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I need to get something off my chest, Re: the fire in Oakland.
As someone that has been involved in the culture of house music for 20+years now. I have quite a few friends in both the real and virtual spaces that this morning are mourning the loss of some of their closest friends. I need to say that my heart aches for you and for the wider community in general.

I really think that it would be about time for legit venues to be more open to the idea of house music than they tra...ditionally have been, people are more passionate about house music, techno, D&B and the other forms of electronic music than almost any genre of music ever. Yet this music and it's most loyal and passionate supporters has been relegated to the proverbial trash heap.
Because of the lack of support people are forced to seek out venues, anywhere in order to get the opportunity to listen to the music they love with their friends. Their desire to hear the music that they are so passionate about and dance is their driving force.
In my experience these events are free from fights, arguments, imposing personalities etc and very much saturated by people that are open, honest, self confident and very much aware of themselves and their surroundings.
Any underground Dj will tell you that the most incredible feeling in their world is when a room full of people, no matter how big, explodes as one, in unison, with a feeling of appreciation for a particular song, break down or drop. At that very moment everything is forgotten and only the moment that is been shared by everyone is what matters. When you see that you really, for one moment, believe that the world can be united. And YES the music really is that powerful.
Just imagine the mob mentality of a riot not focused on destruction or hate but instead focused on love, joy and happiness and you have a solid house music event.
Its very difficult to find any consoling words to make the horrible event of this weekend any easier but hopefully it will help to shine a spotlight on the glaring lack of support for the lovers of this type of music and encourage the owners of music venues to take a chance.
I would ask if you know of any LEGAL venue that supports house music such as The Phoenix Landing, Middlesex, The Good life here in the Boston area, that you support these venues in return. Be vocal of your praise for their support of electronic music and encourage people to not be dismissive of these event, this way the success of these venues may lead to a change in attitude for others.
If you know of venues that might be open to trying a house music night I can help to put them in touch with the right people that need a space.
With that, my thoughts are with my friends that have lost people in this tragedy and with the family's and friends of all the victims. Let us continue to be united in the music we love.

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