New remix homies!
It's ridiculously stupid, but that's okay.

I made this as a joke, so I didn't spend to much time mixing and mastering. But it's still fairly silly.

This remix I'm working on right now might be funnier than my dmx/henneko mashup. Right now the title is "Oh Swag & Swag CHERRY"


So, my next EP is gonna be delayed a bit, I was hoping to have it done by the end of December, but that isn't gonna happen. My ambition with the EP has grown, and the beats have grown more diverse. At the moment I'm looking at 6 songs, this is entirely subject to change however. I'm now gonna shoot for mid January. And to apologize for the delay, I'll release one of the songs early, when I feel it's ready.

I just got a bunch of listens from France today and yesterday, so that's pretty cool.

It's about time I did another remix, just to keep ya'll going till I drop this new EP I'm working on. It's coming along great by the way.

Well, I have hit 1,000 listens on my soundcloud! Woo! Thanks! And in honor of this achievement, I will announce that I am working on a new EP. Yay! It will be funky groovy hip-hop and it won't be nearly as dark as Cults was lol. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again!

Here it is! The greatest song I've ever released, possibly the greatest song of all time! Truly a masterpiece.

The little known collaboration between DMX and Ogura Yui.

Big release tomorrow guys. Probably my greatest work yet. Are you ready?

Coming Soon:
H. P. Mixcraft - HenNeko ED x DMX Mashup - "Get Berry Love On The Floor"

This new remix is a banger already, and I've only done 2/3 of it.

Gonna start working on a new remix on August 7th provided I remember.

My soundcloud just hit 500 plays last night. Thanks!

I'm a rapper and producer of EDM and Hip-Hop

Shout out to the one guy in China who gave me a listen on soundcloud this week. lol props

New remix! I have for you today a very special treat, It a trance remix of Riverside by The Yugos. It's pretty great. And you should listen to it. And listen to The Yugos if you don't already.

My remix of Riverside by local indie band "The Yugos"

I've got two new hip-hop songs that I'm working on. One of which is a collab with Big D Music. Get hyped I guess. lol

Also listen to my EP while you're fuckin around on facebook

I'm a rapper and producer of EDM and Hip-Hop

New song from my boy Big D Music. It's pretty damn kickin'. Check-che-check-check-check-che-check it out.

LYRICS: [Verse 1] Somehow my mind gets enlightened sittin' in the dark Notebook on the table, brain is swimming in alcoholic thoughts I'm drowning in flows, ...