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We are hearing that many Hazelbakers from around the US will be joining us in Illinois on August 6. Great! For those thinking about it, here's what to expect:

-- Very friendly family members. Over the years, we've had visitors from other states, and they always felt welcome.
-- Really great food. The meal is a pot luck. And we are always lucky. Lots of picnic food, casseroles, noodles, salad and desserts.
-- A chance to talk and catch up with others....
-- Bingo, arts and crafts for the kids, and a beautiful park to enjoy.

The sure way to make it better is for YOU to come.

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All Hazelbakers, relatives and friends are welcome to the 83rd reunion. Started by the Illinois branch, all family members will be given a warm welcome, and more food than any human should eat. The park has canoeing and boating, and there will be friends from all over.

Sun 12:00 PM CDTKickapoo State ParkVermilion, IL
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The Illinois Hazelbaker reunion was August 7, 2016. Do you have a Hazelbaker reunion in your area? Let us all know. Unless you're afraid we might come and visit, because we probably will. Unless you ask us not to. And then we'd still probably come.

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We are the descendants of Peter Hasselbacher, 1759-1800.  Peter was born in Munchsteinach, Bavaria (Germany) in 1759.  He was drafted by his prince (known as the Margrave) to join the Hessian regiments serving with the British Army in the Revolutionary War.  He was one of many captured at the British defeat at Yorktown, Virginia in 1781.  He remain...ed in the US.  He  met and married Elizabeth Shively of Virgina.  He changed his last name to Hazelbaker.  He and Elizabeth settled on a farm in southwest Pennsylvania, near Coal Center, PA.   He lived unil 1800.  Genealogical research has shown that all people named Hazelbaker are descended from him and Elizabeth.

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Please tell all your Hazelbaker friends and relatives about this page, and "Like" the page! If you've not yet seen it, see the story of the rediscovery of Peter's grave at the link below. That remarkable site is managed by a distant cousin of ours. Our common ancestor with him goes way back to the 16th or 17th century. Remarkably, his name is... Peter Hasselbacher! Just call him Peter the Younger.

When I was a boy growing up in Montana, Peter Hazelbaker was but oral family history. In September of 2008, a series of remarkable circumstances led me to Pennsylvania, and Peter’s final resting place.
Hazelbaker Family updated their cover photo.
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Welcome Hazelbakers everywhere! More pictures to come soon, along with more information about our family's founder Peter. Also, cousin Mark Hazelbaker and John Albert Hazelbaker have an idea to help preserve and memorialize Peter's grave.