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Jeff Beekman
· February 17, 2014
Was behind one of their vans 2C BT855 from Nampa to the Eagle rd exit and down Eagle rd a few blocks. 12 turns to include lane changes. Not once did he use a turn signal. Called
and got Cameron. Aske...d if they required the drivers to use turn signals. Answer NO! why was there a accident or cut someone off. I personally wont be using this company if they don't want to at least practice safe driving. If they can't move a small lever up or down with their left hand, how can they actually fix something. See More
Jim Cooper
· December 29, 2016
very honest and fair we seek to help your needs and fix or maintain your equipment not sell new unless need too thank you jim
Jamie King
· July 9, 2015
A company with integrity!

We were able to help another Joe Prin Home Fix radio show listener. This person has a daylight basement home that does not have even temperatures throughout the home. They were willing to pay us to come to Idaho City and perform a ducting analysis, but we pointed out that the common cause of this issue is ducting that was put in without engineering and/or a furnace that has a wimpy blower, and the fix for either of those issues is going to be expensive where they have a finis...hed basement ceiling. We suggested that they try running the fan continously and mix the air non stop to bring the rooms to be even temperatures. She informed me her children said they were the most comfortable staying the holidays with her than they have been in years. I get much satisfaction from helping people, and am thankful this was one of those situations where we made a difference in someone's life without costing them serveal thousand dollars. Be blessed out there!

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I suggest you test operate your furnace before you need it. Should you need a repair it is best to get into the schedule before the mad rush happens and heating companies are booked out for three weeks.


With all the smoke, please know that there are three different types of air filtration systems to address the health of the air. You can capture, break down, or expell chemicals in the air. One of these filtration systems is a good choice in that they have their own motors, and do not need to be connected to a ducting system. These filters are called "bypass" filters, have HEPA quality filters that take out 99.9% of particulates at .3 microns size (pollen size), and have an optional carbon filter that will absorbe chemicals and smells. If you are having trouble breathing and are willing to purchase a health device, give us a call. 1-208-459-2212.

We do not use brochures when showing persons the efficiency of the system(s) we are offering them. We use certificates found at Most equipment MFG brochures say "up to" a certain efficiency with that model, which covers from 1.5 ton to 5 ton capacity, and all types of coils (upflow, down flow, horizontal). The indoor coil works in conjunction with the outdoor piece of equipment, and untill you know specifically what the indoor and outdoor model numbers are, you don't know what the efficiency of that system is. Anyone can look up equipment that has been offered them by going to and putting in the models being offered them.

When putting in a filtration system, make sure the filter size is a readily available size. There is a teaching in the HVAC contractor schooling that if you put in an odd sized filter, the customer will have to come to you for their replacement filters. I believe this is not ethical. Whoever you choose to put new equipment in for you, this is a basic item to ensure is not going to be a frustration for years to come.

Even during cooling season furnaces get condemed for cracked heat exchangers. Just this week I had a call from a person who wanted a second opinion. I suggested they call the local supply house that sells their brand with their serial number and see if it is still under warranty, or I would do it for them. It is still under warranty, which was not pursued by the company that told them theyneeded to replace it. At least now they know an option that was not presented to them before. Twice this winter I had the same conversations with the same results.

We are looking for a service person, full time employment. If you know a person who is qualified and wants to change employment, please have them contact me. Anybody want to move to Idaho?

I suggest you turn on your AC system and see that it works. If there is a problem call and have the repair done before the rush. Once the heat hits we often get booked out a couple of weeks. If you really want the repair done at that point you will need to pay overtime to get the company you want, or go to another company who is an unknown to you. Please, change your filter if it is dirty, try running the system. If something is broken and replacement is better than putting money into an old system, you will have time to get proposals, get your financing in order and have the work done before the heat hits.

