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Destinee Neumann
· April 15, 2018
We adopted a siamese cat named Mandarin at time. The lady said she was surprised she was getting adopted because she would sometimes hissed at people. She was very loving with us and wanted to be pet.... It has been a little over a month now with her, new name is Wasabi , and she is the most lovable cat we have ever had! Loves to be pet and purrs all the time! So happy we found her! See More
Christina Meyers
· March 14, 2018
While most of think about adopting here - I was in a position that I had to surrender our pet. I was nervous to go and afraid I’d cry my eyes out but the caregiver was so kind and encouraging. I’m ver...y grateful for the service at this establishment. See More
John Spinazzolo
· November 27, 2017
I volunteer there and love the staff and volunteers. Selah has done such a great job organizing and passed the torch to Amanda who also did a great job
Now the fortune lays in Jordan"s hands who I am ...sure will carry on the high level of excellence
I am so fortunate to be part of this incredible organization.
Good luck to Selaj and Amanda on your next endeavors
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Bobbie Anglyn
· February 28, 2018
We got the greatest dog , he had just come into the shelter so he wasn’t neutered yet . They were super kind with me coming every day until he was able to come home . He’s super smart and good . I app...reciate all the time the volunteers and staff took with him and loved on him when we couldn’t be there �� See More
Gina Donovan
· December 17, 2017
What a great experience today. The staff was kind and helpful from beginning to end. Thank you for our fur baby!
Annmarie Wright-Tarver
· July 25, 2017
This is one of the best shelters I've have seen while my family was looking to adopt a cat. Very clean place and the people that work there are amazing . I went into the sunroom where some of the cats... play and boy let me tell you they have a great atmosphere. I saw a cat named Taco sitting on a chair and that was the 1st cat I've seen and I fell in love with him. I new he was the right cat for us. We adopted him and the guy that was finishing up with us and the paperwork was very nice and helpful. At the end i had to ring the bell and everyone clapped. If you want to adopt an animal this will be the place to go too. Thank you everyone who was there on the 21st of July that helped me adopt Taco. See More
Heather Johnson
· October 26, 2016
We got our sweet Elias from them when he was a baby 4 years ago and they were awesome then and they are awesome now. I had a feral mama cat give birth to 5 kittens and I immediately called them becaus...e the mama cat almost killed all of them in our boat when it was 100 degrees outside (she's not a very smart cat) and I put them inside and I told them everything and they said they could not take them even with the mama cat because they were too young and they didn't have enough staff which is understandable because let me tell you, 5 kittens is a lot of work and mess to clean up. So they gave me an appointment for when they would be around 7 weeks of age to surrender them. They were born on September 4th of 2016. I put a lot of work, time, love, care and effort into these babies to give them the best chance possible at a good life and when the date to surrender them came around, we brought them in with their Mama and they immediately recognized how socialized the kittens were and healthy. However they didn't realize how feral our mama Calico really was until they saw her. They gave us two options and one was definitely better than the other so they went out of their way to fix her, vaccinate her and microchip her for us to release her back into the wild. They released her back to us yesterday. The young man who worked there was very sweet and kind to us the entire time. It was very easy to tell that he loved animals as much as we do and the world needs more kind people such as him. So thank you Humane Society for Greater Savannah! I know those 5 sweet babies are in great hands and we can't thank you enough for helping us with our mama cat and the 5 babies. After everyone else including rescue groups turned us and those 5 babies away, ya'll were there and we will never forget that! See More
Hannah Lariscy
· October 20, 2016
My family and I decided to go check out some pups here back in April and we are so glad we did! We came home with a red nose pit named Zoey and she is by far the best! Only thing I found wrong with ou...r experience is that when we adopted her it said on her papers that she was not good around kids or other dogs... We have carefully tested both of these things and found out fast they are both are very wrong. Here we are October now and Zoey has friends all over Savannah and all of the children in the family love coming to our house! The "pitbull" name I think makes people say things like this... It's sad. But we're hoping to get another pup here soon! Hoping to see another pitbull we fall in love with but want him/her to be a puppy so Zoey can teach him/her the ways around the house while we work � Thanks for all of your hard work guys! See More
