Oh hell yes! The Lantern!!!

The Lantern Cinema

Did you guess the next screenings correctly?

We’re very excited to announce the second season of the Lantern Cinema! You won’t want to miss our fall/winter lin...eup, which includes:

• Ghost World, September 28
• The Thing, October 31
• Bicycle Thieves, November 29
• King of Comedy, December 28

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Thanks so much to @musicdefined for this awesome idiot boy review!

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from H.D. Harmsen. Back in 2013 he put out Papoose, which is still one of the most criminally under-heard records of the decade. It’s on Sp…

My song "little baby esmé " performed live for little baby esmé. One of the many songs on idiot boy. Kind of crazy for me to watch this now that she's two!

SUPRISE!!! My new album Idiot Boy is released by @maximumames records today on my golden birthday!!

Here's a little note I wrote about the album:

"It’s July 30th, 2017. It’s my golden birthday. I feel greatly happy and fortunate to be 30. There’s a lot of people that don’t make it.


Over the past three years, I have been secretly, catch-as-catch-can, recording an album in the music room of my house. In that time, I’ve actually captured a ton of my life. My marriage, house, daughter, fears, excitements, a cult happening, my grandma, choirs, ancient mystery cannons, “It’s a Wonderful Life” dreams, lemonade stands, Captain Nemo, the passing of time and so on and so on.

I feel the need to put this thing out now. 30 songs, on my 30th birthday, on July 30th. Numbers are important. I’m calling it Idiot Boy because it seems right. That’s me. It started off as 57 songs, but I trimmed it down. Its 75 minutes long, which may be a problem for some. It’s not perfect, but I’m OK with that. Just download it and drive somewhere far.

Thanks so much!


H.D. Harmsen, Idiot Boy"


1) Fear and Loss

2) I Love You

3) I Can’t Rise Above It

4) Come On Stella

5) Summer’s Ended

6) Aug. 19th, 2015

7) I’ll See Your Love (When the Sun Comes Up)

8) JFK

9) Losing a Friend

10) How Do You Sleep?

11) I See the Moon

12) Unknown

13) I Miss You

14) Washington

15) Captain Nemo

16) Sketches of Brain 1

17) First Christmas Alone

18) Sleep Paralysis

19) The Dream

20) Respect the Stand

21) Zu Zu’s Petals

22) Monument

23) I’m Hurt

24) Death of Old Ways

25) It’s Hard to Believe

26) Little Baby Esme

27) Esme

28) Things Don’t Last Forever (Written By Hannah Harmsen)

29) On the Mind

30) Inner Hearing

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30 songs from the life of H.D. Harmsen. Released on his golden birthday. 30 years old on July 30th, 2017. Available exclusively as a download from Maximum Ames Records.
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30, 30, 30th............ Maximum Ames Records

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An essay about Patrick Tape Fleming, written by H.D. Harmsen:

In 2003, I spent most of my time in my friend Chris Watland’s mom’s car. Chris had just gotten hi...s driver’s license, we were fresh out of sophomore year, and this car had air conditioning. We would constantly explore Des Moines and listen to music. Chris was given a mixtape by his friend Nikki that was full of indie music of the time. There was Belle and Sebastian, The Faint, Rilo Kiley, and the Postal Service. We loved this mix tape so much, but there was one song stood out above the rest: “All Summer Long.” I remember Chris telling me it was a local band called the Poison Control Center.
I couldn’t believe that this song was written and recorded by a local artist. Chris and I listened to this song hundreds of times together and I can honestly say it changed the way I looked at music. When one listens to this song it could, at first thought, be of something not that spectacular. A simple love duet performed by a strange-sounding lead singer. However, upon repeated listening it starts to reveal itself. Beautiful lyrics and wonderfully intertwining polyphonic melodic textures give the song a mystic beauty that all great music shares. Over the years, I’ve tried to dissect the song and figure out what gives it its emotional quality. Each time I’ve ended up short and can’t quite figure it out. I once talked to Joe Terry (the Poison Control Center’s bassist) about what they did while recording. He told me they just stayed up late and ate a lot of candy. Thanks Joe.
As the years progressed, my obsession with the Poison Control Center continued and I devoured every album they released. I also soon discovered that the name that kept popping up was Patrick Tape Fleming. He was one of the main songwriters and kind of sounded like someone people really respected musically. It became obvious that this a guy that knew so much stuff about music. I remember desperately wanting to meet/befriend this person. I could tell by his music that he knew a lot about the history and progression of rock n’ roll. As time went on I started recording my own music and sending it to Pat. His approval meant the world to me. It retrospect, it seems crazy that I did that, but I was amazed at his generous spirit. Pat was so wonderful to write heartfelt responses and soon enough reviews and articles about my music.
Years moved on and I started to have many more experiences with Pat. I have been fortunate to see the man work many times. In terms of being a front man, he’s the best. There’s no one that can command a stage like Pat. Also, when it comes to running a recording session, there’s also again really no one like Pat. He’s a wonderfully intuitive artist that IS NOT AFRIAD. I’ve seen Patrick work with musicians that technically are far superior but he’s never intimidated. Technically gifted musicians are often skeptical of things they’ve never seen before in the studio. Every time I’ve worked with Patrick, he always changes the way I think and listen to music.
In a lot of Pat’s music there’s also a sense of self doubt that surprises super fans like me. “When I view myself with anyone, I’m always the lowest of all, that way there’s nowhere else to fall…” This is a line from his “Infinity Starts Over.” It always makes me stop when I hear it. In the words of Cole Porter, Pat’s the top (for local independent musicians of my age group). He taught us all how to do it. He was the first person we knew who recorded his own albums, made a home studio, booked a tour, made contacts with national publications and musicians, mastered albums, filmed videos, and knew how to perform on stage. He’s Everest. How can he not know how great he is?
I believe love is what fuels Patrick creatively. I believe that Patrick’s love for Ashley and now his son Nilsson is what makes him who he is. On his latest soon to be released album, ”Drying The Eyes Of The Goddess Of Gloom, Underneath The Stars And The Moon” this thought is proven. It’s full of songs about love both romantic and now paternal. He seems happy. It sounds like the album he’s been working for his entire life. And although I can hear this is Pat’s best album, we all know that Pat’s true masterpiece is going to be his son Nilsson.
Can’t wait for you to see my hero Patrick Tape Fleming perform songs from his new album this Saturday at the DSM Folk Collective.

