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Roland Abalos Jr
· October 22, 2017
Going to give a 2 and here's why. My group and I did the RIP Tour Last night. Paid quite a bit of money for tickets and was sorely disappointed. We've been to HHN every year before and after they s...topped doing it for a bit. The costs have increased while the benefits of paying for RIP has decreased. We essentially paid for Front of Line access and a personal guide to walk us to the entrance of each maze. Rides and the Jabbawockee show was on us. Additionally, there was no private Tram for RIP guests and no special tram stop where RIP guests used to be able to get out and enjoy a little walk about with ghost story included. Our guide Owen, though very nice and knowledgeable, was essentially there to act as a human map for our group. We did enjoy a decent dinner but were not able to access the RIP guest restaurant beyond our allotted dinner time and the later desert time. There used to be an area where RIP guests were allowed to enter at will and enjoy some down time away from the crowds. This coupled with the toned down mazes and the not so scary zones indicates that HHN is costing more money while giving less and less in return. Next year , unless RIP is improved, we'll visit with Front of Line only and enjoy a nice dinner elsewhere. I guess its time to revisit Knott's Scary Farm where I've been told the money spent for an RIP type experience would go much further with more bang for the buck in return. See More
Tatiana Wilkins
· October 20, 2017
Had an amazing time last night! I have been going to HHN for a while and this is my fifth year in a row. Every year we go on a Thursday to avoid crowds. If you are buying general admission, I would hi...ghly recommend going Thursday night. I have always been able to get through everything (mazes + rides) with time to spare.
Last night, we got the day/night combo ticket which was great because we were able to explore Hogwarts and do the Walking Dead maze before the event started. The bottom lot mazes started opening at 5:15. We went on Insidious first, which was one of the best! After, we did The Shining - this was one of my favorites. They definitely represented the movie well. After The Shining, we did AHS, then Jigsaw, then Ash v Evil Dead. At this point, we had finished the whole lower lot and it wasn't even 6pm. We didn't have to wait in line for any of these mazes. Since the upper lot mazes didn't open till 7, we ate a snack, and watched the opening ceremony. Next, was Blumhouse - very fun maze! After was the terror tram and like everyone else has said, it wasn't that great. Chucky was barely featured which I felt was a missed opportunity. After passing Norman Bates's house, it didn't really feel like there was much going on. There was no wait for the tram, but I imagine if you waited a while, it would be pretty disappointing. We finished the night with the Titans of Terror maze which was good, but felt like a repeat of last year. All the mazes and rides were done by 8pm, just as crowds started entering the park. We had a blast this year and got plenty of scares in! I will agree with some other reviewers that the scare zones were lacking a little. It didn't seem like they had a lot of scare actors working. However, we still had a ton of fun!

I firmly believe you do not need a FOL pass to get everything done unless you want to go on a weekend and can't do early entry. General admission on Thursday is the way to go! Thanks HHN for another year! :)
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Senso del Guerriero
· November 5, 2017
Lines are too long, need to run more days all month. Also move too many people through at once actors cant reset for jumps. Felt like no creativity this year. Chuckie was a sales pitch.

American Horr...or Story: Roanoke - This was average overall. 3/5

Stanley Kubrick's The Shining - This was average as well, but perhaps my hopes had been to high. 3/5

SAW: The Games of Jigsaw - This was the best and had the pass allowed reentry at the front of the line, I would have gone again. An immersive scene which included a stunning scent helped raise it to the top. 5/5

Ash vs Evil Dead - This was a total waste. Repetitive and lacked any creativity. More comedy than scare and that is a reference to the costumes and makeup. 1/5

Insidious: Beyond the Further - This was also just average. 3/5

Titans of Terror better - This one was one of the better ones, even though it was fairly repetitive. This was also the Theme of the Terror Tram. 4/5

The Horrors of Blumhouse - This one was also average and probably rated a little higher than I normally would have, but since it went through more than one movie (Purge, Sinister and Happy Death Day) it made it a little more interesting. Had it been based on any one of the movies alone it would have likely been a 2. 3/5

Terror Tram - Other than giving your feet a break, this promotion for the Chuckie Movie was not great. The photo op with Norman Bates at the Bates home is the major plus. The Friday the 13th area was probably the most creative section. 3/5
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Betty Chou
· October 25, 2017
I went to HHN for the first time on the weekend of 10/14. I did the RIP tour and was kinda of underwhelmed by it. I have done the regular VIP tour before (did it this summer with some friends), and I ...really enjoyed it. It was fun to get to walk around sets and have a guide to answer questions.