Hannah Gibson
· January 13, 2018
So this NON-PROFIT organization will refuse to take your pets unless you pay a fee and after you pay this fee, if they decide the animal is unadoptable, the NO KILL SHELTER will "humanely euthanize" (...KILL) them. This is bullshit if I ever heard it. See More
Virginia Lamb
· August 7, 2016
I can't tell you how much joy and happiness all four of our rescue dogs adoped through your facility, have brought us. Dixie, who we adopted in 2005 is the love of my husband's life. Bully was adopt...ed in 2008, and is my little Southern gentleman dog. He is the most patient kindly animal. We adopted Jack on 2009 and he is our "rub puppy." His favorite time of day is his full half hour rub time every morning he bounds into place for along with my morning coffee. And, our last family member is Rita, who though a mere 12 lbs Chi-weenie, has the attitude of a Doberman. She is the cutest Dobbi-wanna be. They have brought unconditional love, and made our lives so much richer. We can't imagine our life without them. In our years of experience, adopting a dog from the Humane Society makes so much sense...not just F or giving really deserving a nimals a forever home, but also for what a intangible gift such animals provid to the lucky families who adopt. See More
Tiffany Allison Churchill
· November 17, 2016
Went last evening the girl at the front desk was to busy on a personal call to say more then cats to the right dogs to the left. We found a wonderful dog and and the woman working in the kennel was She bought us up to be the process and the young lady at the desk never looked at us just handed over paperwork and told the kennel tech in a scolding manner I am not excepting that apo it is last five forty. They close at six so lock the doors don't let other people in and do your job lady. So today I call all morning and say when I would be there. Had to leave messages. She never returned one call and when I finally got her several hours later by calling again and she said the dog was adopted at 11 am. She then proceeded to lie and say that she told us there was another interested applicant.... untrue she never said a word. I am very displeased with the front staff. I am glad however that the sweet dig got a good home. I will not be going back ever. See More
Kelly Sabia
· December 27, 2016
A few months back I found a tiny kitten on death's door in the middle of the street near my house. I love cats, but with my hunting breed mix and a high prey drive, I can't have cats anymore. He doesn...'t try and hurt them, but he doesn't ever stop chasing them. The kitten was very sick and I took to the vet and dished out to at least get antibiotics until I could turn over to somewhere because I wasn't going to let him pass. I called all the cat no kill rescues in town and was told by all they have "no open foster homes" at the moment, weird all these rescues and one tiny kitten couldn't fit? Then I called here leaving multiple messages on the machine, even drove there with the cat to turn over just to find out you need an appt and have to call and they're closed on awkward days. I go back home. Call ALL day during open hours, NEVER received a call back nor did anyone pick up. I had this poor kitten quarantined in my bathroom trying to take care of it waiting for someone to get back with me for a week. Finally after being ignored for a week, I had no choice but to take to the shelter in Rincon where I live that was heartless taking him in. Thank you very much. That kitten probably didn't have a chance there. See More
Meredith Jones Hyche
· February 23, 2016
This place rocks!! Our family had to come to the unfortunate and miserable decision to surrender our dog, Rocket, because my infant son is highly allergic. Even though I cried having to leave him ther...e - knowing I'd never see him again - the employees were comforting and assured me that he would be loved and taken care of. Next thing you know, Rocket's pictures were on the website's gallery and he was adopted just 2 or 3 short days later! Bravo to this Humane Society !!! See More
Penelope McWhorter Hammock
· November 1, 2016
This is the most thorough and we'll organized shelter I have ever been to.
Unfortunately I had to surrender my 2 large, 80 pounds lab mixes to them back in the late summer. I am handicapped and they grown much too large for me to handle. Fortortuntely, they both were adopted in 4 weeks.

