plight of non-Muslims in need.

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Stephen Collings

"Can we just support the Christians in Bethlehem? We want to make sure our money goes to Christian causes". You wouldn't believe how often i come across this in... my efforts to create solidarity for the joint Christian-Muslim city of Bethlehem. And the short answer is 'No, if you want what is best for the city and its people (including the Christians who make up 50% of its population) you can't just support the Christians.

Bethlehem is one of the most unique places in the world. Its 50-50 Christian-Muslim population have lived side by side in mutual cooperation for 1,400 years! If the Muslim population of the country were not tolerant of Christians - if it wanted to chase them out or convert them - do you really think there would be any left after nearly one and a half millennium?! A period of time in which many many religious minorities have been persecuted out of existence in Christian Europe (including a little hiccup 60 years ago when the entire Jewish minority of the continent was nearly wiped off the map).

But i digress a little. The Christians and Muslims are the left and right eyes of Bethlehem. The entire economy, the civil peace, the continuation of religious tolerance; all of it is dependent on the cooperation of both, and the people of the city totally understand that. And now that the city's economy is under massive stress from the economic siege imposed upon it, the security and prosperity of one group is also the security and prosperity of the other.

In many ways its a metaphor for the entire world, and an example we really need to learn from. While much of the Muslim world live in unstable regimes where they constantly fear being bombed and (generalisation though it is) the opposite is not true in the Christian West, there can be no global peace either. People who ask if they can support just the Christians of Bethlehem are often the same people who genuinely have no idea where all the terrorism is coming from; and in both cases they are contributing towards its continuance by focussing on the suffering of one at the expense of the other.

We will soon (hopefully) be launching our 'Bethlehem; Struggle for Survival' speaking tour that explains the geo-political situation in Bethlehem City and provides congregations, schools, Unions and community groups with practical ways in which they can get involved to help preserve this most unique of cities. But coexistence is right at the centre of what we do and if you are looking for a project that misguidedly believes it can do the Christians of Bethlehem any good by exacerbating their differences with the Muslims rather than working for the joint prosperity of both, this project isn't for you!

(Glad i got that off my chest, its been that sort of day )

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Christian Muslim Forum

New article: Employment Conference - read more:

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Humans of Pakistan

He tried to kiss me but I pushed him away. He put the gun to my head again and threatened to pull the trigger. I was then helpless and even though I struggled, ...I couldn’t stop what happened next. I still remember the moment I saw my blood rushing to my thighs. After, he let me go. I stumbled towards the trail, barely seeing where I was going and that’s when I heard my friends shouting my name. I followed their voices. They asked me what happened. Though I didn’t say anything, they knew what had happened; I could see in their faces. I took pregnancy control pills from a shop on the way home and then took a shower. I didn’t cry. I couldn’t cry. I just thanked Allah for giving me another chance at living. I was scarred but I was alive. I didn’t tell anyone about it either. However, it made me more ambitious in trying to help others. I pursued a career in Psychology and decided to help those who have been through what I went through. My message to all these girls is that if somebody did something wrong with you, forgive that person from your side because without any doubt, they will get their punishment one day, either in this life or in the Hereafter. Allah is watching. They definitely deserve a severe punishment but you need to put it behind you. Don't punish yourself for something they did by putting your life on hold. After you forgive someone, it is easy to forget and move on in life. This incident changed me from an emotional to a practical woman who knows that you have to take rational steps in life and not let one incident define who you are.

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Jewish Voice for Peace

Cecilie Surasky, departing JVP deputy director (new advisory board member!) created this video.
If you haven't seen or shared it with someone who could use an i...ntroduction to Israel/Palestine - please do!

Also, please join us for LIVE on Facebook (video) Thursday, Feb. 4 11am PT/ 2pm ET to hear Cecilie.

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Alumna Nousheen Zakaria (PhD 2014) announced as finalist for British Council award celebrating outstanding achievements of the UK’s international alumni
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When I was a toddler, I was terrified of ladybugs. There was just something about how different they looked that made me fear and despise them. To me, they looked harmful. As I grew older, I learn...
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With a loophole the size of Indonesia, PepsiCo's palm oil commitments fall short again.
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It is essential that Cameron supports Muslims rather than keep the community under pressure and continuous scrutiny.