Like some of the other posters have posted, the RIP tour is just like getting a FOL pass with a meal. There wasn't anything special included (like a special tram ride, behind the scenes look, etc). The guides were there to take us to each maze and through the tram and that was it. I don't remember our guide's name, but he was nice and helped us navigate the craziness of HHN.

Other than the RIP disappointment, I really enjoyed all the mazes. It is amazing to see all the work that is put into making these haunted houses/mazes. The detail in both the backgrounds and the costumes, make HHN something enjoyable. It was also fun to get scared in the Scare Zones and in the mazes.

I tend to get scared easily, so I found that the scareactors were zeroing in me. That was fun.

I am probably going to go back to HHN on the last night, but will probably get a
(day/night combo) ticket that lets me into the Park at 2 PM (so I can enjoy other things in the park). I did have a good time and I love Halloween.

If you guys do offer RIP tours again next year, try and offer something like a "behind the scenes" mini-tour. I can see people liking that.

The food, like the daytime VIP tour, is buffet style and is excellent as usual.
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Tim Martin
· October 26, 2017
Unfortunately overall pretty disappointing experience when compared to the Halloween events of Knott's Berry and Six Flags. Far more expensive than the other parks and much, much lower value for money... too. Completely forgettable, empty and boring mazes, half the park closed for no apparent reason so no Hogwarts after 6pm (ridiculous!), app didn't work at all on Australian phones, lack of food options, very few roaming actors (almost non-existent really) and underwhelming "scare" zones �

Definitely wouldn't recommend to anyone, and would suggest visiting Knott's or Six Flags over Universal... They won hands down!
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Nakisha Harris
· October 23, 2017
We went on a Thursday. It was our first time at HHN Universal and we were looking forward to it as for the past 5 years we have been disappointed at other Halloween events.

Overall the experience wa...s great. Lots of fun, lots of detail. It would have been better though if they timed the entry to the houses and mazes better. We had front of the line tickets which was great, but because of them sending people in with not pauses or gaps in between the groups you really just saw everything that was coming ahead of time. The best house for us was American Horror Story. They were acutally paying attention to how many people they sent in at once and it was like our group was in there by ourselves. It was very intense and very scary as we had no clue as to what was coming up next.