I have been looking for a companion dog ever since and check the shelter'so Web site every day. I know I will find the right dog for me right here in Savannah!
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Victoria Crowell
· August 30, 2017
We got a puppy named IceT. Everyone was great. They helped make sure we had everything we needed. Even helped with a free bag of dog food after the adoption. Thanks for all the help.
Taylor Hoppe
· July 7, 2016
The Petfix clinic is AWESOME!!! im not understanding the two negative reviews unless they got mixed up with another clinic haha because everything was explained perfectly about when we needed to pick ...up and drop off our cat! Maybe in thw beginning when the place first opened there were some issues but thats completely normal for EVERY buisness when it first starts off. Its not gonna be perfect at the very beginning! The staff was so amazing, really kind and understanding. I had a much better experience there than i have had at any of the many Vet hospitals ive been to. They are to the point, they go over what we need to know and ask if we have any questions, they are very prompt and are willing to help you any way they can, weather its to carry your cat to your car or even dogs that i saw. I will definitely be coming back and telling everyone of my experience!! Thank you again Petfix!!!! See More
Kaiju Belle
· March 2, 2018
super helpful and understanding staff who helped us find our perfect pup!
Anna Kelly
· August 8, 2015
Just had an fun and rewarding afternoon helping the Humane Society of Greater Savannah raise money with a dog wash. While doggie parents got pampered at 40 Volume Salon & Spa, volunteers gave their f...our legged babies baths and professional groomers trimmed, clipped, and painted nails of pups. Thank you 40 Volume Salon & Spa for use of space, water, and portions of pet parents pampering in the salon. Thank you to everyone who volunteered this afternoon and of course those who brought their fur babies to be pamper and help a worthy cause as well as those who donated dog food. Can't wait for the next opportunity to help out again! See More
Scott Macaulay
· March 26, 2017
We just adopted Walker and we couldn't be happier. We adopted him from the Project New Hope graduation event. Staff was very friendly. We also got to meet the inmate staff that worked with him over th...e past four weeks. If we're ever in the market for another fur baby we know where to go. See More
Louise Moore
· July 31, 2017
Very friendly personnel who genuinely care for all the animals in residence. In 2011, I adopted my precious kitty cat, Scotch. When you adopt, you have the satisfaction of knowing your pet has been ...started on their vaccinations, been spayed or neutered, and you receive a no cost vet visit to ensure all is well. As Cat Man Chris says: DON'T SHOP. ADOPT. ♥ See More
We are extremely proud to announce that Pet Fix Savannah completed their 7,000th spay/neuter surgery this week since opening their doors in February 2016!!
We hit a record number of surgeries today at Pet Fix Savannah...50!! #petfixsavannah #spayneuterclinic #greatworkday
This weekend, #Class61 will graduate from our #OperationNewHope program on July 1st immediately following their graduation ceremony at noon, located at Chatham County Jail! Delilah, Whiskey, Vance, Junebug, Johnnie, Apollo and Poi will all be there waiting for you!

Keeping your dog or cat up-to-date on annual vaccinations that prevent highly contagious and potentially fatal diseases is essential to your pet’s health and well-being. The following will be available:

• 1-year Rabies -$10
• Bordetella (Kennel Cough) - $15
• Da2PPV (Canine Distemper) - $15...
• FVRCP (Feline Distemper) - $15
• Heartworm test (dogs) - $25
• FIV/FeLV test (cats) - $30
• Microchips - $15

**Flea and heartworm preventative will also be available for purchase. Price is based on weight. Heartworm preventative can only be purchased with proof of a negative heartworm test.

The shot clinic will run from 2-6 PM. Please make note that this is NOT a drive-through clinic. Pets are seen on a first come, first served basis. No appointment necessary. Every dog must be on a leash and every cat in a carrier.

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Calling all (male) cats, we've got the purr-fect deal for spring!

From May 1st - May 17th, all neuter surgeries at Pet Fix Savannah are only $35 dollars! Appointments fill up fast, so schedule your appointment today by calling 912-354-6265!

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