Abandon All Ships - Cowboys (New Song)

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Ice Nine Kills - The Predator Becomes the Prey

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Ready, Set, Fall - Deceiving Lights (Single) [iTunes]

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Alive in the Lights - House of Cards EP

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After The Burial - Wolves Within (2013) (Quality Update!)

Genre: Progressive Metalcore Bit Rate: MP3, V0 Tracklist: 01. Anti-Pattern 02. Of Fearful Men 03. Pennyweight 04. Disconnect 05. Nine Summers 06. Virga 07. Neo Seoul 08. Parise 09. A Wolf Amongst Ravens Download: Zippyshare

I Set My Friends On Fire - My Little Cabbage Planetarium (2013) (Single)

Genre: Experimental/Electronic Quality: 320 kbps MP3 (Webrip) Tracklist: 1. My Little Cabbage Planetarium Download: Zippyshare

Alesana - Fatima Rusalka (2013) (Single)

Genre: Post-Hardcore Quality: 192kbps MP3 Tracklist: Fatima Rusalka Download: Zippyshare

Hollow Like Me - Lost At Sea (2013) (EP)

Genre: Post-Hardcore Quality : iTunes (.m4a) Tracklist: 1. You Need To Know 2. Lost At Sea 3. Time Heals All Things 4. Corrupted Lives 5. The Ballad of a Broken Home Download: Zippyshare (Thanks to Mudkipz!)

I Exalt - Vessel (2013) (EP)

Genre: Progressive Deathcore Quality: MP3 320kbps Tracklist: 1.Astral Desertion – featuring Sean Harmanis from Make Them Suffer 2.Manipulator 3.Desolate Hollows 4.Purge – featuring Nick Arthur from Molotov Solution 5.Harvested 6.Seperate…

Your Epitaph - Chooser Of The Slain (2013)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore Quality 320 kbps MP3 Tracklist: 01. Legion 02. Eternity 03. Agony Of Life 04. Forgotten 05. Chooser Of The Slain 06. Nord 07. End Of Time 08. Consequences Of Insatiable Hate 09. Into The Fire 10. MY PAL Hates All…

Compilation Update: There are only two more genres (pop punk and metalcore) to cover for the compilation. Once I choose the bands for those two all the bands will be selected and messages. I have been very busy with work and college stuff and pushing for the legalization of marijuana in New York. I will continue working on the compilation on Monday. Once the bands are messages I should be able to give you guys a ETA for the compilation. Why only a estimated time of arrival? B...ecause I still have to wait for the bands to send me the songs in .wav format. Each band is given about a week sometimes more to respond and send in the song if they do not then they are removed from the list and I select another spot. Once I choose all the bands and give them a week or two, if they all don't respond I will let everyone know that spots opened up for whatever genres so you guys can send in more submissions.

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From Ashes to New - From Ashes to New [EP] (2013)

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Metalcore Bit Rate: M4A, 256kbps CBR (iTunes) Tracklist: 1. Stay This Way 2. Live Again 3. I Will Show You 4. Destruction of Myself 5. My Fight Download: Zippyshare

August Burns Red - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy [New Song] (2013)

Genre: Metalcore/Instrumental Bit Rate: M4A, 256kbps CBR (iTunes) Tracklist: 14. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Download: Zippyshare

Time Traveller - Morla and the Red Balloon [EP] (2013)

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Metalcore Bit Rate: MP3, 256kbps CBR Tracklist: 1. 500ml (feat. Kellin Quinn) 2. Byw 3. Rokit Man (feat. Matty Mullins) 4. Super Alcalina (feat. Tyler Carter) 5. CMizell928 6. Salt and Vinegar Download: Zippyshare

City Lights - The Way Things Should Be (2013)

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Pop Punk Bit Rate: M4A, 256kbps CBR (iTunes) Tracklist: 1. I’m Sick of It 2. Promises 3. Truth Is 4. See You At the Top 5. Jeremy’s Song (feat. Matty Arsenault of A Loss for Words) 6. Mistakes 7. The Dark Side 8. Leaving…

Evergreen Terrace - Dead Horses (2013)

Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore Bit Rate: M4A, 256kbps CBR (iTunes) Tracklist: 1. Crows 2. When You’re Born in the Gutter, You End Up in the Port 3. Post Satanic Ritual Baby 4. Dead Horses 5. Browbeaters Anonymous 6. It’s All Over But the…

Eyes Wide Open - Aftermath (2013)

Genre: Metal / Melodic Death Metal Quality: 320 kbps MP3 Tracklist: 01. Wings Of Redemption 02. Avalanche 03. Foxdie 04. The Altruist 05. New World Order 06. Red 07. No More Stars 08. The Dark Inside 09. Sink…