Hi everyone.
It is time the official announcement be made.
Rudi and Hayleigh have both decided to retire from competitive figure skating.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their devoted support. Hayleigh and Rudi both appreciate each and every one of you very much.


A special thank you to Anabelle and Cody for their tireless work and unwavering support.

Please help me in wishing Hayleigh and Rudi all the best in their new endeavors!

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For any fans who have heard and are curious, Hayleigh is reporting great recovery! With special thanks to the amazing team at Winsport helping her along the way!
Keep the well wishes coming, I think they're doing the trick!


That was a pretty exciting World Championships, wouldn't you agree??
How exciting for Canadian pairs today! Well done to all 6 pairs skaters on an excellent representation of Canadian skating. That's how it's done!

Perhaps next year we will see Hayleigh and Rudi on Worlds ice!

Rudi and Hayleigh are having a blast on their tour for Road Show!
Thanks to Nicole Gryba Smith for sharing a couple of snaps of our Favorite Senior Canadian Pair skater! (With a few favorite mini skaters!)

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Nicole Gryba Smith added 2 new photos — with Jamie Smith and 2 others.

What a great evening with some very talented skaters!!

Hayleigh and Rudi are off to Saskatoon today to kick off the Skate Saskatchewan road show! They will be touring 4 towns in Saskatchewan with fellow Sask skaters.
Towns they are visiting are Whitewood, Moosejaw, Outlook, and Rosetown.
Let us know if you've spotted them during the tour!

Great shot of Hayleigh and Rudi from Dave Holland!

“Redo! I like this one better of @hayleigh_bell

Beautiful shot of Rudi and Hayleigh's short program by the awesome Danielle Earl

Big congrats to Hayleigh and Rudi.
Both should be so so proud of themselves for what they've been able to accomplish.
From starting late in the season, to funding struggles, to multiple minor injuries throughout their Brand Spanking New season together, they were able to recover from a bit of a shaky short program at their first nationals together and skate a solid free program today to achieve a SB score.

Rudi coming back from a year off, coming back to training full time. H...ayleigh coming back from two surgeries on her leg and her first season as a senior skater.
Not only have these two shown so much progress in their short time together, but they have been able to overcome many hardships to get that progress.
There is nowhere to go but up from here.

Such a huge thank you to so many supports throughout this season, including the incredible staff at Winsport, and of course the amazing Anabelle and Cody.

Here comes a new season!
Go #TeamHotRod

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Hayleigh and Rudi have completed their long program skate.
Looks like they got a Season's Best on their long, so that's great news!

Unfortunately for anyone living west of Ontario (So basically over half of Canada), we have to wait a little over an hour before seeing "Live coverage."
Thanks a lot, CTV.

Well now, that was Not the pair team we saw earlier today and yesterday during their practices!
We know better!

Now that they've got their jitters out of the way, Let's hear you guys cheering louder tomorrow!!


Go #Teamhotrod and don't forget to Breathe and enjoy yourselves! We believe in you!!

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“#teamhotrod ready and fierce!!! Short program time! #CTNSC16”

We are down to the last flight of men live on TSN.
Make sure you tune in soon to see Pairs!

Hayleigh and Rudi skate 3rd in the first flight!