We will be attending again next year and hope there is improvement. If not, I will just make sure I say no can we wait a few minutes? Especially considering we went on Thursday, the lines were not long at all, they had no reason to push the lines as quickly as they did.
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Rochonda Williams
· October 26, 2017
This year was okay. I liked everything except the scarezones. There wasn’t very many scareactors roaming the park this year. They clearly put all the money into the mazes instead of scarezones and tha...t’s fine but the general admission price is ridiculous in my opinion. If you’re gonna lack in these certain type of things then you should lower the price keep it at $60-$75, no way should it be more than $75 in my opinion. Last year’s waits weren’t near as bad. Last year was the best year and I’ve been going since 2014. Feel like I’m watching this event slowly go downhill. Bottom line, Im extremely disappointed.. we paid $85 and all together I don’t feel like it was worth my money. Mazes great, scarezones were booboo, wait times ridiculous, crowd control horrible. Step it up. Don’t even know if I’ll be coming back next year. See More
Zeus Arreola
· October 22, 2017
All I’m going to say is save your money and go to the one in Orlando, Florida.
1)Hollywood: has drinking zone and can only drink two beers during Horror Night, Orlando: you can drink anywhere in the ...park even while you wait in line, as many beers as you want.
2)Hollywood: scare zone are lame, Orlando: they put more effort into the scare zone (Awesome)
3)Hollywood: employs don’t know shit. (Can’t answer your question) Orlando: if they can’t answer your question they will radio for an answer.
4)Hollywood: expensive as hell (let’s just say I could have paid a month and a half of my car note) Orlando: price is reasonable. (1 horror night in Hollywood would pay for 2 in Orlando.)
It was still a good time but since I know the potential Universal Studios has, I had to give Hollywood 3 stars. Save your money and go to Orlando.
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Jen Yu - Tan
· November 4, 2017
Have to give it to the actors in the mazes, they were great! Had a day to night ticket so we went in at 3pm on a Friday, and were done with all the 8 mazes, Terror Tram and Jabbawockeez by 9pm. Absolu...tely no need for a front of line ticket as the most we had to wait in line was 10 mins. Glad i didn't pay extra for it as it would've been a complete waste. Only things that could be improved are if they scared people on the way into the mazes too, had more actors in the scare zones and made the scare tactics less similar. See More
Kimmy Marshall
· October 15, 2017
2017 RIP Ticket - Such a tight show... The whole park is a fantasy. Best, smoothest, coolest, most awesome sounding, most beautiful looking, artistically strong and immersive year thus far. The crafted and wonderfully staffed mazes are gripping... pull you down a rabbit hole and really go deep in the narrative... and the street experiences were cool as hell; could not get enough of any of it. Most talented theatrical performers on the planet... you're all amazing. The House designs and SZ/street experiences and performances were beyond... I don't even know... astounding... top-notch... endless energy and stamina... those actors never drop character for a second, and their makeup and costumes are stunning. Seamless. Thank you for the commitment to perfection! Our RIP passes were used and abused all night... too fun. Like the last words heard in Titans of Terror: "Happy Halloween!" xoxo See More
Dawn Hudnall Beth
· October 29, 2017
Loved what few mazes we were able to see. Spent an hour in one line and an hour and a half in another. The mazes were great as were the scare zones. Next trip, and word for the wise, I know it costs A... LOT more....but spring for the fast pass. We only made it thru two mazes before our legs and feet were so sore from doing nothing but standing in line. The wait was worth it, but we really hoped and had planned (poorly) to see so many more. See More
Kathryn Mudge
· October 30, 2017
My friend and I did the RIP tour last night and it was absolutely amazing. My friend uses a wheelchair and we were ushered through the park by 3 amazing tour guides. For us the value of the RIP experi...ence was invaluable and the park and mazes were amazing! Ursula,Greg and Maisha were incredible helping us through the park and always made us feel involved and never left behind or rushed. Would.%100 recommend to all our friends. Fantastic mazez/scare zones and staff See More
Ryan Torres
· October 28, 2017
It felt really half assed this year. Some of the mazes were ok, but the energy the whole park provided felt meh. I've been other years and it was a lot of fun. But the lack of scare zones, and some di...mly lit areas gave me the feeling of an event where all the scare actors and staff either called off of work or weren't enthusiastic at all. I so regret going this year, me and my group left early, around 11pm. $200 I'll never get back. I should've just gone to DARK HARBOR! See More
Jon Scott
· November 3, 2017
I have now been attending HHN Hollywood since 2007. I've been able to watch this event grow into what it is now. Every year I get the FOL ticket and hit every maze twice.

This year I was deeply disa...ppointed in what the event delivered. This is Universal Studios and they have set a standard for how their mazes should be. The mazes this year were by far the worst mazes I have ever seen at HHN.

First off the cast does an Incredible job and this review is in no way against what they do in their roles. There is only so much they can do with the tools they are given.

Ok so my issue with the mazes this year is that every single maze had multiple black painted hallways with the exact same scare. *SPOILER ALERT* The scare tactic is an all black hallway with the scarer elevated just above eye level and a strobe and sound effect going off. This was used way too much and comes off as boring and too repetitive. Most of the mazes used this as their finale and repeated it 3 to 4 times. Saw it coming every single time. All of the mazes used to be high quality detail from beginning to end and the scares were all incorporated with the scenery. The one maze that I felt really screwed itself over was The Shining. Toward the end you enter the snow covered hedge maze and I was getting super excited until it turned into black hallways, only to go back into the snow covered hedge maze for a static figure.

Scare Zones. At this point I feel like HHN should just stop trying. They try to turn their scare zones into walkthroughs, which are small versions of Terror Tram and TT has never been great. Toxic Tunnel was just a complete joke. Seriously no props and just lights. Hell-O-ween was ok, but it's in an area that's not heavily traveled through in the whole night. I miss the scarezone in the lower lot and a few of the ones they used in the upper when there was multiples. Instead of that backlot walkthrough scarezone it just needs to be the whole backlot area. Way too many safe zones throughout the park. I need that feeling of looking over my shoulder the whole night and I haven't had that feeling for a long time while at HHN.

