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Nicole Elliott
· January 28, 2015
Heather has wonderful eye for bringing out the best in her subjects for any photo shoot! I had at least 5 different sessions from her and she always managed to capture the image I was hoping for! I wo...uld highly recommend her! See More
Brienne Huff
· January 17, 2015
Heather Leacy is very professional and fun to work with. Her pricing is reasonable and she does a great job.
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...In the meantime, I'll keep pouring over these pages, soaking in every amazing detail, and dreaming of the what-ifs for travel and contributions someday.

Occasionally someone will ask how I got started in photography... For my business, it started with a family wedding a few months after getting a "real camera" for Christmas - not a path I would recommend to anyone. Ha! (The gift is a fun story we'll have to get to another time.) But my real start was well before I ever picked up a camera... listening to my Grandpa's (likely embellished) stories about serving in the war and blowing up tree stumps on their farm with dynamite. Slowly falling hard for crafting images and preserving raw emotions came later. It's always, always been about stories.

What story do you want to tell?

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I'm far from the first person who has been inspired by the adventures and masterful artistry of National Geographic photographers. And I don't think that dream of contributing will ever die.

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The images on these pages are what birthed wanderlust in my heart... a passion I didn't know I had for the world - to see and learn from other cultures, to travel, and to stop time for generations to come.

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I fell in love with photography watching the way dust danced in the light and flipping through my grandparents’ epic stacks of National Geographic Magazines. As a kid, I’d save up my allowance to buy film for old cameras and continually experiment with creating art.

There is something incredibly grounding and soul-stirring about slowing down to look for the magic in the mundane... The authenticity of our normal; everyday life is unspeakably beautiful.

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We are lucky to live in an area where there are so many incredible places to explore within a reasonably short drive. My little family is overdue for an adventure... What are your favorite places to explore with littles?

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Need a Mom-boss workspace that not only welcomes your children but also celebrates them?

Gotcha covered. -> Pod Works

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We need to create. Whether it's painting, music, cooking/baking, woodworking, starting new spreadsheets, organizing things in a tidy or beautiful manner... There's something in us that has to be released through creativity. What makes you come alive?

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Are you a local mom-boss? Do you struggle to balance quality time with your kids and getting stuff done?

(Does this sound like an infomercial yet?)

Pod Works is a fantastic local resource for moms who need a kid-friendly work space and want to build community with other small businesses/entrepreneurs. Just getting out of the house with new toys and friends to play with can be such a breath of fresh air for our kids - and for us. We really, really do need each other... No ma...n (or woman!) is an island.

The building may also be rented out for small parties and events! (Contact Kayla for details.) There's a private office that can be reserved if you need a bit more focus, and... heading over there can be a great excuse to just take a minute to breathe. Last time I went "to work," I was completely (well... mostly) unproductive, my kids played happily by themselves for over an hour straight, and it was the best. thing. ever.

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Taylor & Lynda... It was so fun spending time with you two! (They have some serious dance skills y'all.) I hope you have an incredible time exploring the world and can't wait to hear about your adventures. Cheers and safe travels!

Heather Leacy Photography is with Lynda Lopez.
January 6

What an amazing start to 2018! Taylor and Lynda, thanks for braving the freezing cold. Cheers to your new adventures!

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Sometimes... when you have a new baby brother... *sometimes* you get to jump on the bed.

That newborn stage is so hard; especially when they start hitting growth spurts. Even still, it is so very, very precious. New routines, new dynamics as a family; the beauty of a whole new person in your midst... And you can't help but watch them as they sleep, because they seem to grow every time you blink. Here's wishing you guys easy nap times and a little more sleep!

Heather Leacy Photography is with Brooke Markevicius.

Sweet, sweet boy. You are so loved.

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They have so much personality. This one kept cocking it's head at me like, "what exactly are you doing here??" 😂

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I had some unexpected time to myself this morning, and it was the most refreshingly quiet and peaceful break from mommin' my little people. I was * supposed to * get a bunch of business planning and paperwork done, but instead I sat on the sidewalk of 6th Ave. and took pictures of geese; then went to the sea to photograph gulls fighting over which log they wanted to sit on. Which... now that I'm thinking about it is an awful lot like our every day sibling spats around here. Ha! But - no one was talking to me for 2 hours. It was amazing.

There's something so calming and healing about slowing down to be still and being near the water.

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