New patch for iOS coming later this week. Adds performance improvements and bug fixes.

Hamster Hellstorm is now being put through Apple's testing process and will be available on the App Store once it passes.


The first of the unlockable levels is now available.

Hamster Hellstorm will be coming to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad soon. The iOS port is almost complete.

To anyone with old devices: I've recently discovered an animation bug that crops up every once in a while on these devices. As always I will be working as hard as I can to keep all Icicle Games products bug free and stable. The next update will include this as well as other bug fixes and also some notable performance enhancements.

Let us know what you think. If you've already downloaded Hamster Hellstorm please leave a review.

Hamster Hellstorm is now out! Tell all your friends and get it on the Google Play Store. Bust up gangs and clean up the streets as a hamster bounty hunter in this hard-hitting action game. He's rough, he's tough, and...
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All game content is now complete and the game is being prepped for release on Android.

Hamster Hellstorm added 7 new photos to the album: Screenshots.

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Getting close to release! Hamster Hellstorm will now officially be the first game by my new company: Icicle Games

I'll be cutting the cloud save system due to budget and the fact that it is very annoying to have to login every time you start playing the game.

There is good news though: I've nearly finished all the levels and I'm still on track for the release date.

The jungle world is now finished. Almost all the weapons are done too. It should be ready to release pretty soon. So far the planned platforms for the game's initial launch are:



I'll be considering A OUYA and Windows Phone 8 port depending on the game's performance on other platforms.

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Well I've finished the layout of a few more levels and I'm almost finished with the guns. Unfortunately iOS is giving me trouble with getting online services working. Who wants Hamster Hellstorm to come to the OUYA or Windows Phone?

Sorry it's been awhile but I've been quite busy lately. I just started back up on some more level design and the newest world is looking great (don't worry, this is a preview and I'll add more trees later). I also managed to finish every weapon in the assault rifle class.

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Well about 90% of the programming is done. Now I just need to draw 20 more guns and lay out the rest of the levels.

New weapon: double barreled shotgun. This is what your enemies are gonna be carrying. Also, I finished a few nice little effects that will be in the next beta release. Debris from bikers is one of those features.

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