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Kevin Mills
· September 27, 2017
Haven't been here yet being out of state but i can tell you that knowing the owners for years that they are quality people and I know that everything about this place is quality because of them. Espec...ially the selection of music of course. See More
Angelo Gomez
· October 31, 2017
I slept late today. I was having a dream that I lived in New Mexico and was building a gigantic beautiful building out there. I woke up and I saw this on my feed. Bizarre Bazaar.
Lex Lyford
· April 9, 2016
Really nice high-class shop. Besides a nice selection of high-quality well priced records, he's got wonderful original artwork, books, CDs, a few DVDs and other pretty things to look at and buy. The... record collection is well curated and of very high quality. All records are sleeved in plastic, which reveals a shopkeeper that cares about the quality and condition of his wares. Mark is knowledgeable, friendly and articulate. Definitely a great destination near the plaza to find out what's happening in town. I was surprised at the breadth of the collection, definitely some stuff I hadn't seen before, and I have been to a lot of record stores. I am picky about my record stores, and this one is top-notch. See More
Jennifer Elmore
· April 23, 2017
This place is ahhh-mazing! A 5 star class record store & the owner is the most knowledgable person that I know when it comes to vinyl! If you're in the area or visiting go check it out!!!
Madaro Smiley
· January 22, 2017
a real record shop with listening stations ! ive missed having a local shop to drop in on and listen to new wax and get the lowdown .
Kenny Doyle
· October 30, 2016
Purchased 4 albums last week. Put them on turntable today and 2 are unplayable as the sound is just awful. I know I am at risk buying used vinyl but owner should be playing a track or 2 before decidin...g on it's price. Ten bucks is a lot for an album that is unlistenable and that I'll never play gain. I have purchased used vinyl from different sources through Amazon and all were exceptional in sound quality. So a little better quality control would be nice See More
Tony D'Agostino
· May 14, 2016
Smart-looking shop. Kind people. I always have a twinge of self-recrimination when I buy strings online because I am sending my money to a gigantic online retailer. Now I can get my favorite bass s...trings here and experience peace of mind (insofar as that is possible.) See More
Très Johnson
· March 18, 2016
this place rocks! the guy running it, is super knowledgable about music. can't wait to watch this place grow!
Teddy Rannila
· May 26, 2017
awesome store, has knowledgeable & friendly staff, nice selection of all kinds of music, tons of vinyl. best record store in taos. 6 stars. will be back!
Ral West
· July 18, 2017
Only discovered this gem today! How did we get so lucky in Taos?
Signe Nichols
· April 22, 2017
Love this shop. Nice selection, great people/owners. Always find something to bring home.
Tall Bird
· March 22, 2016
What goes around comes around and around and around and around like a record.......these guys are cool as all get out. That champagne room too! I saw Miles Davis hanging out in there and got all itchy!
Eric Savage
· September 12, 2016
Greatest selection. Owners are music file experts will find anything your looking for. Fun times every time I go:))
Sage Yardley
· April 16, 2016
Hmmm, it could be a great record store and have some potential in a small town. I'm all for supporting local business', but if the customer service sucks to Hell, then it's like why waste my time and ...effort. I was ready to buy something, just to support this store on their Grand Opening day but unfortunately the guy working couldn't say boo, or even a Hi, a Hello, not even a simple, "can I help you find something?"
If you're the owner, then I would think that you consider the store like your home; you want to greet your guests, make them feel welcome and comfortable! GUESS THIS STORE DOESN'T NEED SALES :-)
See More
Grace Fry Rannila
· May 26, 2017
fucking rad as hell!!! mark is old-school punk with bad ass vinyl!
Stephan Williams
· March 28, 2016
Good vinyl and great people.
Nice to have a selection in town that isn't just Joan Baez and Neil diamond
Samm Trujillo
· March 23, 2016
Excellent selection, very spacious and a super rad owner !! Thanks for my great records, definitely coming back again and again :)
Casey Noss
· October 13, 2016
Excellent selection, quality vinyl,& a very friendly & cool owner!
Clinton Joseph Murphy
· April 12, 2016
Reasonably (Very reasonably) priced vinyl from a knowledgable and friendly owner. Great addition to Taos. Thanks, Mark!
Miles Bonny
· March 26, 2016
Nice guy. He knows what he is doing too. Very helpful n knowledgable
Ralph White at the HUM! :)
Heavenly Hum at Heads Up Music! :)
Ralph White at the HUM! :)
Heads Up Music - Taos shared a memory.
21 hrs

2 years ago today we opened the door to the HUM! Looking forward to many, many more!

Feb 3 - Dec 1Not Forgotten Outreach Wellness Center, 428 Theodora Ln, Taos, NM 87571

New releases and reissues!

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We have a great stock of new and used CD's and will special order anything your ears desire!

Some big chain stores are drawing down on offering physical copies of music for sale. Here's how to get your fix instead.

Record Store Day 2018 orders are turned in so now it's time to plan the actual day's event! Let us know as soon as you can if your a musical artist or have a band that would like to play a set to celebrate RSD2018 and Heads Up Music's 2 year anniversary. Much love Taos!

Mon 7:00 PM MDTMeow WolfSanta Fe, NM
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Tomorrow is your last day to get in any special requests for exclusive RSD2018 releases. Nothing is guaranteed and everything is on a first come, first serve basis. No holds and no pre-payments as per signed RSD agreements. If you want something you need to be at the shop when we open on Record Store Day! That's just the way it is...

ZZ Top fan recreates the ‘Tres Hombres’ gatefold meal and then eats it

From the DM archives.

It’s arguably the greatest LP gatefold image of all time: the drool-inducing food porn Mexican spread from the inner fold of ZZ Top’s 1973 Tres Hombres album. Only Coven’s Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reap Souls comes close to matching it’s exemplary use of the medium, but as far as gatefo....

Here's a short film piece about what's in store for our reissue of David Axelrod's "Song of Innocence," taken directly from Axelrod's EQ'ed master tapes and lacquered at his home, Capitol Records!

Axelrod’s debut, and a ‘60s masterpiece. Celebrated as psychedelic, the birth of jazz-fusion, the harbinger of hip-hop, Song of Innocence is a hybrid that no...