Why is it that a heat pump with incorrect air flow will have premature failure? A diesel engine has no spark plugs, so what causes the fuel to burn? Compression. When pressure increases on a liquid or gas, the temperature goes up. A diesel engine will create such high temperature through compression that the fuel will burst into flames. A heat pump with incorrect air flow will have the pressure of the refrigerant to high enough the temperature becomes so hot it will cook the insulation off the wires in the compressor. When two bare wires contact each other this is called a dead short, the motor will burn up. Incorrect air flow results in high pressure, high pressure results in high temperature, high temperature results in bare wires, bare wires result in failure.

When considering purchasing a home it is a good idea to check and see if the home was built with the heating/cooling system designed and tested properly. This will be in the files on record with the permits. Most times when I test a home's system for proper operation, if it was built with no engineering requirements, the air flow is incorrect. Just a few days ago I measured a home to be moving 3 tons of air, but having a 4 ton system. This is not an unusual finding in our area. If a home does not have Manual J, D and S engineering in the building records (assuming it is a ducted system), then you would be wise to have the system performance measured prior to making an offer on the home. It could cost thousands of dollars in repairs/replacement on top of the purchase price to have a system that is not self destructing.

Folks, please know that servicing your AC system when the house does not have heat from the sun is like checking your fuel milage while coasting down hill. The motor is running but is not under load (working), hence the result is not an accurate measurement. Early spring is not the time for an AC tune up unless later in the day when the house has absorbed heat from the sun and the outside temperature is getting warm. I say this because there are some who will perform tune ups to have work to do, but this is not fair to the customer in my opinion. Whoever you choose to do your tune up, please be patient with them while they wait for a warm day to perform the tune up and fit you into the schedule. Be blessed today!

In the last post I mentioned orientation as an energy saving item. We perform computer modeling for persons contemplaitng construction, and by far the item that affects the energy use of the home the most is keeping the ducting inside of the thermal envelop. When the ducting is placed in the attic it is in a solar oven in the summer, resulting in a cooling system that is often a half ton larger in size than had the ducting been in the thermal envelop. This may not seem like a large increase in cost, but factor in the interest paid in that additional cost in a 30 yr. loan, and the additional cost of operation for the next 30 years, and now you see the real result of what it cost to put ducting in the attic. The cost of heating is also more, but often the size of the furnace is not increased, it just runs longer.

When designing a new construction home there are many things a person can do to have a more energy efficient home. Orientation to the sun is one item to consider. Old style exterior shutters (properly managed during the day) is another. The exterior shutters when closed and having an air gap between them and the home, act as a heat sink, catching the radiant heat before it gets through the window and into the home. The following is a link to a web site about a home that has many energy efficient and fun ideas built into the construction of the home.…/my-houzz-a-playground-designer-slips…

Vibrant colors and an exterior slide, combined with green building strategies, create a fun, family-friendly house

Sorry folks for not posting something for quite a while. I had computer issues with the facebook log in and could not get on for a while. There are still incentives available through Idaho Power, Intermountain Gas, Lennox, Daikin and such. We still have some freight damaged equipment available with a discount, they have full factory warranty. I will be posting some articles a bit later.

For those of you in Idaho, please know that Idaho Power has funds to assist with insulating their customers homes should the customer not have very good insulation levels. And please be aware that the 30% no cap Federal Tax Credit for Water to Air Heat Pumps is going to be expiring the end of Dec. 2016. If you heat with electricity and have your own well, and there is a possibility that your equipment is not very efficient or getting close to the end of it's life, I would encourage you to look into the Water to Air (geothermal) Heat Pumps. The 30% tax credit makes the cost of these less than a conventional Air to Air heat pump, and better cost of operation. They also qualify for up to $20,000 Idaho State tax deductions and up to $1,000 Idaho Power incentives.

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Hello Folks, please know that the 30% no cap Federal Tax Credits for Geothermal Heat Pumps is going to expire the end of December 2016. Those who have their own well and are looking to replace their heating/cooling system may do well to consider this type of system. If you want more information, please let me know.