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Post Season is a great time to learn more about the area you hunt, and find new potential spots. Gus Congemi of Live the Wild Life TV discuss's a few things to keep in mind when setting up new stand locations.


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Kirk Douglas
· November 1, 2017
Bought the warbird lt bc two months ago. Used it twice and the footstraps came apart twice. Tonight he bottom fell during decent because of this and thank God a buddy was close by. The shoulder straps... are the worst I’ve ever experienced. The tree stand was assembled by the manufacture and it failed the first time. The second time I fixed the straps and they still failed. The shoulder straps fail often and come apart when carrying the stand. The straps appear to be too thin and too slick for the buckle and they just keep coming apart. This is seriously a safety issue and on your website I can’t find anywhere to contact you other than submitting a claim which I did. I can’t return the stand to cabelas because it is used and past 30 days. I am too afraid to use this stand now and have no stand to use. I would like to return it and possibly exchange it or get my money back. See More
Jermey Martin
· September 13, 2017
To say the Big Denali 1.5 is poorly made and engineered is a huge understatement. It took almost 3 hours to build because bolt holes do not line up. I had to use clamps, pry bars and spreaders as we...ll as deconstruct the stand several times to finally get it together. There are many places where the powder coat has come of revealing rust, this tells me that rust was coated over. I have a feeling this stand will rust out in a season or 2. I also found the stand to be extremely hard to transport and carry into the woods. The seat section with the top ladder attached is almost 10 feet long. If I take off the ladder section I would have to bring a tool store with me to pry and push and squeeze it back on. No thanks, next time I will go with my gut and buy from the competition. See More
Chad See
· September 6, 2017
Simply the most comfortable and user friendly stands I have ever used. I bought my first Hawk years ago and since then I find they are the only stands I want to use. I've got a garage full of "other"... stands that simply dont cut the mustard any more. Its sort of like driving a luxury vehicle.... you just cant go back to the old beater you used to drive!

Stands are only a small part of the this company, all of their products are innovative and first class. The hangers they sell are awesome and the rubber coated twist rope has a ton of uses. From making hoist ropes to positioning trail cams, the wire has helped me so much.

