It's been a while.
As is obvious from the dates between postings, events have diverted me from pursuing my business interests for some time.
I made the decision in September 2013 to become a full-time caretaker, due to illness in the household. The health war is not over, but we've won every battle so far.
I've continued my business activities as a consultant and occasional campaign manager, but turned my clients over to other providers. I've done my best to stay current a...nd involved in the "state-of-the-art" on platforms and new technology, to remain "relevant". Whether I succeeded or not still remains to be seen.

In my age group (60-plus) my story is scarcely unique. Our own health becomes a topic of concern, and the health of those we care about can take savage reverses almost without notice.
You learn to cherish the small quiet places in-between emergencies.
And in my case, the choice was easy,.Many can- and do- competently provide the business services I did.
Nobody else could be there in the ways needed for the problems- and victories- of the last few years.

Good luck and God bless to us all.

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While I was training for social media, I formed relationships with three agencies as an intern, simply to have real-life, day-to-day experience in the field I was interested in. I graduated from my training in December 2012 (and proud to have done so!), but maintained relationships with two of the t...
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July 6, 2013
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To AVG Anti-Virus:
I have always liked your product, recommended it to others, and installed it on many computers. Your software has helped protect me many times (and wasn't shy about reminding me of that, which is fine).
Yesterday, you stepped over the line.
I didn't ask - and would not have asked - to have my home page changed to AVG Search, my search engine default changed to AVG Search, a toolbar (spyware) added onto my browsers.
Yeah, I'm not paying for AVG, got that You guys are a big company, have expenses, got that part too.
Maybe privacy IS just a polite fiction on the Internet - but that fiction requires that you ASK before making major changes to my machine.
You did what the bad guys do; you changed my machine for your own business purposes. Obviously my consent - or the lack of it- wasn't a factor.
And now you get what the other bad guys get - kicked off my machine.
Sorry to see you go; but you did it to yourself.
Hagar Kelly
Fireworks Social Media

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Hagarworks updated their cover photo.
May 4, 2013
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Hagarworks updated their cover photo.
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Hagarworks updated their cover photo.
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