Overall I still can't give this event a 1 star for this year. As much as I am disappointed, the mazes do still have some areas that are incredibly detailed and always a great job on the costumes and make-up. I did jump once thanks to a scarer in the Sinister portion of the Blum House Maze. I attend this event every year and I will be back next year with hopes they step up their game and get back to bringing the best in quality and new inventive scares.
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Alaina Douglas
· October 10, 2017
Traveled from Texas and had the opportunity to attend and it is now a plan to come every year. We had a blast. We did not have front of the line passes so that will be something to look forward rocky year but besides that it was great. My favorite part was when the park was closing and there was a little street scare with all the scary people with chainsaws. That was the highlight of my night. See More
Ruby Salloum
· November 15, 2017
My family and I attended and were pleasantly surprised at the organization if the event. Fortunately we didn't wait in long lines and just walked thru all the exhibits. However, it was A LOT of walkin...g in addition to the usual walking of the regular park. We had a day/night combo pass and it did a lot. Extremely fun though! See More
Ishmael Chavez
· November 5, 2017
I wish I would have seen the above review before purchasing my tickets. I also was thoroughly disappointed. The private tram gone, private back lot tour/show gone. V.i.p. has been reduced to front of... line with a buffet and chasing a fool with a glow stick. Next year knotts scary farm for sure maybe it's time for a change. See More
Vanda Tavares
· October 10, 2017
Loved it!!! I screamed and screamed. Even though I knew it was fake I got really scared. The live performers were amazing and the sceneries awesome.
Next time I’m buying a front of line pass so that ...I won’t wait that long on queue. It’s worth the money!! See More
Jay Isais
· November 1, 2017
We had a wonderful experience on Halloween, Oct 31st.

We did the R.I.P tour and everything went seamlessly from the valet parking to the final maze on the walking tour....

Everyone we encountered was very courteous and polite. The check-in was fast and friendly, and the instructions were clear. The dinner buffet was great in both food and venue and the view from the patio was awesome. Some of the earlier reviews that we read had expressed disappointment that the VIP Buffet was not open later in the evening, so we were delighted when our guide told us that they would reopen at 10:30 and remain open until closing for R.I.P. guests. We did come back at 11:30 for dessert. Also, having private uncrowded restrooms in the VIP area was a nice perk!

Our guide Maisha was cheerful, informative, and very attentive to the entire group. Although we certainly could have (and did in previous years) navigate our way to the mazes on our own, it was a pleasant change of pace to just follow our guide with her bobbing orange light from one to the next. Even though our guide did not come into the attractions with us, she was always waiting for us and always visible when we exited. The guided tour took just under 3 hours during which time we went through all the mazes and the Terror Tram.

After we and our guide parted ways, we managed to go back through 6 of the 8 mazes a second time, along with all the scare zones. We did not make it to Jabbawockeez or any rides this year, but there was plenty of time to do so if we had wanted.

While obviously not the most crowded night of the season, there were still plenty of people at the park, with long general admission lines at most of the mazes all night long. The unlimited front of line privilege was so appreciated.

The scare zones were all decent, however it seemed like actors were sometimes concentrated together in spots, so some attendees got scare overload, while others didn’t encounter many (or any) while going through an area.
In particular, “Urban Inferno” the “Hell” themed zone with demons was very well decorated, laid out, and staffed, with plenty of actors that made multiple encounters a certainty.

The Toxic Tunnel was a great idea, but it was hard to really get the effect of the theme and actors due to the large space, variable lighting, and number of people traveling through simultaneously.
Maybe if there were a few large set pieces inside to break up the space it would have been more effective.

If you want an organized, low stress way to experience Halloween Horror Nights with a touch of class, we would recommend this package. We will absolutely consider it again next year! Thanks HHN!
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Kortney Lievanos
· October 30, 2017
Anyone else notice they weren’t scaring on the way to mazes anymore? Went this year was the first year with our front of the line wasn’t worth the money if I could ask for a refund I would!!!! The ter...ror tram got cluttered no specific area for you to get on we waited three trams because we kept getting pushed back mind you we paid nearly $500 for these things! The mazes were literally the only places you were scared. Oh and should I mention their were so many kids this year I even seen a little girl looked as though she was 3 years of age dressed as chucky parents had stroller in toe I mean it was cute don’t get me wrong but is that why their not scaring everyone on the way to mazes anymore? Also their weren’t certain themes when you reach certain areas just one them from what I saw and another during their “expansion” so dull we will not be going any more especially for the amount we paid. They also seemed to close everything earlier than past years which maybe their trying to push people to leave early did anyone else experience any of this or is it beside we went so late in the month? Also parking was $25 general rediculous considering our tickets were so much See More

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