Overall if you are looking for a company that can improve your hunting experience, then look no further than Hawk. They have you covered from all angles and every product is ranked among the best out there.
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Aaron Coursey
· November 9, 2017
We have been using Hawk gear for three years now have no complaints. We hunt public land and pack in and out everytime. We have heliums, kickback, and xplor stand and use the helium sticks. Let me tel...l ya they have been used and abused and are still in perfect condition. I love all of our hawk products. See More
Evan Rodeheaver
· October 12, 2017
One of the best stands hands down! As a hang and hunt guy noise, weight, and ease of use are super important. Hawk provides me with all of these and so much more! Would recommend to a new hunter or a ...seasoned hunter any time! Keep up the great work! See More
Josh Mapes
· October 8, 2017
Ive been using my HAWK Xplor stand and 4 Helium sticks for just over a week now. Hang and hunt every time.
Stand goes up fast and easy, it is comfortable, and solid when its up. I, so far,LOVE this s...etup for hunting.
The ONLY thing negative I can say is the backpack straps come loose(on mine) but Im replacing them anyways, and I would love to see another 2 or 3 lbs worth of platform size. But, that doesnt change how much I love the setup as it is.
Thank you for a great product.
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Tim Duffy
· September 22, 2017
I had my stabilizer bar on my tree stand snap while putting it up this year and I contacted customer service for a replacement part. It happened 2 weeks before our archery season begins here in Pa and... they got back to me within 3 days and had a replacement piece sitting at my front door in 2 days after that! OUTSTANDING customer service! Things happen, parts break. Safety is first and they made sure I have a safe treestand to climb into next week for archery! I could not be happier and will always hunt Hawk! Thank you! See More
Thomas Potter
· December 1, 2017
Helium sticks, Helium hang on , Kick Back hang on and the Warbird AL climber. All great pieces. Used hard for two years. Steps are packable, stackable ,tough, sure footed and best we’ve used. Hang-Ons... are comfortable, easy to haul , easy to hang and easy to sit all day in . Warbird is so light, solid as a rock ( even in an 8” tree.....), comfortable and packs well. I usually leave stands up all season if not year round and my climber is used for proving a stand site , scouting and on the fly tree choice when patterns change so it’s used in over 100 trees a year easy, all this being said they are hard to beat, solid and good value. See More
Dan Biely
· September 8, 2017
I really want to like this company but my stand came with improperly drilled holes. Any company can have a problem. How you handle the problem shows your true colors. Greg at Hawk said he'd get me ...a new piece but that was weeks ago. Recent communication have been ignored. Shameful. Hawk stands require A LOT of assembly with cheap (included) wrenches. Do yourself a favor and be sure to assemble at home with real tools. To close, I'd be happy to change my rating if they'd fix the initial problem but as for now I stand behind my 2 star rating.
UPDATE: I've increased my rating to 3 stars from 2. The company eventually corrected my issue. I stand by my recommendation that you assemble at home with real tools but once assembled and hung I'd say this is one of my most comfortable stands. If you buy the two man denali ladder I suggest you allow for 3 hours for assembly and have 4 MEN available to get it into your spot and set it up.
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Zach Williams
· September 25, 2017
The innovation within the HAWK brand is hands down some of the best equipment , gear , and tree stands in the market. Not only that but they're at a competitive economical price too!
Nice to see qual...ity made products that you can have confidence in that will keep on lasting after each hunting season !! See More
Chad Angeli
· August 25, 2017
I love the diverse offering of quality products at a reasonable price point that Hawk offers. From their bow hangers and other tree accessories to their super light, yet comfortably large stands, Hawk... does a killer job of innovating and producing the tools required for a successful hunt. Very excited to try my new hawk products in the field for the NoDak opener in a few days! See More
Justin Naylor
· November 6, 2017
Hawk is hands down the best company for all your hunting needs, whether it be a treestand, blind, accessories, or even just some climbing sticks, they are the only company I recommend!
William Chrystopher Page
· November 28, 2017
So i have a Hawk ladder stand that fell and bent on section of the ladder and broke the stablizer bar where it attaches to the ladder. Well today i called their customer service department to see if c...ould order just that part. The guy asked me to email him some pics of the damage and i did. Well then this guy starts asking me for shipping address and im thinking "man i just wanted prices" when i asked how much it was gonna cost he said he told me he would warranty out those parts. The best cs person i think ive ever spoke to by far. See More
Jason Palagi
· October 31, 2017
The ladder for my tree stand bent in half as I was raising it. The thing was only a year old. I contacted the support team and received an email asking what section of the ladder bent and then never g...ot another reply after that. I even sent pictures in the email, but got no help on the issue. See More
Sam Switalski
· October 17, 2017
I have a big wooden stand that used to have a wooden box for a seat on it. That seat was on its last leg so I talked to Scott and he pointed me toward the Hang-Out Tree Seat and that is the most comfo...rtable seat that I’ve sat in that attaches to a tree. I shoot a longbow and it’s easily adjustable and portable. Can honestly say that I will be adding some of their stands to my gear. Great company and great people. See More
Mark Feldmeyer
· November 8, 2017
Just got my first hawk hang on yesterday , very high quality, very impressed best hang on I've purchased in 19 years of hunting .every little detail the mud paint,strap quality, climbing sticks, weld...s everything about it I like . See More
Steven Viaene
· September 17, 2017
Bought a hawk big Denali 2 man few of the bolts holes do not line up by 3 inches its ridiculous that you spend $300 on a piece of Poorly unengineered shit customer service didn't want to send me a new... one or refund my money luckily I'm a welder by trade and welded together the parts that didn't match up something that I should have not had to do it pissed me off
I will never buy any hawk products again.
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Jordon T. Coffman
· September 26, 2017
If you’re looking for a new tree stand, then Hawk is your one stop shop. They have all your tree stand and hunting accessories you need to be confident,safe and successful in the woods.
Dave Yarwood
· October 24, 2017
Had a absolute love for the products. Thought the micro camera mounts were a awesome idea until I tried them an spend over a 100 dollars on them. Do not recommend them to anyone at all. Your cameras w...ill fall off within a day. Unless you have the screw in piece on the back. Even then I don't know about them because I haven't tried that yet. Very disappointed See More
Rob Philpott
· October 2, 2017
Not sure it gets much more comfortable than this in a tree without building a house in it. I bought the big two man. Hard not to fall asleep. Left it in the tree all year. A bit of rust on the rest bu...t otherwise in great shape! See More
Where to Hang Your Treestand
Use Snow to Help With Stand Placement
Nick Mundt introduces the Hercules Safety System!

The impact on your body caused by sits longer than 8 hours in a tree stand can be brutal. Heartland Bowhunter #DontSayWeDidntWarnYou

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It's literally never to early to start getting ready for the next season! Steven Fuller of The Huntin Grounds is out and about with tips and tactics to get a headstart on your next deer season!

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Lets be honest, who is eating a tag or two this year??
DreamPoint Outdoors' Game of Inches

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HERCULES HERCULES! This new system will change the way we safely hang stands!
Michael Waddell's Bone Collector

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The New 2018 Kickback Hang-Ons feature a 30% Bigger Seat, Leveling Platform and are Cruzr Bracket Compatible.


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Keith Burgess of Small Town Hunting is snuggled into the 'Birds Nest' in his WARBIRD Climber down in MS!

What do you think happens next?? 🤔

A) Keith Falls Asleep 😴...
B) Keith Drops the Hammer on a MS Buck 🤑
C) Keith Misses 😭
D) Nothing 😶

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Live the Wild Life TV with Gus Congemi

Late Season Doe - I have been hunting the NJ Winter Bow Season for a few weeks with no luck. Most of the bucks I have seen have dropped one or both of their antlers and of the does all have had fawns. Last week was the first doe I saw without any fawns and I made the most of it. I will still be at it till the end of the Winter Bow Season looking for a buck but the chances of finding one with a rack might be over.

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This warm front moving through Michigan has Spring on our mind.. Hows the weather where you are at?
Team Radical

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Get in the turkey killing mood! It will be here in no time!
Final Draw putting the hammer on some thunder chickens! Check it out!
Pursuit Channel "We Deliver The Outdoors"

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Posted by Final Draw
Final Draw

it It has begun! That fever for turkey season is on me. So lets get into it people, get excited and get a little taste of what is coming this spring.

If you w...ant to see this full episode go to
click on shows and scroll down to our show and click to watch the whole season!!!!

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What was your favorite harvest of 2017? Post your pictures below!
DreamPoint Outdoors' Game of Inches

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