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Cdf Fern
· November 1, 2017
Great Teacher! Very good for kids. Children gets expose to real situation in what would they encounter on the street or in their school and how to handle it versus a martial arts that is just for show.... It doesn't require a lot of jumping and kicking and punching to take someone else down and that is how aikido is very effective and dangerous. And it teaches children good discipline and patience. Sensie also put the children in check to make sure they behave and show respect to each other in the dojo. See More
Kelly Burns Lieber
· October 13, 2015
Great Sensei great energy amazing training. If you are looking for high quality good training please come to Hayward Aikido!
Ea Murphy
· March 27, 2017
A wonderful training experience - great teacher, great members, great spirit.
In the trenches on a friday night at Hayward Aikido
Teaching at local elementary public schools reaching out to the Hayward community.
Teaching at local elementary public schools and reaching out to the Hayward community.

Thank you for all the participants of yesterday’s knife seminar. Lots of things to ponder and hopefully you got something tangible and useful out of it.


Coming this saturday. See you there!

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Knife Seminar on February 3, 2018. Hope to see you there!

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Hayward Aikido at Brooklyn Aikikai December 2017.

JD Sandoval Sensei of Hayward Aikido at Brooklyn Aikikai, Dec. 16, 2017. For information about Birankai Aikido, visit For more information abou...

Thank you to Savoca Sensei and all the members of Brooklyn Aikikai for hosting us this weekend. Such a beautiful community and excellent Aikido.

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Brooklyn Aikikai is with Kay Barber and 15 others.

Thanks to JD Sandoval Sensei and his students for a fantastic seminar!

One week left before JD Sandoval Sensei and members of Hayward Aikido will be in Brooklyn Aikikai. Please join us for some good, hard training.

J.D. Sandoval of Hayward Aikido at 2017 Birankai North America Summer Camp in Tacoma, Wash., July 26-31, 2017. For more information about Birankai Aikido, vi...

Sandoval Sensei and some members of Hayward Aikido will be in Brooklyn this December. Please come and train with us.

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Brooklyn Aikikai

Please mark your December calendar for JD Sandoval Sensei at Brooklyn Aikikai!

Last weekend’s seminar. Thank you again to everybody who taught and trained. Much appreciated.

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Aikido Institute of San Francisco

Thank you to everyone who came to train!
And a special thank you to Sandoval Sensei, Diagana Sensei, Schenk Sensei, McSpadden Sensei, Fernandez Sensei, and Enriquez Sensei for teaching.

Everyone came in and brought the fire!

Hayward Aikido would like to thank Nomura Sensei and the teachers/members of Aikido institute of san francisco for graciously hosting the seminar this weekend.

Please join Hayward Aikido and Aikido Institute of San Francisco for a 2 day seminar this October.

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Here is our demonstration at St. Clement parish festival. We did this without any advance notice and is out of pure spontaneity. Thank you St. Clement parish for having us.

Hayward Aikido demonstration at St. Clement parish festival that was held on September 24, 2017. Chief instructor - JD Sandoval. Ukes - Rena Fourkas, Isaiah ...

Clips from the Yahe Solomon Sensei seminar this weekend.

Clips from the seminar taught by Yahe Solomon Sensei at Hayward Aikido on Sept 23-24, 2017

Thank you for everybody that supported this weekend's seminar with Yahe Solomon Sensei. And most of all thank you for Solomon Sensei for sharing his vast knowledge and experiences in Aikido with us.

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