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Lantern cinema tomorrow!! Easy rider!! I'll be there!!

The Lantern Cinema updated their status.

Tomorrow is going to be great! The popcorn recipe has been perfected, the candy is ready to go, and I get the chance to watch one of my favorite movies on the b...ig(ish) screen.

If you haven't seen "Easy Rider," you might assume it's all dudes and drugs and "Born to Be Wild," and...well, it kind of is. BUT this is also a radical departure from the popular films of the 60s. Dennis Hopper wanted to emulate Truffaut by making something low budget, meaningful, and sometimes gritty.

Doors open at 6:30. Enjoy some drinks, snacks, music, and movie clips until just after 7:00; there's a brief pre-show talk before showtime at 7:15.

Take a break from the summer blockbusters and check out any or all of the movies lined up at the Vaudeville Mews through August. If you don't make it tomorrow, I hope to see you for "Eraserhead," "Bottle Rocket," or "Putney Swope."


Hannah from the Lantern

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Man me Chris Ford, Drew Salem, and the Genie had a massive discussion for his podcast Conquered 4 life. All about leading being in bands! Two parter!!

The official website of the songwriter and recording artist Christopher the Conquered.

Pretty cool when your two year old daughter is listening to the first Lou reed album and says "this is rock n roll." She gets it.

Hey everyone happy Friday! My wife Hannah has started a new film series that will be held at the vaudeville mews. It will feature art house and cult films! First movie in the series is Easy Rider on May 31st! Ya gotta come! This is a event !!

Wed 6:30 PM CDTVaudeville MewsDes Moines, IA
117 people interested

Wrote about my dear friend Derek.

First show is May 13th and it features myself, Derek muse lambert, Christopher the conquered, hosted by Kelly huisinga, presented by Madison ray and art showcase by dan Welk! Event is free and open to the public. Thanks so much Kenny halstead for your amazing photography and poster design!!

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The DSM Folk Collective is a monthly concert series featuring three songwriters, a visual artist showcase, and a post-concert open mic.
We don't think of "folk" as a genre. We think of it more in a cultural-anthropological sense. We are all the "folk" of this time. The DSM Folk Collective recognizes the music that is happening now is a part of a greater social tradition.
Founded in 2017 by three like-minded dreamers (Kelly huisinga, Madison ray, and H.D. Harmsen) and housed in the historic Gabriel mansion, the DSM Folk Collective's goal is to provide encouragement and foster a creative and free environment for young artists in the Des Moines area to create and perform.

Thanks so much to @greer c art for this! First line up announcement coming in the next few days. It's a very exciting time!

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I've recently been getting myself going again. I've played two shows in the past month. I also have another one on May 13th. Me and a couple of friends are starting something called the "DSM Folk Collective." A monthly concert series freaturing three songwriters, a post concert open mic for songwriters in attendance to try out a song they're working on for a great audience, and also a showcase of a local visual artist. This event will be free and take place at a Victorian mansion in Des Moines. First ones May 13th and will feature Christopher the conquered, Derek Muse Lambert, and myself . It will also be hosted by Madison ray! Keep a eye out for posters, and face book invite. Let's create a community!

Ok I'm dusting this thing off!!