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First there was the wheel. Then, the rotary phone. And now, sm...
HackElect shared Služba me ne išče's postmeeting new people.
20 hrs

Would you like to be a part of a highly creative team?
Join us on international hackahton #hackelect and shine in seven minutes job interview! #morenewscomming

Morda zanimivo!

Mednarodni heckathon HackElect 21 Avgust 2017 . Objavljeno v Novice Podjetje Smart Com in Elektroinštitut Milan Vidmar vabita na mednarodni hackathon HackElectV oktobru bo potekalo dvodnevno tekmovanje kreativnih posameznikov, ki razmišljajo izven okvirov, z namenom najti inovativne rešitve na podro...

Today’s workforce comprises of only 16% of Generation-X? What do Millennials Want from a Job?
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The new wave of interviewees, who are out looking for job prospects, are changing the recruitment process altogether.