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Kasey Weaver Crosby
· November 10, 2017
I live in Raleigh and had a urgent situation with my daughter while visiting with family in Rocky Mount. The staff worked us in and Dr. Bolin was BEYOND excellent with my injured 19 month old. If you ...have allergies, headaches, child with ear infections, low immune system try chiropractic that's what drew me to chiropractic to begin with. Had I gone to pediatrician with my daughters hurt arm we would probably still be waiting on X-rays, therapy, some kind of cast or wrap. I can't speak highly enough about chiropractic and Hammer chiropractic is EXCELLENT! See More
Kristin Liles
· November 10, 2017
Great service! Everyone who works there is super nice from the staff to the doctor. Dr Bowling is great and I️ highly recommend if you need a chiropractor in the RM area.
Dennis Pridgen
· May 27, 2017
Very friendly staff and great experience, my pain was almost instantly gone after my visit. Highly recommend them!!!
Michael Blackmer
· July 20, 2016
Dr Bolin is awesome. He has great interaction with me and really understands how to get to the root cause of my issue. He and his staff truly care about their patients and make me feel like a VIP e...very time I come for an appointment. See More
Ronnie Tank Edwards
· February 4, 2017
These folks are awesome. Dr. Bolin has help with my back pain but still have a ways to go. His demeanor is so friendly and easy going.
Gloria Grant
· November 24, 2016
Still sore but Dr B. will bring this to and end and he even says he is a servant of the Lord in his practice. Loving Hammer Chiropractic.
Cacy McKeever
· July 23, 2014
Very nice staff. Got me in the day I called. Waited less than 15 minutes in office. Doctor was very personable. Over all excellent experience. Would recommend to any one.
Lindsay Owens
· June 21, 2016
Dr. Hammer is amazing!! My husband hurt his back and could barely move. Dr. Hammer worked his magic and got my husband back to normal! Their prices are also VERY reasonable!
Steve Askew
· March 1, 2017
Know what they are doing and make you feel like family!
Danny Pittman
· April 20, 2017
My hip pain is alot better thanks deftly going back.
John Barnes
· November 13, 2015
Highly recommend. Dr Hammer is very knowledgeable and can help you to feel better, quickly.
Kimberly Brown
· December 9, 2013
Love Dr. Dirks and the staff!

According to this study, chiropractic manipulation can increase bone density! More benefits of chiropractic are being discovered all the time.

PHOENIX, Oct. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- For years, chiropractors have used chiropractic manipulation to create...

This goes for women too! Keep your spine limber and young with chiropractic care from our knowledgeable doctor.

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Most people deal with back pain at some point, but even if you don't, chiropractic care can help you with a myriad of other health issues. Contact us today to see if chiropractic can help with your concern!

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Save yourself from pain by following these tips including scheduling an appointment with your chiropractor! Regular chiropractic care can not only decrease pain but increase overall health!

Are you suffering from lower back pain? If yes, then you are not the only one. In fact, around 80% adults experience the symptoms of lower back pain at some points in their lifetime. Lower back pain is a common condition. It can affect your mood, productivity, quality of life, and more. Starting fro...

Happy Valentine's Day! Take some time today to appreciate all that your body does for you and show it some love with a chiropractic adjustment.

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Value your health by visiting us for both preventative and healing care. When you come in, we can give you advice on how to avoid sickness and achieve your body's optimal performance.

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An un-adjusted spine is all too often one in pain. Remember, prevention is the best medicine! Don't wait until it is too late to call us.

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Wise words! You only get one spine, so make sure you are seeing a chiropractor regularly!

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Many people have subluxations and do not even realize that is the cause of their discomfort. Share this with anyone you know who complains of aches or pains and encourage them to see a chiropractor to help detect and correct any hidden sources of inflamation.

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Our bodies are amazing and capable of so much, but because of this they are easy to over-estimate! Don't let worrying about your limitations stop you from living your life, but do see us so we can make sure your spine is thriving too!

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The holiday season can be a strain on more than just your wallet! But don't let anything get in the way of putting your health first! You only get one body, so treat it right with regular visits to the chiropractor!

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This isn't news to us! The systems in our bodies are all deeply connected so you can expect that after a visit with our chiropractor, more than just your spine feels better! 😉

I’m going to make this easy for you today. Your nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system are inextricably linked so when one system is impacted or gets the right treatment, the others are impacted as well.

Lol! Remember to be patient with your treatment! Sometimes you need to see us a few times before you notice results, other times you might feel better immediately after an adjustment! Either way, be good to your body and make sure you keep up with your regular appointments.

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Unfortunately, this is true. A healthy body is one that is both free of illness and functions optimally. Chiropractic care can help you achieve this level of health. Book an appointment and experience the results for yourself.

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HAHAHA! Common workplace maladies including stress and sitting at a desk all day can be damaging to your spine. Come in to see us for an adjustment so you can better withstand everything that your job requires of you. 😉

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Don't wait until you are this out of balance! Regular chiropractic visits can prevent health issues as well as treat existing concerns. Schedule your appointment with us now!

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