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Our WATERisLIFE Drinkable Book has been listed by Time Magazine as one of the top 25 inventions for 2015!

Featuring 'hoverboard' scooters, drone airports, an underground park and more

FYI: our website was hacked and we have relayed to FB page. Really smart folks are working on a fix.

Wanted to keep you updated on the twins. Gotcha Day was Monday! Here are some pics from the proud Mom and Dad!
Got to Katie Clark's page:

Here is the latest update on the twins from Sean. They should have their files will be completed soon for them to be able have a forever family! Here is a little 2nd BDay video chronicling their journey.…

Our conjoined twins Ava and Ivy are doing so good! Thanks for the calls an notes about them. Working on getting a new video of them for you!

I know you have been dying to get some new pics of the conjoined twins. I just got these...MERRY CHRISTMAS!
They are doing great and have been eating like farm hands! As you can see they are back at Angel Home. We are still waiting adoption files from Beijing. Hope to have them soon!

I got this note and pic from one of the teachers at Angel Home this am. The impact that our team of Early Childhood Specialists that went this summer is still impacting little lives:

Hi,ken,How are you recently?

I am Xu Yanru,a teacher at angelhome in beijing.


Thank you for your gifts and sharing with us .Now we are using these teaching tools.More and more children like to
do hand mades .Cooking aslo is their favorite.

I will share more about our good things in our classroom latter. I look forward to letter from you .

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I don't know if you realize it but a friend of mine called me last night and said, "You know we are seeing a miracle happen right in front of our eyes." Each step along the way for these two little angels has been amazing! Thank you for your help and joining them on the journey. We are getting many calls about if they can be adopted and how soon as I know I will pass the info along. Wouldn't it be AMAZING for them to find a forever family?

The Not-So-Conjoined Twins celebrated their 1st Birthday today! They are doing GREAT. Out of the main hospital and in the rehab center on the Shanghai Children's Hospital. They will be there for another 3 weeks or so and then they will return to Angel Home. Some of the Doctors, nurses and staff that were instrumental in the surgery came and celebrated their birthday today with them! If would like to help with their after care needs please use this link:…

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The surgeon and hospital are still amazed at how fast Ava and Ivy are recovering! Originally they thought it would take 5-6 months in rehab now they are talking weeks till they get to go back to Angel Home. This is a miracle we are getting to see take place right before our eyes. A special fund has been set up to help with the twins expenses. If would like to help use this link:…

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The girls are in their way to surgery. Please pray for them!

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Note from Sean on the conjoined twins:

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I was invited to join the conference of the operation . Here is the report from our team


Shanghai Children's Medical Center: Convened a Preparation Conference before Zheng Twins’ Separation Operation

On July 14, 2014, the President and Secretary of the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (SCMC) convened a preparation conference in person before the twin sisters’ separation operation, which was attended by the deans from the general surgery department, pediatric cardiac department, orthopedics department, anesthesia department, radiology department, ICU department, nursing department, etc.

In the meeting, each dean analyzed the twins’ condition from their specialties perspectives, and discussed in detail the operation process, special situations responses, and intensive care after the operation. The volunteers in the meeting were all respectful to their rigorous scientific attitude and love for the twins.

There are countless moving details, but here I just mention one. The dean of the ICU department prepared two beds in the ICU room, and on each bed she installed one set of brackets, so that the twins after separation can be put on the brackets in a face to face direction, just as face to face before separation. As a result, they will not feel lonely and afraid. From the small example, we can see the hospital’s abundant expertise in conjoined twins’ separation operation.

The operation is due on July 16, 2014, this Wednesday. Hereby, we sincerely wish the operation a great success and send our deep appreciation to all the staff of the SCMC for their great efforts.

Zheng Hanjing, Zheng Hanwei, Look, a brand new life is waving to you!

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